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The real threat to our democracy lies in misinformation

I really thought the puppet masters would have better sense than to try and play the COVID card a second time around.

Sadly, even if COVID is a thing again, we can’t really be sure because there are a number of government agencies and powers that be (i.e., World Health Organization, FEMA, CDC, to name a few) that taught the people in the USA and around the world “Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.”

In states like Texas as well as 18 other states vaccine passports have been banned. 

And not only Texas but 14 additional states have banned vaccine mandates from being passed.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed into law Senate Bill 29 and prohibiting local governments from requiring COVID-related masks, vaccines, or business shutdowns. The law, however, does not mandate what private entities may do in the case of another scare.

Whatever the case may be, the news media has already started the onslaught of pushing the narrative to get the ball rolling.

Here is a brief first quarter 2020 timeline on the “beginning of the COVID days.” 

I remember at the onslaught of the COVID “situation.” I was returning from London about a week before the shutdown officially began, and there was a woman wearing at least three masks and a shield on the plane even while sleeping. I also remember the mass media (you know those sources primarily owned by Black Rock, Vanguard and State Street who have a vested interest in controlling the masses since they already do) well, these media sources started the narrative in January so by my March flight the agenda had already heavily been set in motion.

Here are the dates from 2020 that will certainly go down in history worldwide. To read the entire timeline for 2020 visit

Jan. 9: WHO announces a mysterious Corona-type sickness in Wuhan – travel precautions were being carefully reported by some press due to 59 cases.

Jan. 20: CDC had US airports begin screening for the virus.

Jan. 21: A case was confirmed in the US in Washington State, and a Chinese scientist confirmed COVID-19 human transmission. WHO is still waiting in the wings for its big reveal and step onto the world stage for its big COVID debut. 

Jan. 30: WHO finally gets to take center stage issuing a global health emergency – the press are all over the fact this was only the sixth global health emergency ever.

Feb. 2: International air travel restricted. 

Feb. 3: The United States declares a public health emergency as the powers that be are inching closer to tightening the bolt.

Feb. 25: More fear is fed to the people as CDC says COVID-19 is heading toward pandemic status. 

Mar. 11: The big guns come in again and WHO declares COVID a pandemic. 

Mar. 13: Trump decides COVID is now a national emergency (and just to show I sit on neither side of the aisle as a journalist – Trump was president and he did make some decisions that was not about freedom for the people) oh, and on this day a travel ban was issued on non-US citizens visiting the US from Europe.

Mar. 17: The hundredth death from COVID occurs in the US.

Mar. 19: The lockdown begins in California with a state-wide stay-at-home order in place (except for Nancy Pelosi who needed to get her hair blown out a few months later).

Mar. 25: Someone put out some sort of report that COVID-19 curve can be “flattened” if people are locked down.

Mar. 31: To end the month with lockdowns in place as people blindly obey, another slap in the face comes (almost literally) when it’s reported by Jama Ophthalmology patients can catch COVID-19 through the eye.

So, it didn’t take that long really to shut it all down particularly with the three digit agencies (CDC, WHO) joined in. Voila, you had yourself an airtight world lockdown.

In a number I have no way to confirm, the Associated Press (yes, I know, but what choice do we have for the news if we can’t trust anybody anymore) reported this month, “There were nearly 13,000 people nationally hospitalized with COVID-19 last week, a number that has doubled since late June, according to the CDC.” 

It been reported health officials are closely monitoring three variants of COVID at this time. Two of the variants have even been named. 

The EG.5 subvariant is called Eris, now touted as the dominant COVID-19 strain in the U.S. according to WHO.

By the way, in Greek mythology Eris is the goddess of chaos, strife and discord, an antagonist.

The second named variant is “Fornax,” that is Latin for furnace.

The mask mandates have officially already begun too in a few parts of the country; hospitals, universities, and a film studio (oh, and a Sprouts in Overland Park, Kan., where a woman was refused service because she was not wearing a mask.

Oh, and one more thing from that timeline above, by Dec. 31, 2020, it was reported the United States had fallen short of its goal of jabbing 20 million people by the end of the year. 

They sure tried though, as there were 20 million doses allocated to the U..S for a vaccine taken less than a year to roll out (wink wink because we all know the truth on that, right).

The vaccine people were probably livid because their big vaccine push only resulted in 2.8 million jabs by years end in 2020, that was cutting into some pocketbooks.

And we also got the name of the winner of the chess move for the vaccine rollout – Pfizer. A household name by now. Good ‘ol Pfizer whose third quarter earnings in 2022 was $22.6 billion. 

Did you know my three “favorite” (please add the tone of my sarcasm) companies the Vanguard Group Inc., BlackRock Inc., and State Street Corp are the top three institutional shareholders in Pfizer.



Did you know The Vanguard Group is the top shareholder in Black Rock?

When you look up who is the total shareholders of Vanguard Group the American Vanguard Corporation pops up and it reads the top shareholders of that company is Black Rock, number three is the Vanguard Group and number six is State Street Corporation. 

And State Street Corp’s top shareholders are The Vanguard Group, Black Rock and SsgA Funds Management, the parent company of State Street Corporation?



  So, you do know these companies Vanguard Group Inc., BlackRock Inc., and State Street Corp. own everything and for most people, that includes they own you too and the drugs that lots of people use daily to keep them alive.

In an article from 2022 it said about Pfizer, “Its success in developing covid medicines has given the drugmaker unusual weight in determining U.S. health policy. Based on internal research, the company’s executives have frequently announced the next stage in the fight against the pandemic before government officials have had time to study the issue, annoying many experts in the medical field and leaving some patients unsure whom to trust.”

Pfizer’s 2021 revenue was $81.3 billion, roughly double its revenue in 2020, when its top sellers were a pneumonia vaccine, the cancer drug Ibrance, and the fibromyalgia treatment Lyrica, which had gone off-patent.

Now its mRNA vaccine holds 70% of the U.S. and European markets. And its antiviral Paxlovid is the pill of choice to treat early symptoms of covid. 

This year, the company expects to rake in more than $50 billion in global revenue from the two medications alone.

And if they rev up those COVID travel restrictions and rules again regarding taking the PCR tests to travel just know (and I’ve taken a few of these tests since this the COVID mess began) a NewsNation Fact Sheet reported the free at-home COVID-19 antigen tests, according to Poison Control, has from the extraction vial in many of the kits a chemical that acts as a preservative agent and could be harmful. Sodium azide and has been used a propellant in airbags and pest control agents, and Poison Control officials say when swallowed, the chemical can cause low blood pressure, dizziness, headache, and heart palpitations and in some cases seizures or loss of consciousness and death. 

I would think twice about government freebies if you are still on that wagon. 

And if you haven’t seen the movie “Wag the Dog” ( watch it because it could have been a documentary.

For now, do your research and I will close with what someone said to me recently “Freedom is lost gradually from an uninterested, uninformed, and uninvolved people.


Rita Cook is a freelance writer for The Ellis County Press. She can be reached at

Ellis County Press

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