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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Cancel culture and selective outrage – welcome to the Biden/AOC world

My wife and I utterly reject the radical hypocrisy of today’s cancel culture based on cheap excuses of highly selective outage.

A Bernie Sanders supporter shoots a Republican congressman at a ball field and where’s the outrage from the Left?


Maxine Waters instructs a mob to harass any person working for the Trump Administration and drive them from a store or restaurant.

Outrage... zilch!

Kamala Harris uses campaign funds to bail out rioters who were arrested for proven acts of violence.

Left wing outrage... zilch.

Rand Paul is attacked by a leftist and is hospitalized with broken ribs while mowing his lawn and zilch leftist outrage.

Later, the same elected leader is threatened by a Washington DC mob with his wife while going to his car from attending a Trump gathering.

Not a bit of outrage!

On and on it goes.

California’s Swallwell sleeps with a documented Chinese spy and stays on a committee guarding national secrets. He has a D behind his name so you guessed it: the same folks think it’s hunky dory.

Nobody who relies on standard news outlets has heard of Tony Bobulinski even though there’s not a reporter in America who would have denied the seriousness of his story five years ago.

Left bothered at all? Of course not.

But, zippity doo dah, double on Sunday, and pick a bale of cotton because ALL of the people who never shed a tear when Black Lives Matter murdered Black cops and Black kids, or Antifa took over Seattle and Portland, all of a sudden freak out beside themselves over a Georgia Republican who said some loony things before running for office. Wowee goodness! Gotta do something about this dangerous mom! Terrible threat to civilization.

Selective outrage and political correctness are the effective tools of the Left and it NEVER is sincere, only aimed at punishing anyone who refuses to bow to left wing idols!



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