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ELLIS COUNTY – If you see green lights at the Ellis County Courthouse, just know it is part of Operation Green Light, a national initiative to show veterans where they can connect for resources and benefits.

Green lights will be displayed from Nov. 7 to 13 at Ellis County’s Historic Courthouse in downtown Waxahachie.

According to the National Association of Counties, the group sponsoring the initiative, the light is a beacon for veterans returning to civilian life. 

Operation Green Light began in 2022 to eradicate homelessness, substance abuse, and suicide among veterans by “providing them with a visual signal to know where they can get the help they need,” an Ellis County press release read.

“It’s sort of like a homing beacon,” said Ellis County Judge Todd Little. 

“The green lights guide veterans toward our Veterans Service Office, but the lights also signal Ellis County’s continued support for those who have served. We want all our veterans to know we have their back, and that’s the least we can do.

“As County Judge, I am asking our municipal and community partners to join us in this annual event.”

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