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SPEAKING TRUTH: Drugs – a deal with the devil


That is what the Sheriff and Police Chief told me was the greatest problem their area faced when I was seeking to learn about the needs in their respective county and city.

Since nearly the beginning of mankind, the human race has continually had an ongoing battle with drugs.

A grotesque scene between a father and his two daughters from long ago captures the influence they have had on humanity for thousands of years. The stunning episode is recorded in the Bible.

Lot fled from his home just before his town (Sodom) was destroyed by fire because of the judgment of God. He had lost everything but his two adult daughters, and their new home was a lonely dark cave. No doubt they were all discouraged, grief-stricken, overwhelmed, and unsure what the next step was. Though they were a religious family, they did not call upon God nor search out Lot’s gracious uncle Abraham for help.

Eventually, Lot’s daughters felt desperate to have children and reasoned between themselves that there was no option for them outside of their father. They each conspired to have a one-time incestual relationship with him, and to do it with the help of alcohol.

The first night, they spent time with their father, coaxing him to drink. Lot was unaware of his daughters’ plans, but knew that he was drinking alcohol and refused to stop.

When he became drunk, one daughter laid down with him. After Lot woke up from his hangover, he did not remember anything other than being drunk.

The next night Lot started drinking again and the same thing happened with the other daughter. Lot never realized the implications of his drinking until he found out that both of his daughters were pregnant.

Lot’s daughters wanted something for themselves, but instead of trusting God for it, they rationalized the need to drug their dad to get it.

And as for Lot, rather than going to God for help, he went to alcohol and lost his moral compass at a great cost.

Drugs. No matter if it is a drink or something that is smoked, injected, snorted or swallowed, they have been around since near the beginning of human history.

Why do we do it?

Because we believe the lie, that they can give us some temporary relief. Indeed, drugs are an evil tool that leads to evil things.

They offer grand promises using demonic lies.

“Take this for the pain”, they say.

“This will help you have a good time”, is said with a devilish smirk.

“It will calm you down,” whispers another minion.

We believe the promises, treating them like a god, as if they have the power to give us what we are searching for.

These false gods have a high price though. They can take nearly all your money, family, job, possessions, reputation and perhaps even your very life and eternal soul, dragging it to the fires of hell. Taking drugs is a deal with the devil – and he wins every time.

What’s the answer? From Lot and his daughters, to every person in the world, if they did this one thing, the drug problem would be solved.

Find freedom in Jesus Christ.

Jesus died and rose again to defeat the power of sin, to set men and women free from its stranglehold. Many are like powerless slaves to drugs, following them like a sheep to slaughter. But the cross of Jesus, came to rescue people from the slavery of sin, that they might be free.

Turn from your drugs. Throw them away. Flush them down the toilet. Burn them up.  Leave them behind and run to Jesus and there you will be free. Freedom is waiting for you!

A prayer for you: “Lord God, I pray for the drug pushers and users. Open their eyes to the lies they are believing. Open their eyes to what their drug is taking from them. Let them no longer be deceived. Then bring them to turn to you. Help them to see the cross and call out to you and be gloriously set free! In Jesus’ name. Amen.”

Clint Decker is President of Great Awakenings.  Please share your comment with Clint at and follow his blog at

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