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  • ECP-TV host Rita Cook with new co-host Terry Murphy
    ECP-TV host Rita Cook with new co-host Terry Murphy

ECP-TV exploring local news with a new co-host

ELLIS COUNTY – ECP-TV host Rita Cook has teamed up with new co-host Ferris resident Terry Murphy to bring the residents of Ellis County a shot of weekly local news with national pertinent news included as well. 

“You can call this ECP-TV 2.0,” Cook said. 

“So far Terry and I have recorded about a half-dozen shows and the energy is a good blend of the news, which I think is important in order to keep residents informed.”  

As in year’s past when Cook and former co-host Ferris City councilmember Tommy Scott sat in front of the camera, the show will cover local news in Ellis County with a small addition. 

Cook and Murphy will also touch on her weekly Down the Rabbit Hole column published in The Ellis County Press newspaper. 

The column has been running almost a year with an eye toward national politics and how it affects locals and Americans around the country.

“Coupled with Rita’s years as a book author, award-winning film producer, writer, editor, artist, and former state rep staffer, Terry brings his philanthropy to the equation and he is also a nationally renowned drummer, and former Dallas concert venue/restaurant/night-club owner,” said Charles D. Hatfield Jr., ECP-TV Producer and Ellis County Press owner.

In addition to ECP-TV Murphy and Cook are also rolling out a podcast in early June called “Terry and Rita: In Lies, the Truth.” 

The podcast will explore a range of topics to include as Murphy concluded, “Whatever is going on in the world, we plan to talk about it all. 

“Rita and I have a very different outlook on many things, and I think the viewer/listener will find the show not only entertaining but also an educational look at living in the 21st century through the eyes of politics, travel, lifestyle, conspiracies and the overall ins and outs of navigating the world today with a twist.”

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