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Ellis County Commissioner’s Court set public hearing date for creation of ESD #11

ELLIS COUNTY – The Ellis County Commissioner’s Court, minus Prec. 1 Randy Stinson and Prec. 4 Kyle Butler, voted 3-0 to approve the petition for the creation of the Ellis County Emergency Services District #11.

The vote was to officially set Aug. 6 as the date for the Commissioner’s Court public hearing.

Ellis County Judge Todd Little said, “Commissioners, you are aware of the ESD #10, and this is the second one that has agreed. This is the petition for us to create the district and then we will obviously have an election in November.”

Little read from the resolution, noting the cities included in the petition were Alma, as well as the cities of Ennis and Rice.

This ESD #11 falls in the boundaries of Prec. 2, which is Lane Grayson’s district. Grayson said he had not heard that Ennis and Rice were a part of this petition.

Little replied these cities are “in the actual petition, it names the city of Alma, the City of Ennis and the City of Rice.”

Assistant Fire Chief Ryan Brown was on hand for questions.

“We can’t get enough fire protection around here so we will be supporting ESD #10 and #11,” Little said. “We will do anything we can do to help you protect people from wildfires or damage to their property.”

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