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DEMOCRATS AND REPUBLICANS: Down the Rabbit Hole – where we learn to say “censorship” and “China” buying up the US and opening police stations in New York

The real threat to our democracy lies in misinformation.

This week I want to begin by telling you about my own little experience with the asinine world of being censored… on TikTok.

I have proudly been censored three times now.

My posts read “Community Guidelines Violation” and you can’t watch it.

So, what exactly is a TikTok community guidelines violation.

Orwellian anyone?

I’ve said it before, and I will say it again – you can’t cancel culture the truth.

Sorry TikTok and yes, we are aware you are owned by China.

My question with TikTok is why this platform allows so many people to talk about politics and the like and then censor the heck out of it. What is China’s end game on this one?

Community guidelines violations on TikTok are defined as adult nudity and violent and graphic content.

I can promise you my posts were none of the above. In fact, the videos I posted – called duets where you post another person’s video so your followers can see it too – are people stating facts about election fraud, COVID and democracy.

My three videos included Lee Dundas, a human rights attorney speaking at a meeting.

“Some years ago two men sat at a table discussing the most effective way to usher in war. Their decision after discussion was to close non-essential businesses and further quarantine certain members of society to prevent the spread of disease known as Typhus. These men’s name Joseph Goebbels and Adolph Hitler.”

I am not sure what meeting she was speaking at, but she went on to say, “We will not be locking down or taking funding over RSV, which 90% of children contract before the age of two and only 100 to 500 a year die, which is 0.0000048213 death rate, that four one millionths of a percent.”

Dundas had some strong patriotic words, I guess TikTok got their panties in a wad over it and so down it came.

The other post was a woman who was working on election night (I am not sure if she was Democrat or Republican) andnoticed some discrepancy that alerted her to election fraud.

Do I need to tell you how fast that post got taken down and I got censored for reposting.

The third post was a duet with a doctor whose name I do not have anymore because of the censor.

He was talking about the misinformation regarding the pandemic, and he has since had his license taken away for talking about it.

In fact, regarding the many doctors who have been “canceled” go to The National Library of Medicine website and “COVID Update what is the truth.”

Read the entire paper – here is the beginning:

“The ongoing pandemic involving the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 virus (SARS-CoV-2) has several characteristics that make it unique in the history of pandemics. This entails not only the draconian measures that some countries and individual states within the United States and initiated and made policy, most of which are without precedent or scientific support, but also the completely unscientific way the infection has been handled.

“For the 1st time in medical history, major experts in virology, epidemiology, infectious diseases, and vaccinology have not only been ignored, but are also demonized, marginalized and in some instances, become the victim of legal measures that can only be characterized as totalitarian.

“Discussions involving various scientific opinions have been eliminated, top scientists have been frightened into silence by threats to their careers, physicians have lost their licenses, and the concept of early treatment has been virtually eliminated.

“Hundreds of thousands of people have died needlessly as a result of, in my opinion and the opinion of others, poorly designed treatment protocols, mostly stemming from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, which have been rigidly enforced among all hospitals.

“The economic, psychological, and institutional damage caused by these unscientific policies is virtually unmeasurable. Whole generations of young people will suffer irreparable damage, both physical and psychological, possibly forever. The truth must be told.”

So now, TikTokkers, maybe the time is ticking for a new platform (I hear Rumble is the next best thing – that is until the next big Draconian wave gets wind of it).

Regarding a Chinese company owning TikTok, my research shows a Chinese company called ByteDance owns TikTok, founded in 2016 and not publicly owned. The company has admitted, according to the UK’s Daily Mail, to spying on UK user data. Of course, they also do the same thing in other countries too – enough said.

Speaking of China, it has been confirmed by FBI Director Christopher Wray the Chinese Communist Party is operating Police Stations in New York to do surveillance on Chinese dissidents.

Senator Rick Scott, R-Florida said, “It seems obvious that the US should not allow a geo-political rival and oppressive communist regime to establish police stations in the US with authority or jurisdiction.”

Wray said he was aware of the stations “to me it is outrageous the Chinese police would attempt to set up shop without proper coordination. It violates sovereignty and circumvents standard judicial law enforcement cooperation processes.

The reason this is so important is because we have seen a clear pattern of the Chinese Government, the Chinese Government Party exploiting their repression right here in the US.”

Can they be shut down? Well, that must be tossed over to the Department of Justice or Homeland Security. Bottom line, it is a national security threat.

As is the fact China is continually being sold land right here in the good ‘ol US of A and in Texas.

According to U.S. Department of Agriculture reports, Chinese investors’ holdings of U.S. agricultural land surged from 13,720 acres in 2010 to 352,140 acres in 2020. In Texas at least 4.7 million acres of Texas’ agricultural land is owned by a foreign entity or individual, not all China in this case.

In 2015, Sun Guangxin, a Chinese billionaire, began acquiring land to develop a wind turbine farm in South Texas. He has 140,000 acres now. He is backed financially in part by a man named Wang Lequan, according to Texas Scorecard noted “was re-elected as secretary of the Xinjiang Party Committee of the Communist Party of China for three consecutive terms since 1995 and behind Lequan in the investment is also former President of China Jiang Zemin.

Some ruffles got rightly fluffed up a notch when this Chinese company tried to buy land that it is suspected to be more for surveillance than wind turbine stuff. Look up Horizon Mapping and with China’s capability these days.

A Texas Scorecard interview reported, “They can map things within one inch of specificity and clarity of things that are 50 miles away from 700 feet.

What’s interesting is Laughlin Air Force Base is 30 miles away, and the restricted airspace is 10 miles away from the main ranch.”

Nope, not a thing to worry about my fellow Texans. Land near an Air Force base in North Dakota has also been bought by a Chinese-owned company.

National security threat – it just might be, do your research. I’m not even happy about Big Brother America in my business, I sure don’t want the Chinese Communist Party who have their own fancy-schmancy digital currency system that takes away human rights getting all up in my business too.

Rita Cook is a freelance writer for The Ellis County Press. She can be reached at

Ellis County Press

208 S Central St. 
Ferris, TX 75125