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GOD’S GRACE MINISTRIES: Weigh ourselves in the balances (part 2)

This is not instructions how to comply with the word of God, that is the Spirits responsibility that brings truth; this is a self-evaluation to determine whether we are in compliance with God’s word or whether we live in error apart from God’s Word. It is time to return to the very basics of God’s word, eliminate the doctrines of men and teachings of demons, trust in and have faith in God in truth. Keep in mind the ways of the world are not the ways of God, nor are the thoughts of men and woman the thoughts of God. We must come out of our own thinking and out of the ways of this world and enter God’s ways.

Many attempt to understand the word of God by studying God’s word beginning in Genesis, and then become discouraged when they cannot understand. Genesis is a book of physical attributes that teach us spiritual things. We cannot understand the Old Testament until we have accepted Jesus Christ and have received the Spirit of the living God; it is the Spirit that gives life and the Spirit that gives light (understanding). The Spirit will bring us into all truth when we repent, have been cleansed of sin and have received the Spirit. If we do not have the Spirit we cannot understand the things of God. Man worshiping of God without the Spirit will have a form of godliness, but the power of God will be denied.

When we study the scriptures, in order to know God’s ways, we must begin by reading in Matthew, read, and study the New Testament and receive knowledge as to understand. Allow the Holy Spirit to teach you, in this we will know the truth and the truth will set us free from darkness and of this world bringing us into God’s light. We cannot assume we know the word of God if we have never read or studied the word of God. We cannot assume we know God’s word by listening to others interpretation and we cannot change God’s word to suit ourselves. We cannot say we know God’s Word without the Holy Spirit bringing light..

There is one faith, one God and one meaning to God’s word and that meaning is given to us by one Spirit, the Holy Spirit. Understand, there are many interpretations of God’s Word but one truth, interpretation does not bring truth, but is guess work bringing confusion and confusion does not come from God. We must receive enlightenment of God’s word as to know the truth. The word of God is God and the Spirit of God brings light to the word. Repent, believe, and accept Yeshua Hamashiach (Jesus Christ) as Lord and Savior, know God and live, submit to God and pray for understanding.

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