Austin, Danelda, 37, poss cs pg 1 <1g, DWLS alias warrant, park curfew (park closed).

Stebbins, Arlene, 53, poss marij <2oz. 

Primo, Shanicka, 24, fail to ID fugitive intent. 

Johnson, Jason, 39, warrant/poss marij.

Riley, Trevor, 48, poss CS pg 1 >=1g<4g Felony 3, poss CS pg 1 <1g.

Tindell, Russell, 29, commitment order/poss CS Felony 3. 

Moseley, Jessica, 41, poss CS pg 1 <1g, poss CS pg 1 >=1g<4g Felony 3, fraud destroy removal concealment, poss drug paraphernalia, theft property.

Sandoval, Adrian, 18, unlicensed carrying weapon. 

Guido, Gabino, 26, forgery financial instrument.

Montoya, Malia, 19, poss dangerous drug. 

Bonilla, Javier, 36, theft prop >=$100<$750, accident involving injury, fail to id fugitive intent, no DL, no insurance.

Moreno, Olivia, 28, theft prop >=$100<$750, ICE detainer. 

Alonso, Josue, 26, probation violation. 

Puente, Javier, 23, commitment order/money launder, commitment order/poss marij. 

Deraleau, James, 59, assault Felony 2, violation of protective order.

Brown, Tederrion, 19, poss CS pg 2 <1g, parking in disabled persons space.

Pulgarin, Hector, 30, speeding, violate promise to appear, DWLI. 

Garner, Frank, 47, unauthorized use of vehicle.

Nichols, Richarde, 27, poss CS pg 1 <1g, no DL, drove wrong side of roadway. 

Trillo, David, 58, poss CS pg 1 >=4g<200g Felony 2, dog no rabies tag, animal at large city ordinance, animal vaccination tag not attached.

Walker, Kayla, 22, reckless driving, poss CS pg 2 >=1g<4g Felony 3. 

Berrum, Rigo, 17, poss marij <2oz. 

Maler, Justin, 18, out of county warrant-buglary, out of county warrant-assault.

Mahoney, Jeremy, 35, poss CS pg 1 <1g, poss marij <2oz, violation of motor vehicle insurance, state registration law.

Johnson, Leonard, 60, parole violation, out of county warrant-theft.

Mendoza, Veronica, 21, poss marij <2oz, poss dangerous drug.

Beck, Fredrick, 45, commitment order/DWI 3rd or more Felony 1.

Livingston, Richard, 50, theft prop >=$100<$750. 

Jones, Katie, 30, theft prop >=$2,500<$3,000, credit card/debit card abuse.

Dikes, Brennen, 28, parole violation-poss of CS Felony 3. 

Kelly, Linda, 68, theft of prop $100-$750. 

Washington, Kendre, 40, poss CS pg 2 <1g, driving motor vehicle w/o DL.

Bullard, Rhyannon, 39, commitment order-poss CS, fail to display registration, no insurance. 

Murrow, Kelsey, 28, probation revocation/poss CS pg1.

Martinez, Alejandro, 26, commitment order/DWI with child.

Peters, Matthew, 26, out of county warrant.

McLaurin, Cantarus, 34, false statement to obtain credit Felony 3.

Manriquez, Jose, 41, DWI 3rd Felony 3, fail to identify giving false, parole violation, ICE detainer, no DL. 

Rankin, Ariana, 21, deadly conduct.

Harris, Geneva, 34, poss CS pg 1 >=1g<4g Felony 3. 

Joiner, Janet, 60, poss marij <2oz. 

Dantic, Justin, 28, DWLI w/prev conviction, city ordinance fine, expired motor vehicle registration, defective equipment, no proof financial responsibility, failure to appear.

Cartledge, Christi, 25, probation violation.

Roberts, Donald, 31, DWI 2nd, probation violation-DUI. 

Chapa, Daniel, 31, commitment order/poss CS pg1 <1g.

Coleman, Dwight, 35, poss CS pg1 <1g.

Chavez, Gerardo, 38, sex abuse of child continuous Felony 1.

Onley, Joshua, 30, theft prop >=$750<$2,500.

Sedivy, Christian, 40, commitment order/poss CS w/intent to distribute Felony 1, commitment order/poss CS Felony 2.

Acevedo, Alejandro, 22, theft prop >=$100<$750.

Gafford, Dudley, 47, poss CS pg1 <1g.

Warner, Autumn, 28, poss dangerous drug.