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DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE: The United States is a republic (not a democracy), and perhaps we must form a convention of states to prove it

The real threat to our democracy lies in misinformation

I spent Friday to Monday morning earlier this week with my computer off – and no social media. 

For a writer who has an information stream coming in on many different topics every day, well, it was nice to turn it all off. I recommend everyone do it, and often.

I did mention once over the weekend that I wondered if WWIII had started yet. When I turned my computer back on, I saw we had still managed to navigate that nightmare.

I did learn the President of Iran Ebrahim Raisi was killed in a helicopter crash during my down time. He was known as the “Butcher of Death.”

His foreign minister was killed too, along with a number of others on his team.

Wondering who will step in to take his place?

The second story that found my social media algorithm Monday morning was an interesting woman explaining how celebrities, musicians, those behind the scenes, sports figures, politicians, and even some blue bloods have “sold their soul to the devil.” 

We’ve heard that tagline all our life, but I never understood it completely. 

The idea does make sense as related to cloning and giving it all up for power, money and greed. 

The idea to me is not such a stretch, but unless you’ve been following this circus for the last four or so years you’ll want to leave that topic alone for now. 

I will not even outline it here because it’s such a deep rabbit hole, but you never know when I might decide to take you down it.  For now, consider doing some research on it for yourself. 

Remember the story of Doctor Faust – the story of a man selling his soul to the Devil in exchange for knowledge, power, and sex? The story had to have come from somewhere, since playwrights like Christopher Marlowe, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Mikhail Bulgakov, Thomas Mann, and Vacláv Havel all wrote about the giving away of one’s soul.

Next, I was taken down a post-COVID-19 algorithm and reminded of all the harm the vaccine caused. I even read this:

“Your grandma died alone in the hospital. 

“Your husband was fired over a mandate. 

“Your teenage son has heart problems. 

“You lost your business.

“You weren’t allowed to go to church.

“You two-year-old was forced to wear a mask.

“But you want us to forget the whole thing.

“No, I will never forget.”

So, will people ever be washed of the pain they endured during the COVID times. 

I think both sides of the aisle can agree they felt pain from the COVID experience. And now Joe Joe thinks the American people are going to allow the World Health Organization to come in and control us should something like that happen again?

A number of countries said they would take part in the WHO’s Pandemic Agreement (, but other countries have said no way. 

And even though Joe Joe is gung ho for the agreement, many believe it’s a document that’s just one step closer to unbridle totalitarianism.

This month the agreement is up for approval and signatures around the world. 

Stateside, at least 11 states have passed laws that they will not uphold the WHO’s orders if whomever the powers that be decide to attempt to lock the world down again (

Also, on social media there’s an entire movement to wake up Generation X, because apparently Gen Y is asking for trouble and the millennials are moving out of the way.

I will say there have been people who seem to be waking from a deep slumber regarding our government, our laws, and our freedom – and they are not happy with the way our rights have been chipped away for years.

It should be a privilege to serve in the congress and senate and as a United States president – a privilege, not something expected or swindled. 

And people, particularly Gen Xers, are waking up to understanding and saying we aren’t giving up our guns, and we do have a problem with the UN knocking on our door, and with the WHO deciding our medical fate.

We will not being answering our door nicely. 

This is important because I read Joe Joe has been in rare form, and has decided to bring in UN troops due to civil unrest (some say in Chicago) in the future. And remember there are many accounts of military age men at the border telling reporters they are UN troops crossing the border as part of the general illegal mass population entry into the United States. 

Not a clever idea in America Joe Joe.

As a reminder, the United States is a Republic, not a Democracy. 

As one person defined, democracy picks its rulers by going to the polls and then the rulers have absolute power to make whatever rules they please by a majority vote among themselves.

In a constitutional republic the people also by majority vote at the polls and select rulers who make laws by majority vote among themselves, but the rulers cannot make any rules they please because the Constitution severely restricts their lawmaking power. 

The ideal of democracy is overall equality, the idea of a constitutional republic is individual liberty. 

Politicians have done clever work as of late to make people believe we live under democracy.

Americans limit our government by the Constitution. Not the other way around. 

You can’t just call America a democracy long enough and believe at some point the people will begin to believe it and fall under that definition. 

The truth is the truth, and so boys and girls the next time someone tells you America is a democracy, just laugh and say no, it is a constitutional republic, and you need to read the Constitution. 

In fact, I wonder if we need to drop off a copy of the Constitution at all the state capitals and DC.

And a step further – there is another movement going on around us to safeguard liberty against the monarchy (government) and that is the idea of the convention of states. 

The convention of states involves amendments added to the constitution by way of Article 5, which outlines the amendments progress. 

Congress usually does this job, but when two-thirds of the legislatures of the United States call for a convention of states there can be an amendment to the Constitution. 

As one person pointed out – this has not happened before in the US, but the “Convention of States Project” to save our country apparently is a thing. 

In fact, people are being urged to sign a petition to call for a convention of states (in other words to remove the bad players and make those political lifers who have never had another job go home). 

Part of the problem is these bad players do not want to leave DC – it is a good gig if you can get it. 

And since the Constitution did not mandate term limits – those voting now aren’t about to give themselves term limits either.

When Congress has grown too inept or is being controlled by special interest groups (lobbyist) or when the federal government has grown too large (think about the US’s $31.4 billion national debt generated by both parties over the years), it is time not just for change – but an overhaul.

Afterall, the American citizens oversee the United States as a constitutional republic so check out for more information. 

There are now 19 states who have signed on for the idea of the convention of states, and to create two-thirds of the legislature 34 states out of the 50 are needed. 

Change is a reality in the United States, and we seeing it happening now. It’s no longer time to sit back and wait to see what will happen – it’s time to be part of the movement to become the change you want to see.


Rita Cook is a freelance writer for The Ellis County Press. She can be reached at

Ellis County Press

208 S Central St. 
Ferris, TX 75125