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DEMOCRATS AND REPUBLICANS: This, that, and how can one planet have so many catastrophes at 1 time?

The real threat to our democracy lies in misinformation

It is about 2 a.m. Monday morning, and I am thinking about exactly what “thing” to write about this week.

On my TikTok I am sometimes scolded for not noticing diversion after diversion, but of course I do. 

However, TikTok loves to censor so you must speak in code, which you learn after you have continuously been censored.

So, after the Maui fires, which I still have not let go (see below for a few more asinine coincidences that don’t add up) and countless other catastrophes and supposedly COVID on the rampage again and coming to a city near you… I can’t even get anyone at the local hospital to contact me back about safety precautions and numbers of supposed raging cases.

Oh, and there was rumored Ebola at this past week’s Burning Man Festival in Black Rock City, Nevada as in, way out in the desert. 

As my head was reeling about the Black Rock name coincidence, I was hearing FEMA and the National Guard were rushed to Burning Man, which seemed quick when you consider the time it took them to get to Lahaina to get all that bad press.

There was terrible flooding in the location of Burning Man and people there were posting they were all being told to shelter in place and conserve food and water.

This evening however, the rain had stopped, the mud had dried, the burning man had burned, and all was well with the world.

And Ebola was just a passing thought.

It makes me chuckle how quickly humans can get a story going and then someone runs with it and then it’s reported on the news or social media, so it must be true and away we go.

One man did die at Burning Man, but out of 73,000+ that seems like a good odd for being in the desert, in the rain with a lot of peace, love and however that saying goes.

Oh, and speaking of FEMA, I can tell you this truth and it’s a doozy. FEMA actually faked a press conference, but from what I can find the faked press conference that was reported a few weeks ago and picked up like a wildfire, well it was about wildfires, but in California in 2007 apparently and not Maui last month.

Of course, that is the Associated Press saying that and we really don’t know who to believe anymore unless you see it with your own eyes.



Read this: for more on FEMA’s fake press conference. The Associated Press said “CLAIM: A video shows an MSNBC news broadcast reporting on a fake FEMA news conference about the wildfires on Maui.



The video shows a controversial news conference staged by the Federal Emergency Management Agency during wildfires in Southern California in 2007. 

FEMA staff members posed as reporters during the informational session although some reporters were allowed to call in but only to listen.”

What really stinks is that these news sources are spending so much time discrediting stories that might be true or false based on the current narrative, we don’t know anymore.

Can one planet seriously have this many catastrophes all at one time and still be rotating (unless of course you are a flat earther and I am still trying to figure that out).

Just enough false news thrown in with the truth to have everybody questioning everything and nothing.

COVID on the warpath again let’s see how that goes because people all over are saying” no way are we doing it again.”  

But you can wonder what the government is up to now as well because they had issued a Terroristic Threat Alert back in May after incidents like the Allen Texas Mall shooting took place and now it has been reissued due to 9/11 coming up and stress rising about mask mandates and election fraud.

The Allen shooter was reportedly a neo-Nazi. Then I heard a woman talking about what the Nazi’s did in Germany to create the end result. Mostly it was just day by day complying to one thing after another until you can’t go back.



I heard three recordings of Anothy Fauci, the former Chief Medical Advisor to the President of the United States. 

Two recording were from 2022 from July and August in which he literally said “I did not recommend locking anything down” or “shutting anything down.” 

Then the third recording is him in October 2020 “I recommended to the president that we shut the country down.”

One of these things does not go with the other. And we just allow these people to get away with it. Maybe he was jumping dimensions and in the other one they didn’t have the pandemic scare playbook.

And what happened to last week’s Hurricane in Florida? The news had everyone all worked up as if it were the storm of the century, and the Orlando Sentinel. confirmed “where Idalia made landfall early Wednesday and nearby communities revealed the devastating scale of destruction across Florida’s Big Bend from Cedar Key northwest to Horseshoe Beach to Steinhatchee to Keaton Beach to Perry and nearby Live Oak. Damage stretched over a span more than 100 miles wide,” but we haven’t heard much after the workup.

I am just going to whisper this, wouldn’t the money we are sending to Ukraine be so much better used by those in Hawaii and Florida and that is just a look at the last weeks of Earth happenings in the USA.



Visit this site and it will give you all the wildfires burning right now in the United States: Currently there are 437 burning on 80,000+ acres just in Texas and there are fires in 13 other states too.

Two things that came to my attention regarding the Maui fire particularly in Lahaina: so many people are asking what happened to all the children who were sent home from school that day? Why are there no parents asking? They have found some bones of children, but not very many. 

One magazine wrote the Hawaii State Department of Education has reported 2,025 students remain unaccounted for in the Lahaina public school system after the Aug. 8 fire:

Then I see in that Hawaii Governor Josh Green is throwing out the number 850 adults and children and the FBI is saying only 385 are missing.

Did someone forget to go math class.

Here is what is really bad – the five-mile dust screen they have installed so people can’t see what is going on inside Lahaina during clean up. 

Some conspiracy theories are they are looking for something and this is where some of the important ancestors of Hawaii were buried – in a church that burned down during the fire. 

I heard someone describe the dust screen, “A fence that will be up a year or so to help protect the dust they have out there when they do the debris removal. 

And, besides the dust fence there is also a chain link backing that will provide extra support for it and extra security as well to make sure it doesn’t get caught up…”

Blocking the view from reporters and locals, and there is still the fact that Hawaiian Electric (who I believe the police were blaming as to why they blocked people in Lahaina resulting in their deaths) has said they will not take the blame for the police blocking the roads because they shut power off six hours before the fires. 

The Associated Press reported “Hawaii’s electric utility acknowledged its power lines started a wildfire on Maui but faulted county firefighters for declaring the blaze contained and leaving the scene, only to have a second wildfire break out nearby and become the deadliest in the U.S. in more than a century.” –

Well, Hawaii Electric, just for your information, has some familiar owners; Vanguard, Black Rock and SSgA (State Street) are three of the top four top shareholders.



They are part of the World Economic Forum who is pushing 15 minute cities that Maui’s governor had just agreed to make the first island and then, the recent passing of a law there that natural disaster is the only way you can take someone’s land from the owner.

Wonder who and what is going to go down on this one.  

Someone told those cops to keep the people inside and they burned alive – who will it be traced back to and will the people get to keep their land?

And where are the children? I am still doing my research on a tunnel system said to have been found under Maui, but that is a completely different story.


Rita Cook is a freelance writer for The Ellis County Press. She can be reached at reached at

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