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  • April 6, 2018 © by Claudia L’Amoreaux.
    April 6, 2018 © by Claudia L’Amoreaux.

DEMOCRATS AND REPUBLICANS: Down the Rabbit Hole with Digital Currency and why it might not be such a good idea

This is one that I am not even going to try to pretend doesn’t freak me out.

As in – I think I would rather keep my cash.

Well, apparently our government would prefer we use that little plastic card that has become such an important piece of our wallet, let’s refer to it now as digital currency.

The secretary of the treasury in July issued a release, in short, stating Biden had been given details about an upcoming Executive Order “Ensuring Responsible Development of Digital Assets.”

The Executive Order also directs the administration to promote development of digital asset and central bank digital currencies technologies.

In other words, big brother is getting a little concerned people might take back or keep their power – because we know in addition to knowledge being power – money is power too. Just look at what people are willing to do for it?

Since COVID-19 began – and we have seen a landslide of acts of arrogance regarding made-up stories that have fallen apart, people are beginning to see the emperor has no clothes and they apparently don’t like what he looks like naked.

Humor me here too, because while I am no pundit on the Central Bank or why Biden feels he needs to sign executive order ad nauseum.

I will point out the man has at this point signed 99 executive orders, 103 presidential memorandas, 316 proclamations, and 61 notices as of Sept. 30, 2022.

Is he trying to beat Franklin D. Roosevelt?

Back to digital currency, apparently the banks have agreed to this new scheme too.

In fact, the entire scheme was rolled out in September (look up the Fed Now App) and the launch is set for spring 2023.

I don’t know about you, but I prefer to keep my cash and I prefer the government not telling me how much I can spend because it’s not their business.

Now I know that there is a flip side to every coin, I am not particularly finding the

flip side to this coin being a good idea for any free man living on this earth in the 21st century.

Big broad statement and yep, I just made it.

With the onset of digital currency big brother just got into your business front and center.

Do you want the government telling you what you can spend your money on and if you are overstepping your carbon step the fast forward world of digital currency means you get a big slap on the wrist.

Perhaps too, you get your currency cut off meaning no eating unless it is approved, no traveling because airplanes and road trips are emitting too much bad stuff into the air, etc.

Maybe you can grab a ride with Al Gore or Leonardo DiCaprio when they fire up their engines to fly to the next green conference and tell you why you shouldn’t.

Rumor is on the right side of the aisle that maybe government just wants to see what Americans are spending their money on – again, not their business.

There is also the chance your digital currency will be given an expiration date meaning spend or lose it.

And that means – drum roll – you can’t save money if it expires.

And if you can’t save money, you don’t have money to spend unless it is given to you care of the government and apparently some countries are realizing it can be taken away as quickly as it is given out.

Forget about wealth building – chew on that for a minute.

Check out the United Nations Agenda 21 and get a big ‘ol dose of reality after reading that too.

An article in The Hill revealed that both Pay Pal and Facebook has announced they are going to start snooping around in an area that is not their business and collecting information from their users and sharing it with financial firms and politicians – why politicians?

The article stated, “Facebook is taking similar measures, recently introducing messages that ask users to snitch on their potentially extremist friends.

“Are we flashing back to another time in history, that kind of concerns me… A LOT!

The article also noted, “The potential scope of the soft social credit system under construction is enormous.

“The same companies that can track your activities and give you corporate rewards for compliant behavior could utilize their powers to block transactions, add surcharges or restrict your use of products.”

The Wall Street Journal has been very adamant about the dangers of the digital dollar noting it could give the Central Bank unprecedented power over the financial system, something I am quite sure the Central Bank is excited about.

Basically, with a digital dollar, forget about paying your kid for mowing the lawn, allowance (is that still a thing), garage sales, asking a friend for some cash you will repay,” the list goes on.

I am going to say it again, I personally don’t want the government infringing on my privacy like that.

Of course, I am sure there is another side to the coin.

I mean let’s look to communist and socialist countries and find out what they think.

In my travels I can’t think of one person I have ever met in any socialist country who appreciated their government in their business 24/7 – just sayin’ and that’s my personal knowledge.

Are you getting the idea now?

Finally, forget about taking your money out of the bank because it won’t be any good anyway – not under the digital currency scheme.

Maybe this is the perfect time to invest in gold and silver after all.

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