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DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE: The draft is back whether you like it or not, and Joe Joe plagiarized his D-Day speech in Normandy

The real threat to our democracy lies in misinformation

Every day, as I learn more about the deception in our world, it concerns me. 

If you’re only listening to mainstream media – no matter which side of the aisle – do yourself a favor and wake up to the reality of the world. 

At least find an alternative news source to research the mainstream narrative.

I’ve been seeing a lot of people lately questioning why a small group of power hungry men and women are in charge of the entire world population.

Note – if you disagree, do some research starting with the Vatican, the Orsini family and AIPAC. That will get you started down the first rabbit hole – from there jump in at your own risk.

Never doubt the COVID experiment was to see just how many sheep there are and how fast they would acquiesce. 

It was fast indeed, but maybe not so fast now as we see nations around the world standing up for their freedoms more than we are here in America. 

I think I can answer why that’s the case because I have traveled so often around the world. 

In my humble observation, it seems other nations know the signs of a dictatorial government – while Americans are seeing it happen slowly with one freedom taken away at a time. 

This being done in the form of executive orders, 1,000-page laws voted on and passed that politicians don’t read, and a narrative being fed the masses “they” want you to know and are certain the majority is too lazy to do any digging to discover if said narrative is true.



That’s right, and I am curious if mainstream media covered it. 

So, hey now your babies and grandbabies could be shot at on foreign soil.

If I read it correctly, illegals of that same age can go ahead and stay in the US while our 18 to 26-year-old males are registered automatically to go to war, should it become necessary.

And with the wars Joe Joe’s administration has us in, you better wake up from that long drowsy sleep.

The “draft” registration is part of the annual National Defense Authorization Act, and sets out the government’s military and national security priorities over the next fiscal year.

This year they authorized $895.2 billion in military spending (US taxpayer dollars), a $9 billion increase from last year (and I’m going to take a wild guess this does not include the Military Industrial Complex’s black budget money).

The red flag I see is we have men and women going off to war, perhaps in one of the several wars this administration has got us into on foreign soil, while our own country is left completely undefended from the Trojan Horse coming across the southern border to the tune of 8 million illegals (four Nebraska’s) according to Louisiana Senator John Kennedy. 

Speaking of skirmishes, did you know there are four Russian ships, including a nuclear-powered submarine, in Cuba just 200 miles off the coast of Florida (

Meanwhile back at the ranch, the senior members at Homeland Security said in a congressional hearing with Senator Kennedy – well nothing because apparently, they know nothing. 

When Kennedy asked for the number of illegals who have crossed the southern border, how many are claiming asylum, how many don’t show up for their hearings, how many illegals claim asylum and don’t show up and are deported and how many were denied asylum and deported – they didn’t know.


How many of us would be fired if we were that “incompetent” and that isn’t my word, it was a word used (I am merely plagiarizing), or I guess I can say copying it – like Joe Joe did on June 6, 2024, during the 80th anniversary of the D-Day landings at the Normandy American Cemetery.



He seemed to be doing well, except it turns out his speech sounded eerily like Ronald Reagan’s 40th anniversary D-Day speech in 1984. 

Apparently it was close, and his Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said regarding the plagiarism: “he didn’t plagiarize – he copied.”

The New York Post wrote of the incident ( and began with: “Joe Biden’s trip to France proved two big things: He’s no Ronald Reagan, and he forgot to pack his patriotism.”

I usually just watch as the train wreck happens – but this one made me mad.

Disrespecting our veterans like that, it makes me embarrassed for the United States.

By the way, did mainstream media mention Hunter Biden was convicted in a court in New York last week for three felonies. 

He faces up to 25 years in prison.

Will Daddy pardon him?

And what about that laptop – because even the sleepiest American must be aware there’s something going on there. When is that complex issue going to be revisited?

And bringing that all back around to Hunter and the illegals – because it is all one big connecting rabbit hole.

Mike Benz, executive director for Foundation for Freedom Online, said Hunter owns 10% of a company that is a microfinancing loan company for illegals coming from the southern border. 

And the DOJ apparently put out a notice according to Benz that the Justice Department would take “legal issue action against any banks who refused loans to illegal immigrants.”

I read someone’s post on social media the other day and it made me ponder: “If MAGA are the fascists, why is it this current administration is the one controlling the media, censoring, going after guns, and using the DOJ and FBI to go after the opposition?”

I have no idea, and I am still thinking about that question. Any takers on the answer?


Rita Cook is a freelance writer for The Ellis County Press. She can be reached at

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