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DEMOCRATS AND REPUBLICANS: And so, it begins – the World Economic Forum, our politicians attending, and the narrative they will bring home

The real threat to our democracy lies in misinformation

Well, everyone, whether you like it or not – the World Economic Forum has begun as of January 16 to 20 in Davos, Switzerland.

Founded in 1971 by Klaus Schwab, the narrative is to “bring together decision-makers from across society to work on projects and initiatives that make a real difference.

“Through collaboration between stakeholders with varied perspectives, our projects deliver concrete and sustainable results and make a positive impact at all levels of society.”

As for the Davos Agenda, well that has been defined as “a mobilization of global leaders to shape the principles, policies and partnerships needed in the challenging new context of the global Covid-19 pandemic.”



While there were rumors earlier this week that a few of our favorite unelected officials who are having a great time setting the agenda for the world population were not going to be in attendance, at least one of those stories was fake news because Schwab did attend.

Making opening statements, and if you can read between the lines of this – the word propaganda comes to mind but I don’t know why… cough cough, – well, these are his carefully crafted words.

“We are all stuck in a crisis mindset,” Schwab said talking about how we are all ‘grappling’ with the Ukraine war (we all know why by now), climate change (a CNN producer accidentally was caught undercover recently talking about that agenda being the next big narrative for a lockdown), and then there is the simultaneous energy and food supply crunches.

But never fear because Schwab is here – “Davos should help to shift that mindset.”



Also, George Soros tweeted out to let the world know he would not be at WEF, tweeting “Due to an unavoidable scheduling conflict, regrettably I cannot attend the #WEF annual meeting in Davos this year as I have in past years…”

But the guest list even without Soros is a good one.

It starts with the Director of the FBI Christopher Wray in attendance at this “by invitation only” event.

I wonder why he thinks he needs to attend.

Then there are also US Republican lawmakers; senators, congressmen/women, and Georgia’s Republican Governor Brian Kemp. Also Michigan and Illinois Governors, former senator and Biden Climate Czar John Kerry, Tony Blair, the CEO’s of Amazon, BlackRock and Pfizer, executives of Soros and Gates Foundations, and the publisher of the New York Times.

Google the attendee list and yep, I think can even find it on good old Google – wonder if they will be there too?

I want to be clear; I am not saying all these people are in attendance as I am obviously not there to say howdy to these people, but they are on the list to discuss the upcoming “hoped for by these people” Great Reset agenda.

What is actually in it for these people who demand these changes and why?

Just wondering because it is not for the good of all humans – not a chance!

And for our elected officials in the USA – hey guys, thanks for having our back – as you jet off to Switzerland – oh and yes, to hell with that nasty climate change agenda that rumor is will be the next lockdown excuse per that aforementioned CNN producer.

While it should come as no surprise, protects sparked the first day of the WEF shindig – I heard one European protestor in Davos say BlackRock was “one of the worst mafias in the world.”



Truth is – the real discussion is going on behind closed doors in rooms we don’t have the address of anyway.

And just to keep things tidy, the WEF folks have also had deployed 5000+ soldiers to protect them as reported on Jan. 12.

And since these roughly 3,000 international participants from business, politics, science, and religion are expected at WEF talking about this year’s theme – “Cooperation in a Fragmented World” – let’s get a whiff of what means.

First off, those much talked about 15-minute cities where everything you need to live, work and survive will be in a 15-minute radius and you won’t be allowed to own a car or allowed international travel, that is going to kill my job as an auto writer.

One executive (I believe it was a past Pfizer executive) said when the United Nations and Schwab and Bill Gates say they have a global plan, “assume they are serious about it. Covid is part one of a multi-act play that will take 10 years to integrate.”


Oh, and here’s some more agenda being pushed.

WEF is calling for the decriminalization of sex with children, arguing laws against age gap love – more commonly known as pedophilia according to one news source – because it violates human rights.

Schwab has declared pedophiles are created by nature in large numbers for a reason and “minor attracted people” are far less likely to produce large number of offspring according to an academic data.

There was a poster with the TED Conference logo (a non-profit media organization that posts international talks online for free distribution) and the poster read: “Pedophilia is a natural sexual orientation.”



And hey, pet owners you ready to eat Fido?

The World Economic Forum has called on pet owners across the world to euthanize their pet dogs and cats to cut atmosphere carbon dioxide.

CNN has even urged pet owners to buy a turtle or snake instead.

There is also bioengineering to redesign whole organisms like humans, and animals.

WEF came out with a video for a materials, fashion and zero-waste economy.

I literally watched a woman talking about not only editing gnomes but also writing a new code for life with write-level permissions.

She said this has already begun and she specifically said “Covid-19 vaccines make use of engineered code in the form of messenger RNA.

“Technology will cut out unwanted sights and sounds.

“What is on the horizon is diminished reality glasses that would allow you to remove things from your point of view be it garbage or other people.”

One very disturbing piece of information that came out of Schwab’s mouth considering we just had the FAA power outage in the US and something akin to that in the Philippines a week prior, well Schwab said in his own words “pay attention to a cyber-attack, which would bring to a complete halt the power supply, transportation, hospital services and society as whole. The COVID 19 crisis would be seen in comparison as a small crisis compared to a cyber-attack.”

Anyone wonder why mainstream media didn’t report much of that narrative?

Oh, right most people stop wondering that kind of stuff about a year or two ago.

I won’t even go into Central Bank Digital Currency, don’t get me started on that one.

Here are few chosen quotes from this 84-year-old man who really needs to just sit down right about now, “It is the beginning of a global mobilization effort… behind this great reset system; energy, food and supply chain systems will be deeply affected, and we will destroy, unfortunately a lot of employment…

“Can you imagine in 10 years when we are sitting here, and we have an implant in our brains and I can immediately measure your brain waves because you will all have implants and I can immediately tell you how people react… 

“We have continued partnerships with many governments around the world and NGOs and media of course, and expert scientists and even religious leaders.”

Oh, and I guess Tik Tok is mad at me again because they censored two more of my posts.

I just keep getting in trouble.

One was a repost of people dropping dead, I will not say if they were jabbed or not since I was not there, but the incidents were on camera.

I guess these social media platforms and those pushing the agenda that it’s “business as usual” are still under the impression they can cancel the truth if they pretend a lie is the truth long enough.

The other censor was a woman from the European Union who has been vocal about the Pfizer vaccine situation being what we all know it is by this point.

So, are you guys remembering to do your research? I have an idea, go read Schwab’s book “The Great Reset.” It is right in your face, just depends on how much you are ready to see.

I am going to keep saying this repeatedly; don’t be afraid, do your research and learn to say “NO” loudly.

No to unelected officials who want to set the narrative or to the elected officials; state or national, who are not respecting or representing their constituents or the people of the United States of America.

Rita Cook is a freelance writer for The Ellis County Press. She can be reached at

Ellis County Press

208 S Central St. 
Ferris, TX 75125