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DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE: The debate debacle, and yes, the world is watching

The real threat to our democracy lies in misinformation

I read this quote and I am going to start this week’s column with it.

“Mouths can lie, eyes cannot.”

I missed the debate last week because I was traveling in Europe.

I heard about it. Europeans were asking me questions.

One person wanted to know how a president could run a country from prison (Donald Trump).

I quickly explained that’s not going to happen because there are questions swirling around regarding Judge Merchan’s mishandling of the trial (if you do not know what I am referring to, do your research and do not just listen to mainstream media).

Another person asked me how a man who clearly has dementia (their words not mine – Joe Biden) could run a country for another four years since he’s not able to do it now.

It’s embarrassing.

I watched snippets of the debate, and I saw even CNN recognized Biden told over nine lies. 

CNN reported: “In their debate Thursday night, the gap between the 81-year-old incumbent and his 78-year-old challenger seemed much larger ( ).

“Biden, hoarse and displaying little vocal range, was often unable to express his differences with Trump with clarity.

“At one point, after Biden had trailed off as he defended his record on border security, Trump said, ‘I really don’t know what he said at the end of that sentence. I don’t think he knows what he said, either.’”

CNN said too, “Trump, meanwhile, at times repeated his frequent election denialism. 

“He said he’d accept the results of the 2024 election if it’s ‘fair and legal,’ but then repeated his lies about fraud in the 2020 election.”

Not sure about the “lies and fraud” CNN is referring to – I think there have been discussions to the contrary. 

I was insulted when I heard Joe Joe outright lied about no servicemembers having died during his watch. 

This particular lie is unforgivable – and should be unforgiveable to every breathing American – no matter your political views. 

Who does he think he is lying about our military who have died on his watch for this country?

Speaker of the House Mike Johnson corrected the blunder stating, “I wanted to correct one thing for the record because President Biden showed last night that he was weak, sadly that he is feeble, and he said a number of things that are just demonstrably untrue. 

“One of the things that was the most staggering was that he claimed that on his watch we have not lost any American troops, that the lives of no American troops have been lost as long as he has been president. 

“Obviously, that is not true, and I wanted to read 13 names by way of example that he seems to have forgotten already which is really shocking and sad but apparently, he has already forgotten about the 13 American heroes who were lost with his disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan.”

Johnson read the names and said, “That is 13 examples of troops that were lost on your watch, and it is shameful that apparently you can’t remember that. We do, and we will honor their memory.”

One woman explained her husband died while deployed under the current administration and she flew with her 16-month-old son to Dover Air Force Base to receive his remains back in the United States in a flag covered casket. Biden could not even be bothered to meet her there.

CNN fact checked a few other Biden lies when he said there’s a $15 per shot cap on insulin in Medicare – it’s $35.

He said there’s a $200 cap on overall drug spending in Medicare – in truth it’s $2,000.

He said the border has fewer crossings than when Trump was president – try again, Joe Joe.

He said unemployment was at 15% when he took office – wrong, it was at 6.4%.

He said Trump wants to get rid of social security – CNN said false. 

Did you know until 1983, social security income was not taxed. 

And, who sponsored the tax on seniors? Joe Joe.

Biden said billionaires pay 8.2% in taxes – not true.

He said Trump told Americans to inject bleach during COVID – false, but it would have been safer than the Fauci jab.

And finally, Biden said Border Patrol endorsed him. The Border Patrol literally tweeted live during the debate, “To be clear, we never have – and never will – endorse Biden.”

It was also insulting when Joe Joe was asked about the rapes and murders of young women by illegals in the last few months. Instead of answering the question, he pulled the ultimate gaslight and deflected about women who are being raped by their spouses, etc. … what does that have to do with the question (again, unforgiveable).

After the debate gaslighting, Nancy [Pelosi] said it was Trump who had dementia. 

The embarrassment that these people are being interviewed or are even still in office is beyond my comprehension. 

As for Trump, the media mentioned his fails too.

And let me insert here, stop parroting Trump is a felon. 

It seems many Americans are willing to vote for a felon anyway. The takeaway with that trial (it has been rumored) is not that Trump was convicted because he won’t go to prison, it was so mainstream media can use the word “felon” with his name and confuse the lazy people who refuse to do their homework who do not understand a jury has to be unanimous (do your research on that too).

As for Trump’s lies, the AP fact checkers said he “falsely represented the January 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol as a relatively small number of people who were ushered in by police and misstated the strength of the economy during his administration.”

With the congressional hearings going on about J6 and it becoming known what the Capital police were saying this little factcheck might not be so accurate even if mainstream is still pushing the “insurrection.”

What else? wrote one debate take away was, “Trump claimed Democrats want abortions up until and after birth,” which apparently is not true. 

Biden mentioned Trump had sex with an adult film actor while his wife was pregnant (the Stormy Daniels hush-money trial), but I’ve read there’s a hush money fund in DC for a number of politicians – so apparently it’s not just Trump.


Rita Cook is a freelance writer for The Ellis County Press. She can be reached at

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