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DEMOCRATS AND REPUBLICANS: Is the house of cards falling yet?

The real threat to our democracy lies in misinformation

The house of cards seems to be falling, and depending on how you look at things it could be falling any which way.

With that said, I am going to do a wrap-up of what is going on lately, because this week it is not possible to tie one little issue up in a Down the Rabbit Hole ribbon.

There is too much going on, so fasten your seat belt and come along for the ride.

I also want to say one thing very clearly, stay positive.

Depending on how you look at issues and their impact there is one thing that the crowd I hang with continually says and that is fear drives the chaos. Perhaps the powers that be can manipulate the chaos by getting the fear going because then it can just snowball into one big, frenzied state of confusion. And when people are frustrated and frightened, they can’t think straight. And that my friend, is not where any of our heads need to be in the current climate in the USA.



First up, an F-35 stealth fighter jet went missing over the weekend after the pilot ejected: – It was found in a field in South Carolina according to AP News

What really left people scratching their heads though was that the military had lost the jet and were asking civilians to help them locate it. 

The US Marine Corp also issued a two-day stand down order for all aviation units inside and outside the US after the disappearance.

Republican Congresswoman, Nancy Mace asked the question all Americans were asking: “How in the hell do you lose an F-35?  How is there not a tracking device and we’re asking the public to what, find a jet and turn it in?” 

Next up , there has been chatter among the conspiracy theorists who have lately turned out to be correct about pretty much everything it might not be the greatest idea to eat those burgers that are WAY marked down this week at McDonalds: $.50 (if you redeem it through the app), Wendys: $.01 and Burger King: free if you use the Royal Perks membership.

Why do you ask are the burgers free?  Well, lots of rumors and nothing proven, but one guy who works at a place called The Hitching Post in Wyoming said some of the hamburgers in their refrigerator had been exploding, so who knows what is going on? 

A number of people, you know those darn conspiracy theorists again, are bringing up the topic that both the Pentagon and the Center on Disease Control have put out alerts about zombie preparedness over the years. 

Some people are connecting the dots – I am neutral and just saying the quiet part in a whisper so you hear it.

CONPLAN 8888, also known as the Counter-Zombie Dominance plan, is a U.S. Department of Defense Strategic Command CONOP document that describes a plan for the United States and its military defending against zombies: It was released in 2014 and was “buried on the military’s secret computer network is an unclassified document.”

Then on Aug. 3, the CDC posted about Zombie Preparedness. It was later noted it was for educational entertainment.

Okay, well, I guess no one is really laughing since the junk the CDC told us about COVID and universal indoor masking all turned out to be YOU KNOW WHAT. 

And then there is this article: from 2020 stating, “Scientists have created an edible steak made from human cells – here’s why.” 

It is a “grow-your-own” steak kit, which uses human cells and blood to pose a question to the cultured meat industry according to a second article.

Oh, and that very unpopular New York Governor Kathy Hochul must have had a hard time keeping a straight face during a press conference recently (actually she sounded really bored) making a sales pitch for New Yorkers to get that new COVID vaccine. 

Hochul said the COVID vaccine is on its way to New York according to the FDA (another three-letter agency). She said it is a customized vaccine and it is offered by Pfizer and Moderna (how can she say this stuff with a straight face – doesn’t everyone know the truth about those two companies by now)? She also said the vaccine is recommended and everyone needs it because it is new, and the old vaccine doesn’t work after all.”  

And then she said run out and have the six-month-old babies vaxxed too: “don’t let your baby end up in dark scary place unknown to them,” and just about everyone is scratching their head on this creepy comment.

One person said, “No vax for HIV after 40 years of research, no vax for cancer after 100 years of research, no vax for the common cold. And yet, this COVID virus mysteriously appears and within 12 months a vax is found by four pharmaceutical companies all within one week and then everyone is mandated to get jabbed.” 

Let that sink in. 

Oh right, this governor is also the one who is appealing a New York State Court who said no to her idea of concentration camps last year. New Yorkers are up in arms about this one, NY Bill A416.

If at first you don’t succeed Kathy, try try again!

In a statement by FEMA from August: it announced emergency messages will be sent to all TVs, radios and cell phones for 30 minutes on Oct. 3. 

FEMA (that mess that did so poorly in Lahaina after the fires) in coordination with the Federal Communications Commission, will conduct a nationwide test of the Emergency Alert System and Wireless Emergency Alerts that will begin at 1:20 p.m. CST to test both the WEA and EAS capabilities. 

I thought this was a joke when I first read it (perhaps like the zombie thing  CDC thought was funny) – is the entire world being PUNKED?

The WEA portion of the test will be directed to all consumer cell phones. The EAS portion of the test will be sent to radios and televisions. 

And if Oct.4 gets messed up, they will reschedule for Oct. 11. This mess will be for WEA-compatible wireless phones that are switched on, within range of an active cell tower. So be sure you are standing next to a tower so you can get the full effect. 

And just in case you need some cold medicine, you better run out and get it soon because apparently Phenylephrine has been deemed ineffective even though the decongestant in at least 250 products has been working for years and then some. 

This includes Nyquil, Sudafed, Theraflu Tylenol, working and we know it even on COVID (oops, I said that quiet part out loud too). 

Did you hear about the Iranian prisoner swap? 

Yes, that happened. It happened to the tune of five Americans flying out of Iran in a prisoner swap where we gave Iran back five prisoners and the USA transferred $6 billion in unfrozen Iranian oil assets according to Apparently the money, paid by South Korea to Iran years ago for oil, “is only to be used for humanitarian purposes and is limited to food, medicine, medical devices and agricultural products.”

Yea, right. 

Who is planning to follow that money trail?

And with election season just right around the corner, Joe decided to issue one “final warning” that the Mega Maga Republicans are a threat to the republic, according to Fox News

Can someone put a certain someone to bed, since in a recent press conference he literally said he was going to bed or something along those lines. Yes, and TikTok censored my post on the press conference because they said it was deemed misinformation.

It was that same press conference where they had to pull an Academy Award move and start playing music to get him to stop talking and leave the stage. 

How is a press conference that happened misinformation? 

Oh yea, and of all that Hunter Biden laptop, moving money around, look who my daddy is stuff that we have been having to endure guess what, the dude was only called to task on a gun charge according to Fox News.  The charge that keeps daddy out of it. 

Make it make sense, even my rabbit holes are getting too deep to plunge.

Stay positive, because now we need our wits about us more than ever no matter what side of the aisle you find yourself. 


Rita Cook is a freelance writer for The Ellis County Press. She can be reached at

Ellis County Press

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