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DEMOCRATS AND REPUBLICANS: Down the Rabbit Hole – Vaccine passports for all, and other Orwellian nonsense

The real threat to our democracy lies in misinformation

Well, I went down another rabbit hole.

This one had about three or four turns. There are so many rabbit holes when you start poking around.

Seriously I could write three or four columns a week and still not keep up.

First, a lot of people who have read my column have said they like it, but what are we supposed to do about it?

My answer – pass the information on, even pass this column on, and tell people to do their own research.

Knowledge is power, not someone else’s opinion, because that is their knowledge and power. We all need to research and take ownership of our own knowledge and power.

Whatever you believe – believe it, but then understand why you think it’s okay to accept the circumstances we currently find ourselves in around the world.

There are good people out there, but this World Economic Forum Klaus Schwab dude – he is not a good man.

Even if you have been under a rock for years, you can see that.

I just want to know if he believes the trash coming out of his mouth about depopulation and the like – this, of course is just my opinion based on my column two weeks ago that covered WEF.

Will Schwab do what he suggests everyone else do? Was he jabbed. Was Bill Gates jabbed?



If we allow unelected officials like these men running around at the World Economic Forum and the G20 summit to decide our future – as in everyone needing a vaccine passport (more on that later) – then that means the people we are electing are not the ones making the major decisions involving our lives.

Regarding the recent G20 summit, it is a group of 20 in an intergovernmental forum addressing the global economy, financial stability, climate change, and now who can travel when and where, or that is the idea they have developed.

Founded in 1999, the G20 accounts for about 80% of the gross world product, a large part pertaining to international trade, two-thirds of the global population and 60% of the land in the world.

To some observers – likely those leaning more right than to the left – this is considered just one more way to censor the movements and actions of people.

It seems people aren’t really having any of it when they do their research and find out what is going on down the rabbit hole.

For example, did you know the Chinese have gotten sick of the censorship and lockdowns and are majorly protesting at the expense of their lives right now?

According to the New York Times, “A chanting crowd called for China’s leader, Xi Jinping, to step down, a rare act of defiance reflecting growing anger after nearly three years of lockdowns.”

Brazil, Iran, where next?

All these people are tired of oppression and being controlled by the puppet master’s puppets.

Speaking of oppression, let’s get into this G20 event that took place in Bali in mid-November.

And BAM, the vaccine passport information. I am just going to say “no” to this new-fangled passport even if my livelihood as a travel writer will be but a past dream.

And yes, some people might think a vaccine passport is hunky dory. However, many people I have talked to about it says it signifies just more stripping away of our rights.

The White House at has posted comments about the plans our government agreed to at the summit to force Americans to fall into line and comply with several schemes.

Most Americans likely won’t even realize have happened – until they are reading the fine print after it is too late.

Reportedly at the summit reported, “The leaders of the world’s largest economies at the G20 meeting held in Bali, Indonesia, this week did much more than discuss current economic troubles.

“They also drafted and signed a declaration in which the 20 countries agreed to adopt vaccine passports with the purported goal to promote global travel and tourism.”

It was noted the countries believed this was “essential for speeding up global economic recovery efforts, but the move is raising concerns among critics who worry about government overreach and the rights of individuals.”

The summit also touched on “continued international dialogue and collaboration on the establishment of trusted global digital health networks that should capitalize and build on the success of the existing standard and digital COVID-19 certificates.”

What successes? Did I just wake up in an alternate reality?

In that same article, Liberty Counsel Founder and Chairman Mat Staver was quoted as stating, “Digital health or vaccine passports along with tracking and tracing apps present a serious threat to freedom.”

Ya think?

Not to mention vaccine and health passports will violate not only the U.S. Constitution, but the Americans With Disabilities Act, and HIPAA, because with a handy dandy health passport your records are now in a worldwide database, that can also be hacked… oops.

One more weird piece of trivia – did you know “COVID” as related to a vaccine passport coincidentally stands for “Certificate of Vaccination ID”?

Yeah, weird coincidence, huh?

A Fox News reporter said, “As long as a Democrat is president, he or she will allow the World Health Organization to dictate how we share our most private health information.

“And of course, creating a central database is going to be necessary they claim for the greater good, for your protection and of course for your overall benefit.”

Look between the cleaned up language the media and talking heads are spewing and see that sometimes a very bad idea can be spun as a really good one.

Oh yeah, censorship was also addressed at the G20. They talked about how to counter disinformation.

If the media isn’t reputable anymore and people take to social media for news, then censoring (by the way one of my TikTok posts on 5G this week got a community guidelines violation and taken down… my fourth censorship) free speech on social media is a really good way to silence information.

Free speech, I’m thinking we all need to look up that definition again.

I do want to remind you not all politicians are bad, media is not all bad, people are not all bad.

You don’t do away with something because there is one bad faction that is feeding into the drama.



Here in America, we can still change politics without going to the streets and risking our lives.

I mean, come on, it was time for ‘ol Nancy to get the heck out and the elite let her do it gracefully. But either way, we all can make a difference, and all do something.

We do it peacefully by refusing to be censored and manipulated and given ridiculous reasons to do things that for some reason people still do anyway.

That is where the change comes, peacefully saying no and acting on it – there is power in numbers.

Change the politicians and the media and what information you allow into your life, and then we see what’s next.

One change at a time.


Rita Cook is a freelance writer for The Ellis County Press. She can be reached at

Ellis County Press

208 S Central St. 
Ferris, TX 75125