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  • County Judge Todd Little and challenger Chuck Edge
    County Judge Todd Little and challenger Chuck Edge

ELLIS COUNTY ELECTIONS: County Judge Todd Little and challenger Chuck Edge

ELLIS COUNTY – The last few years in politics have been interesting to watch. The Republican primary in a few months will be no different.

Incumbent Ellis County Judge Todd Little is being challenged by former Ellis County Sheriff Chuck Edge in the Republican race in March.

Little took the county judge seat after County Judge Carol Bush left. Prior to that he was the mayor in Red Oak, where he still resides.

Edge, of Milford, was most recently the Ellis County Sheriff appointed in 2017 to finish the term of Sheriff Johnny Brown who resigned.

The Ellis County Press asked both Little and Edge a few questions regarding how they will lead the county if elected.




What made you decide to run for Ellis County Judge?

“I am not satisfied with many things taking place on our country, our state and our county. I don’t want to see it continue and get stronger in Ellis County.

“I can sit back and gripe, or I can get up and try to do something about it; I chose the latter.”


As a former sheriff and also police chief, how do you think this knowledge will translate over to the county judge seat if you win?

“It will help in several ways. I understand how city governments work, and I understand how governments work, and I understand how they have to work together.

“I have a very strong grasp of the budgeting process and tax revenue. Additionally, the county judge serves as the emergency management director for the county, and I have extensive training and experience in the emergency manage field.”


How do you think things could be handled differently in the county  if you are elected and what do you see are some of the challenges at the moment that are not being met?

“I have seen several instances where needs of the county are treated by ‘kicking the can down the road.’ Sooner or later that is going to catch up to you, and the proper fix is going to be more expensive.”


COVID is on everyone’s mind and many decisions do fall on the county judge to keep the residents safe – what are some things you want to implement if elected?

“We are in a different time now than before. We know more about it, we have a vaccine, and some systems are already in place, that being said, we do need to make sure that factual information is passed on in a timely manner.

“We need to give the citizens the information and if necessary, the proper equipment so that they can make responsible decisions for themselves.”


Why do you think you are the best person for this seat?

“For some of the reasons I have stated here. I do believe I am an effective leader.

“I have had success in bringing together the necessary people and gather the needed information in order to make the most informed decisions that will most benefit the citizens and visitors of Ellis County.

“I have always remembered what President Truman once said, ‘It is amazing what you can accomplish, when you don’t care who gets the credit.’

“Also, I live in rural Ellis County. While I’ve made a career working for cities, I’ve always lived in the country. I understand the needs, wants, and desires of the people that live in the rural areas, and don’t want those citizens forgotten about as we continue to grow.”


You have said you are a constitutional conservative – how will that benefit the residents in Ellis County in regard to COVID and overall?

“We don’t know what the future holds with regards to COVID, or government intervention into our lives, but as your county judge, I will always go by the US constitution and the Texas constitution in making my decisions.”


What changes are you planning to make immediately if elected and what changes do you see that need to be made down the road?

“Understand that ‘immediately’ is an interesting word in this context. There is a lot that can happen between the Primary Election date of March 1, and swearing in on Jan. 1 of 2023. But I will say that I will quit kicking the can down the road.”




What are some of your wins from this past term?

“As judge I have always supported law enforcement to uphold the ‘rule of law’ in Ellis County. We didn’t defund the police in Ellis County, we funded more resources.

“This is evidenced by the newly implemented Sheriff Step-Pay Plan instituted in 2020 budget – this provides for Ellis County to retain and recruit the most highly trained deputies; the vehicle lease replacement program, which is almost $500,000/year in funding to replace an aging sheriff department fleet.

“I have defended personal liberties of our citizens including their 2nd amendment right to carry – evidenced by the resolution passed on Nov. 5, 2019; protecting the rights of the unborn making Ellis County a Sanctuary County for the unborn evidenced with the resolution passed on Jan. 28, 2020; I have pushed back against federal overreach including mask and vaccine mandates, which has equipped our citizens with personal choice regarding their healthcare decisions.

“As the budget officer, I have supported a lowering of the tax rate for three consecutive budget years including the no-new revenue tax rate in FY 2021-22 while also maintaining a balanced budget.

“I took the lead in the effort to re-open Ellis County quickly after the pandemic in August, 2020 with the Re-Open Texas Rally at the Ellis County courthouse, as well as implementing the highly successful vaccine initiative where citizens could voluntarily choose to received the vaccination if they desired.

“I have worked hard to implement a 25-year strategic plan for facilities need’s assessments, which includes justice system enhancements, sheriff department improvements, technology upgrades and audit and purchasing department investments to protect tax dollars.

“We reopened the historic courthouse in February 2019, gave back the unethical $70,000 county judge pay raise as promised and finally, made improvements to election integrity by adding additional resources to poll workers and election judges, this also included the recent change to sequentially pre-numbered ballots to ensure against election fraud or the arrival of late night ballots that are printed by a computed but not easily tracked.”


COVID is on everyone’s mind and many decisions fall on the county judge to keep residents safe, what are some things you can do?

“I will continue to be transparent about this virus, however, I will not be a part of a fear campaign as it relates to our community. I will present facts that are to be tested and scrutinized. I believe our citizens are strong and have endured much as it relates to the virus including the loss of many loved ones. I believe medical decisions are best left between the patient and their doctor. However, I will do whatever I can to assist our citizens in gaining access to resources including therapeutics, supplies, PPE or staffing as it relates to their medical care. One of the defining roles of government in the Constitution is to ‘protect the health, welfare and public safety’ of our citizens. We must define those roles cautiously and strictly while also protecting the constitutional rights of our citizens so that the may gain ‘life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.’”


Do you think things will be handled different moving forward with COVID since it is not going away anytime soon and how does that relate to Ellis County?

“I want citizens to know we have all learned a great deal about the value of personal liberties and the constitution in the last two years. I don’t see many changes to our response to the virus as we have done much to treat our citizens with therapeutics while also providing them testing resources. Our emergency management  team have partnered with hospitals and medical practitioners to provide the highest levels of care. The virus will continue to run its course and weaken over time. We will always make decisions in Ellis County with the consideration of personal liberties and medical choices. We have made it through the toughest days and are looking forward to healthy days ahead.” 


What do you see as challenges not being met regarding COVID?

“As you know, Ellis County has partnered with the city of Ferris on a testing, vaccine and therapeutic infusion center at the Ferris Scout House. We have treated over 2,500 citizens with monoclonal antibodies and have seen our hospitalizations drop during that time. However, in early January we were informed by DSHS and Health and Human Services we would not be able to receive the antibodies for the month of January. Although we have received about 100 doses, we don’t have enough supplies to treat the need of those testing positive for Omicron. This does present a challenge for our citizens and our hospitals. We are testing over 600 weekly at the center, but our concern is the antibodies are limited and we are seeing our hospitalizations rise a bit. The testing is always a barometer for our community spread of the virus but without therapeutic treatments available what are we to think or do? If the Feds would just move aside, we could buy enough product to get us through this surge.”


Why do you think you are the best person for this seat?

“Ellis County citizens benefit from my experience of over 30 years in small business. As a third generation Ellis County citizen, my family has roots here, so I understand the values, dedication and hard work put in by all that creates the life we all enjoy here in Ellis County.

“My experience of six years as the mayor of Red Oak gives me understanding of the importance of local decisions, governance and collaboration with decision makers. Having been honored and humbled to serve the last three years as the Ellis County judge, in a unique period in the history of our county, during a pandemic gives me the understanding of the value of consistency and steadiness in challenging times. 

“My track record of policy and the body of work we have performed during this time should bring hope that we will be strong in the future, as long as we continue with transparency, openness and citizen input.

“I will be the person who works the hardest and has the most energy for the job of the Ellis County judge.”

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