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ELLIS COUNTY ARRESTS: September 19 – 25

Burks, Brandon, 27, poss CS pg 2 <1g, unl carrying weapon.

Richardson, Curtis, 42, poss CS pg 3 >=28g<200g Felony 3.

Urrutia, Sarah, 38, theft prop <$2,500 2/more previous.

Hamilton, Matthew, 20, evading arrest/detention w/vehicle Felony 3, poss CS pg 2 <1g, poss marij <2oz, unl carrying weapon.

Ross, Cleveland, 46, DWLI w/previous conviction.

Mounce, Blake, 51, criminal injury child/elderly/disabled w/intent Felony 3 ecso 0.00

Zayas, Juan, 34, viol of motor fuel tax requirement Felony 3, viol of motor fuel tax requirement Felony 3, unl use of criminal instrument.

Sims, Traci, 54, assault-family violence.

Hines, Shannon, 36, interference with child custody.

Ajro, Bardul, 46, theft prop >=$750<$2,500.

Judge, Christian, 31, DWLI w/previous conviction.

Sims, Traci, 54, assault-family violence.

Martinez, Michael, 33, public intoxication.

Patterson, Gabriel, 19, theft prop >=$100<$750.

Horton, Kayleigh, 18, poss narc paraphernalia, consumption of alcohol by minor, theft.

Doherty, Annie, 42, criminal trespass.

Soto, Ross, 38, sexual assault Felony 2, assault family/house member impede breath Felony 3.

Washington, Tyrius, 22, terroristic threat of family/home, unl carrying weapon, delivery marij >1/4oz<=5lbs, poss CS pg 1/1-b >=4g<200g Felony 2.

Dean, Donna, 57, poss CS pg 1/1-b <1g.

Tapia, Zantana, 27, DWI/open container.

Mirza, Austin, 24, assault family/house member impede breath Felony 3, escape while arrested/confined Felony 3.

Lawrence, Kendrick, 33, poss CS pg 1/1-b <1g.

Padron, Alfredo, 28, assault family/house member impede breath Felony 3, DWI 2nd, interfere w/emergency request for assistance.

Jarratt, Brandon, 40, poss CS pg 2 <1g, assault causes bodily injury.

Easley, Sidney, 32, no driver license, traffic offense, speeding, no driver license, traffic offense.

Hunter, David, 28, poss CS pg 1/1-b >=1g<4g Felony 3.

James, Larodrick, 26, agg assault w/deadly weapon Felony 2.

Smith, Michael, 57, poss CS pg 1/1-b <1g.

Longoria, Brandon, 28, poss marij <2oz, poss CS pg 1/1-b >=4g<200g Felony 2.

Maldonado, David, 20, poss CS pg 1/1-b <1g, kidnapping-family violence Felony 3.

Lopez, Jose, 23, no driver license, failure to appear.

Davis, Justin, 33, public intoxication, proh substance/item in corr/CI Felony 3.

Bohler, Joshua, 32, theft prop >=$750<$2,500.

Myers, Valencia, 30, injury child/elderly/disabled w/intent Felony 3.

Green, Sue, 34, bench warrant, fail to ID fugitive from justice, evading arrest/detention, theft prop >=$2,500<$30,000.

Morris, Ronald, 44, public intoxication.

Flanagan, Donovan, 24, resist arrest search or transport, fail to ID fugitive from justice, fail to ID fugitive intent give false info.

Lucio, Eloy, 38, interfere w/emergency request for assistance, no driver license.

Middleton, Darrel, 54, unl carry handgun license holder.

Gibbons, Colby, 21, drunkenness.

Roach, Rodney, 41, parole violation.

Reed, Amy, 48, poss CS pg 1/1-b <1g.

Geary, Nicole, 22, poss CS pg 1/1-b <1g, poss CS pg 1/1-b <1g.

Monreal, Matthew, 22, assault causes bodily injury.

Zipper, Temen, 31, theft prop >=$750<$2,500.

Navarro, Joab, 35, DWI/open container.

Turner, Jake, 18, burglary of vehicles, evading arrest/detention.

Mitchell, Alexis, 23, theft prop >=$100<$750.

Romero, Fabian, 21, burglary of vehicles, burglary of vehicles, burglary of vehicles, burglary of vehicles, defective equipment-brake light, failed to signal distance before turning, NPFR.

Moore, Rickey, 40, agg assault w/deadly weapon Felony 2, injury child/elderly/disabled w/intent Felony 3, assault family/house member impede breath Felony 3.

Cortez, Susana, 36, poss CS pg 1/1-b <1g.

Savage, Marquic, 40, DWI 3rd Felony 3, DWLI.

Wommack, Malcom, 32, DWLI w/previous conviction.

Hatten, Ollie, 35, poss marij <2oz.

Rangel, Jose, 21, poss CS pg 1/1-b <1g.

Pacheco, Romero, 24, poss dangerous drug, poss CS pg 2 <1g, false drug test falsification.

Dean, Triston, 26, criminal trespass, theft.

Howell, Marsha, 40, assault family/household member Felony 3, poss CS pg 1/1-b <1g.

Carter, Jason, 39, DWLI w/previous conviction, poss CS pg 1/1-b <1g, criminal trespass, NPFR, NPFR.

Thurman, Ben, 43, poss CS pg 1/1-b <1g.

Hererra, Laura, 38, theft prop >=$100<$750.

Rodriguez, Erick, 19, obstruction or retaliation Felony 3.

Diaz, Cristian, 21, DWI.

Soliz, Exavier, 20, failure to appear-poss marij <2oz, insufficient bond-evading arrest/detention w/vehicle Felony 3.

Travis, Loren, 30, DWI 3rd Felony 3.

Lewis, Nicholas, 28, DWI.

Holmes, Bobby, 40, evading arrest/detention w/vehicle, DWLI w/previous conviction.

Mendez, Michael, 18, theft prop >=$750<$2,500, terroristic threat cause fear.

Calderilla, Ashley, 39, forgery financial instrument.

Sikel, Hunter, 21, agg sexual assault child Felony 1.

Courson, Gary, 45, DWI 2nd.

Sanchez, Melissa, 36, public intoxication.

Vasquez, Luis, 25, resist arrest/search or transport, interfere w/public duties.

Johnson, Anastcia, 19, driver license/ID false.

Watson, Adam, 34, public intoxication, speeding.

Rodriguez, Simon, 41, DWI 3rd Felony 3.

Abrams, Keith, 34, DWLI w/previous conviction.

Brown, Finel, 50, DWI 2nd.

Castillo, Abel, 44, DWI/open container.

Williams, Terry, 56, DWI 3rd Felony 3.

Preuitt, Paul, 50, exp registration, failed to stop at stop sign.

McBride, Derek, 39, speeding, expired operator’s license, poss drug paraphernalia.

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