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FRONT-PORCH GOSPEL: Saturday mornings and other things to be thankful for

Welcome to the “front porch.”

Well, I wanted to come today – as the old-time preachers would say – and tell you things are not as bad as they seem. Truth is, if you want things to improve drastically immediately, turn off the news and don’t ever watch it again. “Gunsmoke” and “The Virginian” and such-like shows have plenty of good values and vibes; and they’ll give you a truer picture of the world than the news shows that have given you the same slant for a long, long time.

So, I reached back into my archives to an old Thanksgiving column. I’ve said many times that Thanksgiving usually lasts until Christmas, in my mind. In this case, we’re asking for an extension. Hope you enjoy:

Aw, here I sit, Thanksgiving morning, feeling more refreshed than I have in a while.  I heard the other day that Saturday mornings are the best time of the week, at least the most relaxing.  Of course, we’ve always known that it’s hard to beat a Saturday morning.  Sleep late, get up and mill around in your jamies, eat a bowl of Cheerios, feel tired again so go lie back down a little while longer, watch some cartoons or lie in bed and listen to the cartoons from the other room that the kids turn on before dawn and have been glued to since, and so on and so on... Yes sir, you have to look mighty hard to beat a Saturday morning.

Ex-cept, maybe, a Thanksgiving morning.

So, sitting here on this Thanksgiving morning, I was just thinking of a few things we could be thankful for. You know, just a few reminders, even though I know most of you don’t need reminders. But I do. And since you like me enough to read what I write every week you won’t mind my stopping this week to reflect this way.

A few things to be thankful for:

• Kids.

• Thanksgiving day.

• Love that surrounds you (just look around, you’ll see it).

• Birds perched on telephone lines looking pretty satisfied (I’m looking out my window as I write).

• Trees, leaves, wind blowing softly, drizzling rain.

• Birds singing in the morning (that’s what woke me up this morning, in fact).

• Birds singing ‘softly’ in the morning so as not to wake you up until you’re ready.

• Little boys and girls saying, “Do it ‘gin!”

• Little boys and girls smiling through missing teeth.

• Daughters who are daddys’ girls.

• Boys who are mamas’ babies.

• Quiet times to sit and think, sit and write, sit and read.

• Phone call from a friend who didn’t call for any particular reason, just called.

• Folks who say “Good morning!” as if they just won the lottery.

• Folks in line in front of you who don’t play the lottery.

• Basketball games on outdoor goals.

• Basketball games on outdoor goals in the cold – Last one to ‘go in’ wins.

• Hot chocolate.

• Television shows that make tears come to your eyes.

• Laughter.

• Smiles.

• Smiles from those we know have plenty of reasons not to.

• The book of Psalms.

• Birds sitting in the tip-top of a tree, watching out for your safety.

• Fences that need mending (I’ve got to quit looking out this window!)

• Kitty cats whining at the front door. (*Clearly this was a long time before our ‘Boston Terror’ Charlie).

• Folks who’ll always love you, no matter what.

• Health.

• A little money in the bank.

• Love in your heart.

• A hop in your step.

• A chirp in your voice.

• Time on your hands.

• Kids watching Saturday morning cartoons.          

• Eating cereal Saturday mornings.

• Well, just Saturday mornings in general.

And that’ll do – Oh, and not watching the news. (That’s my 2020 contribution).

And now – with prayers for your blessings – that’ll do.

Coach Steven Bowen, a long-time Red Oak teacher and coach, now enjoys his time as a full-time writer and preacher of the gospel. In addition to his evangelistic travels, he works and writes for the Church of Christ of Red Oak at Uhl Road and Ovilla. Their worship times are 10 a.m. Sundays and 7:30 pm. Wednesdays. Email or call or text 972-824-5197.

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