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DEMOCRATS AND REPUBLICANS: Were Maui fires due to a dew/electromagnetic warfare hit – if not, how did the U.S. get to this place blaming the government?

The real threat to our democracy lies in misinformation

TikTok is mad at me. 

Censoring me and many people who are talking about the Maui fires.

That must mean people are on to something.

Before I get into this, I wonder why people do not want to believe anything that is being said unless it is mainstream media. After all, we know the mainstream agenda is inaccurate much of the time.

Yes, I am going to talk about the Maui wildfires again. 

I am going to give you some facts from the locals that mainstream media is not talking about. 

My vote is for the locals telling the truth, since they are living it – and getting censored.

Even if the Maui wildfires that have likely killed more than 1,000 people in the town of Lahaina (no one is giving an accurate count) were not caused by what mainstream media loves to bandy around as “conspiracy theory.” 

How did our country get to a point where something like this happens, and we distrust the government so much we immediately believe said government is responsible.

Could it be the government has a hand in a lot of stuff these days that is not “for the people.” I won’t even take you back too many years since COVID was the last shenanigans these elected officials decided to pull. 

And if you don’t agree with me, I love you, but stop reading now because you are going to say I am a conspiracy theorist. I am not. I am a journalist, but it does seem conspiracies these days are SURE adding up to a heap of truth.

I am also writing about the fires again because last week’s Down the Rabbit Hole column gained international attention when it was at the top of the Google search list if you googled Maui Fire and Direct Energy Weapons (DEW). 

Did you know these weapons were announced by our defense department as coming online by 2020. I am not saying the Maui fire was started by a DEW, but there can only be so many coincidences.

I have never seen it so blatantly the deep alliances humans have with needing to believe in someone they trust could not do the despicable things we see happening these days by our government. 

It reminds me of abused women people who continue to go back to their abuser and blindly turn an eye to the truth. Over time, it wears a person down and you just decide believing the lie and keeping things status quo is okay.

Here are facts as outlined by the locals who are living it (unless you want to say the locals are lying).

Some residents in Maui are saying they saw a Direct Energy Weapon laser beam and they believe that is what started the wildfire. 

The locals there are dealing with the trauma of no homes, hundreds of missing children and elderly people, and no support from the government. 

No support for Hawaii even though that man Biden can scrounge up $24-billion to send of US tax dollars to Ukraine. And yes, it is probably a different line item in the budget, but listen to yourself – is that what we are going to call excuses?

There is the idea being bandied around the hurricane winds caused the fast moving fire.

Believable, but where is the water and the flooding? When we saw posts of people who had to jump in the ocean to escape the flames, why didn’t we see waves that would be part of a hurricane event?

The powers that be are already calling this “climate change” so that is the decided on narrative.

In fact, a book called Fire and Fury; The Story of the 2023 Maui Fire and its implications for Climate Change was written, published, and released on August 10 written by Miles Stones (strange name). It said the fires were from August 8 to 11, but the book was released on the 10 and it said there were eyewitness accounts – – now when you go to Amazon it states the page is not available. 

Instead you can find another book – and Fury: Unmasking the Enigma of the Maui Fire written by a different author. 

Two books, all written while the fire was happening (?). 

Also taken down from a website from January 2023 was, “The government of Hawaii states goal for rebuild is to make the entire island of Maui the first Smart Island. They want the entire island governed by AI as outlined in the Hawaii Digital Government Summit of 2023.”

Remember, I told you last week the plot twist where the Hawaiian government passed a law stating these lands in Lahaina could not be redistricted for new building permits unless some type of serious natural disaster occurred.

Fact, the police were blocking Front Street in Lahaina and not letting people escape the fire. One said he was following orders. 

And the police chief, not a local – John Pelletier – was the same police chief involved with the Las Vegas shooting. He is part of the FBI National Academy, had seven police officers filing grievances when he arrived at his post not long ago and some seasoned veterans leaving the force. 

Police were also told to halt food distribution after the fire and one said “I am following orders” –

Oh – and did you know Pelletier is the Maui coroner too?

More facts, there were no emergency sirens sounded that day to warn residents despite the fact Hawaii has the most robust emergency system in the USA.

Maui County Emergency Management Director Herman Andaya resigned one day after saying he did not regret NOT sounding the sirens to warn people of the fire.

Oh, and did you know school was canceled that day and many children were home alone with no idea what to do in a fire and since there were no sirens, they had no warning.

Hawaii’s chief water official refused to release water that day letting fires approaching 60 miles per hour tear across the island. The water had been turned off and the residents trying to fight the flames with hoses were greeted with the revelation the water had been shut off. Firefighters were also left with no water to do their job.

There are questions about the incinerated burned cars and homes, but trees left standing. 

I heard a funeral director say “If we cremate human remains between 2000 to 3000 degrees F and wildfires average 1200 to 1500 degrees F why are the bodies incinerated? How hot were the fires to be able to incinerate human remains? Why are there no bodies in the cars that are burned?”

By the way, aluminum melts at 1200 degrees F. and asphalt melts at 350 degrees F so why are the cars and tires burned and the asphalt pavement markings/reflectors still intact?

When a press free zone didn’t work due to the First Amendment, city officials decided to put up a dust screen in Lahaina. Has anyone ever heard of a dust screen – oh yea, it will obstruct the view of what is going on for the new Smart City plans. 

And people are getting evicted from the homes that didn’t burn down. And banks are calling to repossess the property of the people in Lahaina who are still looking for the bodies of loved ones.

Not long ago the elders in Hawaii said “No, we won’t sell this land” – many were arrested for their strong belief in the importance of keeping the Hawaiian culture alive and they didn’t care that the Oprah and the Bezos folks wanted a better view, or the government had targeted Maui for smart city ground zero. They cared about what Hawaii is and a culture that can’t be replaced.

And then there was FEMA and Red Cross refusing to allow any food to be distributed unless it was from them, so the locals had to bring supplies by water. One local said FEMA was requiring people whose homes burned to the ground to produce documents they do not have because their home burned to the ground. 

When I watched the people in the cars posting on social media in real time as they were horrifically trying to escape the fires and the cars ahead of them were not moving because of the police barricades, the fear in their voices, a baby crying in one post, one person driving by an already dead body lying in the street, people who fled to the ocean to survive while watching their loved ones die, photos of people in the water covering their face due to smoke inhalation, no one can be too jaded not to find the horror in that.

When the coincidences start adding up when does the deniability of it being more than a coincidence kick in for a person to use some common sense? 

So back to can you say it was “DEW without saying it was DEW,” I mean after all Air Force Research Laboratory working with Directed Energy Weapons is located on Maui – – space force weapons – how many of you knew we had that going on – electromagnetic warfare?

Can you say landgrab and innocent people who died because of greed?

This is one heck of an awakening. It was not just a wildfire, and too many people in Hawaii know that. So now the question is are you planning to dance with the devil, or are we going to do something about it this time?


Rita Cook is a freelance writer for The Ellis County Press. She can be reached at

Ellis County Press

208 S Central St. 
Ferris, TX 75125