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DEMOCRATS AND REPUBLICANS: Defining the Orwellian nightmare in real time!

The real threat to our democracy lies in misinformation

It has been brought to my attention (because I haven’t watched mainstream media in years) the reason people actually believe there is no border crisis, the economy is booming, and our government is not fueling wars in other countries while not taking care of their own – is because that is what the mainstream media narrative is being pushed out.

My question, why does anyone believe it?

And let us be clear, I am talking about mainstream media that includes Fox and CNN and all those other news outlets in between. They are owned by the same entities.

So, if you believe mainstream media, you might have had too much Kool-Aid – break the addiction.

George Orwell’s quote “The party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final most essential command.” 

Orwell’s dystopia society defined “A political system in which the government tries to control every part of people’s lives”  (that is the abridged version anyway).

Sound familiar.

Let’s take the major border crisis we have going on at the southern border now.

In early January, the Biden administration filed an emergency declaration with the Supreme Court demanding border agents be able to cut down the razor wire at the Texas border that had been installed by Texas. 

They wanted to cut it down, according to Joe Joe in order to secure the border.

Excuse me, how exactly is that securing the border?

The Supreme Court ruled Texas cannot defend its border against the Biden administration trying to cut open the border.



Texas Governor Greg Abbott then decided to really buckle down vowing to protect Texas’ constitutional authority to protect the border – to heck with Joe Joe. 

The Texas National Guard stepped in and installed even more razor wire, and 25 states decided to side with Texas too.

Even if you are all about flooding the country with Trojan horses, coming to a city near you, no one in their right mind could define an open border “free for all”  as a tactic for securing the US border.

To date, we have the illegals attacking police officers in Times Square. And then Manhattan’s District Attorney Alvin Bragg (an elected official) let them out in three hours:

Also, last month illegal immigrants Mohammed Izzedin and Mohammed Alwi forced entry into a business in Brooklyn, and robbed and raped a 49-year-old worker while she was held at gunpoint.

Izzedin has already been released:

Nicole Malliotakis, R-NY reminded too about the illegal biting off the finger of a police sergeant in New York and one slapping an officer in the face there.

And what do illegals get for their crimes?

Not only phones and free housing, but also $53 million in pre-paid credit cards. 

While veterans, elderly and children are being thrown out of schools, and their homes this illegal pilot program to feed the incoming army is alive and well. How about allowing those in need who are not illegals to assess the pilot program instead?

Where do you think some of the people pushed from their homes are living now? 

And you get bonus points for knowing the fact that homeless people are getting arrested for being homeless around the country these days. 

Maybe that is because the illegal people are sleeping in all the beds.

The New York Times reported the average American would have to earn $300,000 a year to afford all the benefits given to illegals. 

Steven Camarato with The Center for Immigration Studies said $40 billion a year alone is going to welfare programs for illegals.

To repeat, our veterans and US citizens are being kicked out of their homes (living on the streets) while illegals are having apartments built for them.

Remember the Trojan Horse I keep telling you to research because the illegals are often military age men.



Let us unpack that Senate Immigration and Foreign Aid Bill released on Sunday. 

It is being called bipartisan – not a chance.

It is a 370 page, $118 billion bill. Let me ask you before we discuss, do you think the bulk of that money should go to border security and US citizens? I say YES. It is an easy no-brainer answer.

But, you are wrong because only $20 billion is going to the United States, even if the people living in the United States are flipping the $118 billion bill. 

The remainder is earmarked for Ukraine at $60 billion. Oh, and asking for a friend “How many yachts does Zelensky need?”  

Oh, and if you have not seen Mr. Z dancing in the skin-red dance suit at a birthday party during his pre-presidential days then you are missing out. 

On his behalf, he did win the Ukrainian version of “Dancing with the Stars”  in 2006 and voiced the bear in Ukraine’s version of the “Paddington” film:

Everyone needs a hobby. His might be “presidenting” and asking for money.

Speaking of Ukraine, did you hear about the US/Chilean journalist Gonzalo Lira who was killed in Ukraine after being jailed as a political prisoner? 

Not ONE person in our government (those who so quickly opened the southern border to those terrorists who have admitted they are part of a UN army) did anything to get that journalist returned to the United States while he was tortured over the past year. 

He died in Ukraine’s custody, and yet we had a problem with the female basketball player who was popped with drugs, but no saving a journalist:

Next up on the $118 billion bill, Israel gets a $14 billion prize compliments of the US taxpayers. 

Sidenote, I do not care how much you love war and think it is okay for Israel to “save the world”  with a US funded mission to kill Hamas and anyone in the way.

It is NEVER okay to kill innocent people. 

I do not care what side of the aisle you sit on or how you define innocent because someday you might turn around and that innocent person is you.

I have no opinion on the wars the US is getting itself in, however looking at it from a neutral place ... we can do better. 

We can have allies like Israel, but the US must get back to the time of being respected.

With the Biden Administration, sadly we are being laughed at instead.

Why are the American tax dollars going to wars in other countries when we cannot even get our own business in order?

Did you know a CNN whistleblower revealed they have to get permission from Israel before they can report any news concerning Gaza:,CNN%20Runs%20Gaza%20Coverage%20Past%20Jerusalem%20Team%20Operating%20Under%20Shadow,network’s%20coverage%20of%20the%20war

The Jerusalem bureau has long reviewed all CNN stories relating to Israel and Palestine to “help shape the network’s coverage of the war.” 

You know what else I really find amazing about Israel and America?

It’s been reported 89% of Congress and Senators hold dual citizenship with Israel. Perhaps that AIPAC lobbyist group is working.

That $118 billion also counts for $10 billion to the civilians in Gaza/West Bank. How about a ceasefire and then we do not have to send the money anywhere. 

Tax dollars can go back into the system here in this country to help legal residents (NOT including illegals who are here because Joe Joe and his merry bandits are distracting US folks with legalized propaganda).

Oh, and did you know Tucker Carlson is in Moscow this week interviewing Russian President Vladmir Putin and now, wait for it, there are rumors the US is not going to let him back into this country.

Closing, I believe our veterans, active military, good police officers/deputies at the sheriff’s departments and even those hard to find politicians who still care about their constituents, they all deserve our respect. 

For the bad actors in these professions who are paid off, greedy, power-hungry, and fearful of what is going to happen next, I would not want to be you. 

The American people have been nice long enough, but COVID, the horrors of mainstream media’s big failure to report the news, rampant pedophiles being brought to light, the horrors of child/human/sex trafficking.

And fentanyl killing innocent people, the government passing arrogant, in-your-face “do something about it”  laws, the situation at the border, at the gas station, at the grocery stores, on foreign soil where we do not approve the killing.

Oh, and my dear current administration who thinks they can dictate to the American people, not so fast. 

From my view over here as a journalist documenting history, I would say get your cry room ready because the American people are awake now, and not going back to sleep anytime soon.


Rita Cook is a freelance writer for The Ellis County Press. She can be reached at

Ellis County Press

208 S Central St. 
Ferris, TX 75125