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Ferris Mayor issues Disaster Declaration

FERRIS – The city of Ferris and Mayor Pro Tem Tommy Scott have issued a Disaster Declaration Order in response to the COVID-19 outbreak.

This declaration is effective immediately, and will be in effect for the next seven days, pending a potential renewal and extension by a Ferris City Council vote.

“Ferris has joined Ellis County, the state of Texas, and other local and regional neighbors in taking the proactive measure of issuing a disaster declaration.

“This decision was not entered into lightly, and the mayor understands this is an unprecedented situation we are all facing.

“The city of Ferris is working closely with our other local and state level agencies, as well as our ISD, to ensure that all appropriate and necessary measures are taken to limit the spread of COVID-19, to protect our citizens, and our staff,” said City Manager Brooks Williams.

This measure gives the city of Ferris powers to enact certain protective emergency measures that will help to ensure the continued safety and health of our community. It also allows the city to access reimbursement funding in the event expenses are incurred as a result of COVID-19 and to put in place protective measures for the community.

“We fully recognize, as of Mar. 17, 2020, there have been no confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Ferris or Ellis County, the mayor feels, and I fully support his thought process, that these steps are necessary and appropriate to protect to our community, stakeholders, and staff from this dangerous and unpredictable virus,” said Williams.

“We also want to reassure our citizens and staff and urge people to remain calm and not panic during this time. “Being prepared and taking responsible precautionary

“Being prepared and taking responsible precautionary measures is where our focus will be,” Williams added.

Recommendations to reduce the spread of infection include:

• Avoid close contact with people who are sick or have been exposed to those who are sick.

• Stay home if you or a family member is sick.

• Wash hands thoroughly and often.

• Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth.

• Rely on verbal greetings instead of handshakes.

• Practice social distancing.

• Only interact in public for activities of necessity.

With this declaration, all community gatherings of 10 or more people shall be suspended. This includes the temporary closure of city of Ferris facilities including: Ferris Senior Center, Ferris Public Library, Ferris Sports complexes (baseball and soccer), city of Ferris Parks (including the Alley Park) and Ferris Scout House. Public access to city of Ferris facilities has also been restricted.

Additionally, this declaration authorizes the city to potentially require individuals, groups of individuals, or property to undergo additional measures that prevent or control the spread of disease.

The city and its staff will continue working daily with state and local health officials and authorities to ensure that the latest information and preventative procedures are enacted for the safety of our community. Updates will be provided as they are available on the city website at www. as well as the city’s social media accounts.

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