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Shepard, Billy, 59, poss CS pg 1 <1g, wrong way on a one way street. 

Sandoval, Juvencio, 26, DWI/open.  

Dawson, Glendon, 25, assault family/house member impede breath Felony 3. 

Whiteley, Victoria, 20, public intoxication-minor, disorderly conduct.  

Hendrickson, Julie, 34, poss CS pg 1 <1g, poss marij <2oz, failure to maintain financial responsibility, state registration law, driving motor vehicle without DL, poss drug paraphernalia. 

Allen, Leah, 22, DWI.  

Schaefer, James, 43, poss drug paraphernalia.  

Washington, Marlon, 21, probation violation-assault, ran red light, display expired registration, defective brakes, parked in handicap, speeding 58/30. 

Childers, Cody, 30, commitment order/DWI 3rd or more Felony 3.  

Giles, Elvin, 30, poss marij <2oz.  

Vasquez, Alyssa, 26, poss marij <2oz.  

Gutierrez, Alixand, 29, man del CS pg 1 >=4g<200g Felony 1.  

Mahoney, Jeremy, 35, assault family/house member impede breath Felony 3.  

Phillips, Carmtmai, 25, poss marij <2oz. 

Stokes, Lidge, 33, poss CS pg 2 >=4g<400g Felony 2.  

Sparks, Robert, 26, poss CS pg 1 >1g, poss marij <2oz.  

Duplessis, James, 32, resist arrest search or transport, unlicensed carrying weapon, proh. substance/item in correctional facility Felony 3.  

Aguilar, Rigoberto, 36, DWI. 

Cantu, Pedro, 26, public intoxication.  

Finn, Brittnei, 26, DWLI w/prev conv, theft prop $100-$750.  

Petty, Amanda, 33, hinder apprehension/prosecution.  

Swanner, Joshua, 26, DWI.  

Faulkner, Bradley, 46, aggravated assault causes serious bodily injury Felony 2.  

Gonzalez, Ezequiel, 53, commitment order-poss CS. 

Bonyo, Seth, 22, out of county warrant/burglary.

Miller, Erica, 42, bench warrant-resist arrest, assault by contact.

Esquivel, Heather, 28, poss CS pg 1 <1g.  

Chaparro, Ivan, 27, poss marij <2oz, wrong way on one way, fail to yield, poss narcotic paraphernalia, DWLI, speeding, no DL, ran a stop sign at a marked stop.

Benham, Marcus, 20, probation violation. 

Olvera, Jose, 44, probation revocation-DWI, ICE detainer. 

Morales, Cynthia, 38, commitment order-poss CS w/intent to sell Felony 1, disregard traffic control device.

Zambrano, Casey, 31, commitment order/poss CS. 

Calder, Shelly, 46, commitment order-theft. 

Ogden, Natalie, 19, theft of property, speeding in school zone. 

Robinson, Anthony, 29, speeding, no operators license. 

Robinson, Patrick, 29, poss marij <2oz, DWLI, failure to fasten seat belts. 

Boulden, Jerome, 19, poss CS pg 1 >=1g<4g Felony 2.  

Jones, Jamarius, 30, ran stop sign, city ord park curfew, speeding. 

Valentin, Egil, 45, poss CS pg 2 <1g, DWI/open container. 

Nado, Sampson, 42, tamper/fabricate physical evidence w/intent Felony 3, poss CS pg 2-a <=2oz.  

Skinner, Lerone, 37, resist arrest search or transport, DWI 2nd, DWLI w/prev conv.  

Farris, Trevor, 21, defective exhaust, fail to display DL, fail to display license plate.  

Gonzales, Marciano, 18, warrant-burglary of habitat Felony 2.  

Russell, Fred, 60, unl poss firearm by felon Felony 3, theft of firearm, assault w/deadly weapon Felony 2.  

Hattersley, Ashli, 21, DWI.

Petty, Buck, 38, evading arrest/detention. 

Lowe, Brett, 47, commitment order-DWI 2nd.  

Martinez, Jacob, 26, DWI.  

Gonzales, Gary, 42, poss dangerous drug.  

Lacey, Wesley, 26, probation violation-poss CS.  

Davenport, Kenneth, 34, poss CS pg 2 <1g.  

Hall, Lee, 50, commitment order/poss CS, DWLI w/ previous conv, fail to show financial resposibility, driving while license suspended, display fictitious license plate, expired registration. 

Caballero, Nicolas, 21, commitment order/poss CS. 

Manning, Shelton, 38, commitment order-evading arrest/detention w/intent Felony 3.  

Ojas, Brandon, 25, accident involving injury, unauthorized use of vehicle. 

Okotie, Blessed, 29, false driver license/ID, ICE detainer.  

Mora, Francisco, 21, theft prop >=$100<$750, speeding, minor in possession of alcohol, failed to stop at marked stop, obstruction view through windows, failure to maintain financial responsibility.  

Underwood, John, 34, commitment order-DWI 2nd.  

Bigham, Rebecca, 42, assault causes bodily injury. 

Spencer, Lewis, 19, kidnapping Felony 3, burglary habitation Felony 1, evading arrest/detention.

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