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DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE: Fauci admits he made up the 6-ft distancing and mask rules and his former advisor is found dead at JAG headquarters after his hearing

The real threat to our democracy lies in misinformation

Apparently, what goes around comes around – and Anthony Fauci, former Chief Medical Advisor to the President of the United States has a lot of explaining to do even after a congressional hearing last week to members of Congress.

The topic, COVID-19, still lingers and will for many years.

A recent news report ( stated a study found across Europe, USA and Australia there had been more than one million excess deaths in 2020, and 1.2 million excess deaths in 2021 pointing toward the jab.

We are not just going to brush over those numbers, are we? 

Not to mention people not only lost lives, but jobs, friends, families, and physical/mental health with a hole that digs another hole and more of the stink of the World Economic Forum, World Health Organization, and the like.



And how many of you know any of these numbers since it is NOT on mainstream media?

And here’s one for you. Former Fauci advisor David Morens got busted for disappearing emails. He said, as it was read in the hearing, he “deleted most of the earlier emails after sending them to Gmail” so I think “we are all safe” with the help of our IT folks. 

Then Fauci, with not an ounce of loyalty, turned on Morens.

And the plot thickens because Morens ended up dead in a murder suicide in JAGs Pensacola headquarters ( it said he was killed in the interrogation room – not sure about where the suicide comes in on this one.

The Fauci hearings basically exposed COVID-19 as a US government project, one report stated. 

“A virus engineered by US scientists using a bio lab in China for cover,” it said.

Fauci also admitted he made up the six-foot distancing and mask mandates during lockdowns or as he said, it “just appeared.”

Is that called gaslighting or just plain manipulation? 

And we do all know about his Beagle experiments like a mad scientist at NIL, of course we do – animal cruelty paid for with American tax dollars.

And we do all know Fauci’s wife is Christine Grady, head of the National Institute of Health’s Bio Ethic, who approves drugs for the FDA. And we do know they netted $2 million during COVID and are worth $11 million according to the Daily Mail

With almost no takers, Fauci attempted to get sympathy saying he had received death threats with his family. I think judging from the COVID deaths, well, you get what you play for sweetie. 

A Dr. Francis Boyle said “It is my expert opinion that COVID-19 nanoparticle injections or COVID-19 injections meet the criteria of biological weapons of mass destruction according to Biological Weapons USC 175; Weapons and Firearms 790.166.Fla.Stat (2023).”

Remember during the Joe Joe administration thousands of servicemen in the military and people in jobs around the county were also fired for refusing the jab while millions if unvaccinated illegals just strolled across our southern border.



Adding insult to injury for those who did lose a loved one or get jabbed those idiotic dancing doctors/nurses COVID-19 videos, while people were dying in hospital without their loved one’s present. 

American attorney Tom Renz testified before the Ohio Senate alleging hospitals and doctors were “incentivized to “murder” their patients to create the illusion that COVID-19 was a significant threat to public health.” 

It was about big pharma and how much per jab, right?

It was about $710 million in royalties from the COVID 19 pandemic and the pharmaceutical companies. 

One lawmaker said it was a “revolving door between big pharma and the government.”

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul said COVID was gain of function research that never went through the safety committee. Instead Fauci had biologists draft a paper called Proximal Origins to get the clearance to go to Wuhan and kick the COVID thing off. 

A grant of $9-million in one case and hello American people look what you paid for now. And then, the scream of conspiracy theorist at those who could see the truth.

Can you scream a little louder now, I can’t hear you! 

In a congressional hearing, Georgia Congressman Rich McCormack asked Fauci are all objections to COVID vaccinations ideological bullshit?

Fauci denied that and then got it handed to him as he listened to himself, he had just lied, and we all knew. Now that’s embarrassing.

In an interview by Michael Specter, Fauci said he believed “an institution should make it hard for people to live their lives so they would feel pressured to get vaccinated.” 

He went on to say, “Once people feel empowered, they are going to say you want to come to this college buddy you got to get vaccinated. 

“Big corporations like Amazon and Facebook and all those others are gonna say you want to work for us you got to get vaccinated. 

“It has been proven when you make it difficult for people in their lives, they lose their ideological bullshit, and they get vaccinated.”

Did it occur to you this was the first time the United States government had stepped in and taken over medical in replacement of the healthcare professionals (was anyone else suspicious?) 

Go here to read/watch the Fauci circus ( it is an eye opener if you can stomach the narrative and how it affected the world as well as many who did not live through it.

A House Oversight Committee hearing takeaway; Fauci showed no remorse for the millions of lives affected by his divisive rhetoric and his unscientific policies, and he did not apologize.

“You inspired and created fear through mask mandates, school closures, vaccine mandates that have destroyed the American people’s trust in our public health institutions,” McCormack said in short.

Rememer too, Joe Joe ordered vaccination mandates for federal employees and companies with over 100 employees. 

Even Obama got involved in the hoax.

“The fact that scientist developed safe, effective vaccines in record time is an unbelievable achievement.” 

He talked about the vaccines being tested on billions of people worldwide and referred to the unjabbed said, “People are dying because of misinformation.” Yep, Obama you got that right.

What motivates people to create this kind of militant fear on purpose? Remember it wasn’t just an American fear job.

Georgia congressperson Marjorie Taylor Greene told Fauci, “You should be in prison for crimes against humanity.”

What WILL happen to him and his cohorts (like Bill Gates)? 

So many deaths around the world. Is that a call for an international court of law, would that be Nuremberg? 

People are demanding justice and every day it seems there are more Americans waking up to the insidious lies and demanding the truth.


Rita Cook is a freelance writer for The Ellis County Press. She can be reached at

Ellis County Press

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