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RED OAK ARRESTS: October 16 – 30

King, Raenia, 31, poss CS pg 2 >= 1g < 4g.

Bell, Bryant, 32, public intoxication.

Davis, Marion, 42, DWI 2nd.

Carson, Adam, 17, minor in possession of tobacco, minor in possession of alcohol.

Francisco, Shala, 43, theft prop <$100 w/prev conviction, no driver’s license, failure to appear, display expired registration, failure to appear, no driver’s license, failure to appear, unrestrained child under four, failure to appear.

Antonio-Moran, Karin, 28, no driver’s license.

Galvan-Aleman, Fancisco, 25, no driver’s license.

Jackson, Samantha, 22, prostitution.

Chavez-Dominguez, Jessi, 27, DWI.

Escamilla, Michael, 45, parole violation-tamper/fabricate phys evidence w/intent to impair.

Sahoo, Tanmaya, 48, failed to drive in single lane.

Vick, Ronald, 57, DWI, terroristic threat of family/household.

Wood, Jenna, 53, DWI.

Gaten, Taleia, 21, poss CS pg 2 <1g, unl carrying weapon.

Arias, Carlos, 32, DWI.

Ollarue, Ismauel, 28, public intoxication.

Major, Kahleelah, 35, no motor vehicle liability insurance.

Navarro, Monica, 38, DWI w/child under 15.

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