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DEMOCRATS AND REPUBLICANS: Wake up to who is really calling the shots on the wars, pandemics and endless crisis

The real threat to our democracy lies in misinformation

My soul hurts.

It hurts because I am not sure people are able to see behind the veil what is really going on with all these wars and pandemics and crisis situations.

First, let me say I am not pro BIDEN, TRUMP, ISRAEL, PALESTINE, DEMOCRAT, REPUBLICAN, UKRAINE, COVID or any other propaganda that is being shown to the world at the expense of countless lives.

Yes, that is a broad statement, but there is much going on behind the scenes that I do not know, even our politicians can’t possibly know. 

Because if they do and they are okay with it, I’m going to let you think about that one.

Somewhere the puppet masters are pulling some pretty-heavy duty strings. 

Trigger warning: if you are sensitive, please do not keep reading. Go back and watch television, love, and light.

Let’s get into this and think about how Israel and Hamas ended up where we are today. More bloodshed and terrorism to feed the fear.

And pay attention to the patterns, do your research, and remember, your life could depend on it. And do not be afraid.

Did you know in 1906, the Rothschild family bought a piece of land from the Ottoman authorities and began to control it.

It was Palestine.

Did you know that it is common knowledge (if you know you know) most of the wars at least in the last 100-plus years have been funded by money hungry oligarchs?

Baron M.A. Rothchild said in the 1700s, “Give me a control over a nation’s currency and I care not who makes it laws.”

The wars on both sides are funded by the same people.

While this money grubbing, power hungry psychotic behavior has been going on for centuries – we just happen to be living it right now.

For modern times, this began roughly in the 1950s when people were appropriately numbed into being dummied down with television, fluoride toothpaste, Walt Disney, and the expected 2.5 children with your Stepford wife. 

Just look the other way regarding wars that make no sense and take a pill that will numb the mind as the government experiments in hushed situations inside the quiet room.

Fast forward and let’s begin with COVID. Eye opening stuff if you lived through it.

We then ended up with a president who may or may not have won depending on the side of the aisle you sit on.

January 6 intended to put fear in people who might have previously had the spunk to stand up and say something.

Ukraine, most people couldn’t even find it on a map before we started funding the wag the dog war, and oh, Zelensky put your hand down, please. 

He can’t even account for where the money has gone.

Oh, and throw the UFOS in too because the puppet masters tried that one.

And now the hotbed Israel and Hamas.

Do not be numbed into thinking the open border is a coincidence where at least 6 million people have flooded in illegally, and reportedly 151 people on the terror watch list have crossed too.

Are you aware that there have been people at the border crossing into our country who say they are with the UN army who is funding their little trip to America. They even have credit cards with phones so they can get word of where they are needed.

Last week, Hamas infiltrated a music festival, murdering and raping and parading bloody women through their streets.

Where did Hamas get the money and their weapons? 

Why was Israel not prepared, as they are always prepared – how did they miss such a simple attack?

Hamas paraglided into Israel. How long does it take a military jet to scramble? The Israeli military did not show up for hours.

Fox News reported, “While everyone is focusing on Ukraine, Biden was building Iran’s military, ultimately funding this attack. 

“We all need to be worried about what he has allowed across our borders.”

Did anyone really believe the $6 billion Joe Joe and his merry band of liberals unfroze when we played tit for tat and got five of our hostages back from Iran and they got five of their hostages back – did we think that was really going to be used for humanitarian aid. 

Even the Iranian President scoffed at that one.

Ted Cruz said in an interview, “Joe Biden is responsible for $50 billion flowing to Iran.”

Everyone is acknowledging the $6-billion ransom money. Cruz said Biden allowed $10-billion flown from Iraq to Iran not counting the billions lost because Biden refuses to enforce American oil sanctions.

Who is making money from these wars and weapons being sold?

Create the problem and implement the solution and remain in power creating order out of your chaos.

Why do we have footage of a war that started two days ago and yet no footage from Ukraine’s war for two years?

And how did all these protest groups come together so fast in the US to protest just 24 hours after Israel was attacked – and why are these groups protesting for the aggressor.

Video has surfaced Ukraine sold Hamas the weapons. Hamas supposedly confirmed and it’s American weapons. Remember those weapons America sent to Ukraine that went missing – where do you think those weapons are now?

Then there is Agenda 2030. 

Did you know Russia is saying no to Agenda 2030, so voila – Ukraine pops up. 

Israel is onboard with Agenda 2030,  just like good ‘ol Josh Green in Hawaii, who signed that emergency proclamation three weeks before the Lahaina fire even happened so he could get the land he wanted. 

The globalists count on people letting their egos rule while they divide and conquer. 

This feels like a bunch of high-end chess moves by a player who knows he is losing and is throwing it all down to win. 

Enough is enough and patterns don’t lie.

Meanwhile Joe Joe went home at 11:45 this morning, no comments on anything – just going to take a nap! 


Rita Cook is a freelance writer for The Ellis County Press. She can be reached at

Ellis County Press

208 S Central St. 
Ferris, TX 75125