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A fallen America (part 4)


God is not a religion, God is an entity and is the creator of all things no man or government has the right to remove God from any establishment, public, private or political. Considering America’s foundation is that of God and the Christian faith, who is man that he should attempt to destroy America’s foundation? When we as a people depart from the foundation of which America was established, America’s foundation will become weak, building a foundation that will fail.



America during the period of establishment was founded on a rock, that rock was God, (Yeshua) Jesus Christ, Christian principles and the Christian faith. Today America is being shaken having replaced the foundation of rock with a foundation of sand. There is dissimilarity between rock and sand; there is no stability when working with sand. America was established on a rock as a Christian nation and if anyone is offended by America’s Christian faith they are free to leave, finding a place more suitable for their religious preference, but do not attempt to change our nation’s Christian faith in God.

If we desire America to survive, knowing America is now hanging on only by a thread, we must bring God back America. Regardless of how we feel, God has been rejected by America by their actions toward God and this is the very reason we see destruction taking place in America today.



Do we want America to survive as a nation? We must drop to our knees, from the President to the poorest in life, repent turn from unrighteous acts and appeal to God for mercy and forgiveness, God’s grace is waiting. We must put God first; put prayer back in our schools allowing God to intervene in adverse conditions; put prayer back in government to provide Godly council allowing men to make righteous decisions for our nation; remove immoral laws such as same sex marriage and all laws condoning those things that are contrary to God’s Word. Now, freedom of religion has never been that of allowing every religion of the world with their idols into our nation. Our Christian faith is not a religion but a way of life and the only way to know God through the Spirit. The first step is to obey God, the second step is to return the Ten Commandments to the four corners of our nation, every court house, every town square, every government building; every school to remind us of righteousness and we that we must seek God’s Divine guidance in all things as did our founding fathers.



America must repent, turn back to God and righteousness, and realize man has limitations in his thoughts and wisdom. If we fail to allow God’s return to America, we will see the end of America. We must come to terms with faith and understand there is more to faith than empty words, faith requires actions; faith without works is dead. We must understand God is the creator of all things, which includes governments, nothing exists without God and we cannot element God from the government.



When we remove God from anything, we remove good morals. We must understand man has no right to supersede God and when man’s laws are contrary to God’s word God’s word is clear, “We ought to obey God rather than men” (Acts 5:29). We must wake up and smell the roses, if we are without God we are without life and in the end we lose. If we do not bring God back into America, America will fall and great will be the fall of it. The last trumpet is sounding, repent America or continue to witness the fall of America.

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