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ELLIS COUNTY ARRESTS: December 12 – 14

Sanchez, Adan, 62, bench warrant, city ordinance outdoor storage, city ordinance illegal parking, city ordinance high grass, city ordinance loud music, disorderly conduct abusive language.

Wisener, Jacob, 22, prob viol-criminal trespass, prob viol-theft prop $50<$500, disobey police officer, no DL, no insurance.

Anderson, Zachary, 32, bench warrant (unauthorized use of vehicle, poss CS pg3, parole violation-DWI 3 or more Felony 3.

Oneil, Kenneth, 50, probation revoc-possCS pg 1, probation revoc-poss CS pg 1 Felony 2.

Paul, Trajuan, 25, poss CS pg1<g.

Phillips, Casey, 22, unlicensed carrying weapon.

Casiano, Jose, 32, present to official fictitious ID, ICE detainer.

Griffin, Reginald, 29, agg robbery Felony 1.

Rachels, Cheryl, 68, deadly conduct, unlicensed carrying weapon, proh substance/item in correctional facility Felony 3.

Krause, Kristofer,43, DWLI w/prev conv.

Covey, Victoria, 20, DWI. Holbrook, Charlie, 23, DWI.

Majette, Curtiss, 48, theft prop >=$100,000 <$200,000 Felony 1.

Sampert, Logan, 26, speeding 10% or above, DWLI, expired DL, poss of narcotic paraphernalia, ran stop sign.

Jack, David, 21, probation violation-tamper Felony 3, warrant/poss of marij.

Sherman, Christopher,32, speeding.

Burns, Derrick, 23, commitment order-poss marij <2oz, expired motor veh reg, speeding 112 mph in 70 mph zone.

Lopez, Alberto, 23, terroristic threat family.

Smith, Derrick, 62, poss CS pg 3 <28g,expiredplates/reg,licenseplate visible 50 ft, expired DL, DWLI, failure to fasten seat belts.

Briones, Luis, 19, resist arrest search or transport.

Vradenburg, John, 47, DWI 3rd.

Junier, Joshua, 21, poss marij <2oz.

Winn, Marcus, 23, agg burglary Felony 1, agg escape Felony 2, resist arrest search or transport, evading arrest detention, fraud use/poss identifying information, fail to ID fugitive intent.

Green, Naqurisha, 32, poss marij <2oz.

Johnson,Sherolyn,26, organized retail theft >=$2,500 Felony 3.

Jennings, Jacquelin, 33, theft prop <$100 w/prev conv, disorderly conduct-fighting.

Norby, Andrew, 32, public intoxication.

Cameron, Christen, 32, assault family/household member Felony 3.

Green, Cameron, 22, poss marij <2oz.

Mendez, Jairo, 21, burglary of habitation Felony 2.

Hunsuckle, Johnathan, 25, poss CS pg 1 >=4g<200g Felony 2.

Turner, Dominique, 32, organized retail theft >=$2,500 Felony 3.

Brewster, Lajuan, 41, poss marij, organized retail theft >=$2,500 Felony 3.

House, Wesley, 40, assault fam/ house member impede breath Felony 3, interfere w/emergency, sexual assault Felony 2.

Mounce, Blake, 47, theft of service <$100.

Morales, Aime, 24, DWI. Hardin, L-Quir, 37, evading arrest detention w/veh, poss marij >2oz<=4oz Felony 3.

Palmer, Eric, 34, assault by contact family member, assault by contact, no DL, fail to signal lane change.

Henderson, Micah, 28, duty on striking unattended vehicle, fail to identify/giving false.

Reynolds, George, 59, DWI 3rd Felony 3.

Vazquez, Heladio, 33, ICE hold.

Parham, Majorie, 40, poss CS pg 1 >=4g<200g Felony 2, poss CS pg 1 <1g, bail jumping and fail to appear Felony 3, no liability insurance.

Hinkle, Kyla, 32, theft of service >=$2,500<$30,000.

Rogers, James, 31, assault fam/ house member impede breath Felony 3, agg assault causes serious bodily injury Felony 2.

Nabours, Michaela, 47, public intoxication.

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