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DEMOCRATS AND REPUBLICANS: A little lesson on war, conflict and isn’t God supposed to be love?

The real threat to our democracy lies in misinformation

I want to open my column this week and send out love and light for all to have a wonderful Thanksgiving. 

Sometimes when I’m writing this column, I realize I am offering news that is not as positive as my lifestyle writing. I hope my message is read from a place of “knowledge is power” and the more aware we are, the easier it is to act from a place of understanding and love versus fear and hate.

Fear and hate; definitely where we see many people acting from these days. 

With that I am going to segue into my topic this week. Israel, and Hamas (or Palestine since many do not understand the difference – add the West Bank to that confusion and here we go). 

I read that in the Israel and Hamas war there have been more children killed, more people from the NGOs killed (like the UN) and probably more journalists killed too, than in any other war in modern times. 

I suppose there are no rules to this war.

But I always wondered what the rules to war are anyway. 

If you can have rules, why can’t you talk and not have war at all.  Somewhere I read a truth that was quite disturbing. The wars we know, particularly WWI, WWII, Vietnam, etc… have been fueled by the same people on both sides. 

People who don’t care who wins – you know who I’m talking about – the globalists. 

When there is war the money machine is rolling and who owns the money machine? 

Fueling both sides to make more “MONEY.” 

Think about wars back in the day; medieval, dark ages, Vikings, they didn’t have rules.

Nor did clans, when they wanted another clan’s castle, they had no other rules than “take it.” 

They climbed the wall, annihilated everyone; men, women, children, servants, animals. 

And that was that, now they owned the castle.

  Many say that was back in barbarian times we don’t do that now. 

If you could see me right now you would see the eye roll and the very annoyed look. 

We don’t do that now. Aire contraire my friend, we never stopped. 

It just started looking differently and then, the powers that be learned to play on emotions. 

Emotions are so involved now no one is willing to rock the boat until an angry mob goes one-sided (right or wrong).

I can’t put my finger on exactly how, but Covid rocked that boat, and we effectively will never go back to life pre-pandemic.

I can’t watch the news. I feel like I am watching a bad movie playing on emotions and the producer is one of the “globalists.” 

If you have done the research, you know the definition of globalist has several meanings and many far reaching arms.

I watched a video, supposedly a male Palestinian nurse in hospital holding a child “clinging to the nurse out of fear.” 

It was probably true because this war with Israel and Hamas is taking its toll on humans who are being described as shields for those who really are the “terrorists” – remember Hamas is on the US terrorist list.

Here in America people are still protesting “free Palestine.” Unfortunately, some are people who don’t know what they are talking about.

Free Palestine. However, do they know it is not about freeing Palestine from Israel (as I have discussed in earlier columns) it is freeing Palestine from Hamas – the terrorist organization that is their government. 

Even Muslims living in the West Bank (Gaza and the West Bank – both Palestinian, but not the same) did not choose Hamas. 

For those who do not know Israel occupied Palestine’s West Bank since taking the territory from Jordan in 1967.

In the early 1990s, under the Oslo Accords peace agreements, the West Bank was divided into three zones: A, B and C. Area C, 60% of the West Bank, is fully Israeli-controlled, Area B is under the joint control of Israel and the Palestinian Authority and Area A is wholly within Palestinian control.

During the peace agreements the Palestinian Authority and Fatah was established to govern West Bank and Gaza. There was a defeat of that party in 2006 by Hamas – Gaza voted in Hamas – Fatah remained in control in West Bank.

President of the Palestinian National Authority, Mahmoud Abbas declared a national emergency when Hamas took control in Gaza and a new government for the Palestinians was formed minus Hamas.

So, tell me again “Free Palestine,” which one? Because Gaza and West Bank are both Palestine and only one is the open air prison people are chanting, and only one has the terrorist government, the list goes on. 

This is not easy to understand from the armchair observer who is watching mainstream… dare I say, news!

It is true Israel did withdraw forces and dismantle settlements in Gaza in 2005. Israel then issued a blockade restricting the free movement of those in Gaza into Israel since they withdrew from there. 

That is what people are referring to “open-air prison.” 

Here in the USA, we don’t allow Canadians to cross the borders freely leaving and entering either.

I was going to mention the movement down south Mexico way… another column!

The United Nations did say the blockade causes shortages of water, medicine, and electricity. 

And Israel still has rights to the air space apparently over Gaza.

The main reason Israel has pounded the hospital in Gaza where innocents are being killed is the Hamas tunnels under the hospital. 

CNN reported they traveled to Gaza to see the tunnel shaft at Al-Shifa Hospital. 

The reporter said he did see tunnel shaft, but that was all. 

Remember, Hamas denied the tunnels existed because it puts the lives of those in the hospital very much in danger of being bombed.

The New York Times reported video released by Israeli military showing a tunnel under the hospital. 

I read in that same article there is one rule to this war “10,000 more people evacuated from the territory’s [Gaza] north to its south” using a route designated by the Israeli military, according to United Nations. 

Apparently. the Israeli military has been opening the route promising safe passage for civilians [Palestinians] to escape the fighting. 

It was said “evacuees have described the route as a risky journey with an uncertain outcome.”

Unless you are over there fighting this war just try to look at what is going on without the media’s push to play on emotions. 

People are being treated poorly, but people around the world are being treated poorly, even in America.

Human and sex trafficking, that is being treated poorly. You don’t have to be blowing buildings or hospitals up to be killing people? 

Do you know how many children or humans in general die in the trafficking industry in America every year? 

Do you know how many children go missing? 

And by the way, what is going on in Ukraine – how much money are we sending over there right now while we are distracted?

I don’t have answers except an easy one – the hardest thing to do when it comes to your enemy: LOVE. 

I am under the impression all religions have one god at the top of the hierarchy. 

The same god everyone believes in regardless the name. 

I am also under the impression god promotes love. 

I don’t think war, killing, trafficking and greed is the energy of God or of love.


Rita Cook is a freelance writer for The Ellis County Press. She can be reached at

Ellis County Press

208 S Central St. 
Ferris, TX 75125