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FERRIS PUBLIC LIBRARY: More than Books (September 22, 2022)

The city of Ferris needs your input.

We have two surveys here at the library.

The Ferris Comprehensive Plan is asking what you believe are Ferris’ strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats/challenges.

The other survey is the Ferris Downtown Master Plan. It’s very interesting, and will help the planners know what you would like to see in Downtown Ferris in the future.

You may take both surveys online at or scan the QR code printed on the copies we have here.

We enjoyed everyone who attended our one-on-one computer classes. If you missed this three-day event we will be holding more in the future.

NEW BOOKS: “Grace Under Fire” by Julie Garwood, “Deadly Target: Rocky Mountain Courage #2” by Elizabeth Goddard, “Ralph Compton Seven Roads to Revenge” (LP) by Carlton Stowers, “The Last to Vanish” by Megan Miranda, and “The Record Keeper: Murphy Sheperd Series #3” by Charles Martin.

WORD OF THE WEEK: Proverbial (pruh-VER-bee-ul): relating to or resembling a proverb. A proverb is a saying that offers advice or a common truth. “Curiosity killed the cat” suggests that too much curiosity could get a person in trouble.



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