Brown, Andrea, 24, DWLI w/prev conv, poss marij <2oz.

Murray, Cooper, 34, fail to show fin responsibility, no DL, possession of drug paraphernalia, speeding between specified streets.

Flores, Sergio, 21, duty on striking unattended vehicle, make alcohol available to minor.

Monreal, Jon, 60, poss CS pg 1 <1g. 

Zachary, Samuel, 18, unl carrying weapon.

Woodley, Monty, 46, man del CS pg 1 >=4g<200g Felony 1, man del CS pg 1 <1g, man del CS pg 2 or 2-a <1g, man del CS pg 3/4 <28g, man del CS pg 3/4 <28g, man del CS pg 3/4 <28g, man del cs pg 3/4 <28g, poss dangerous drug.

Jones, Darius, 27, probation violation-theft.

Gant, Shakillie, 22, commitment order-poss marij 2oz<4oz, no DL, no seat belt passenger, violation of promise to appear, no liability insurance, no valid DL/motorcycle.

Shelton, Justin, 25, probation violation-theft, out of county warrant-poss CS Felony 2, out of county warrant/speeding.

Garcia, Manuel, 24, DWI.

Gibson, Odis, 38, expired DL, no liability insurance, failure to appear, burglary of building, burglary of building, burglary of building, burglary of building, burglary of building, theft of firearm, criminal mischief>=$750<$2,000.

McCary, Jeremy, 38, public intoxication.

Hahn, Robert, 50, assault against elderly or disabled. 

Carr, Briesha, 19, theft property <$100 w/previous conviction.

Bruning, Kari, 34, poss CS pg 1 >=1g<4g-probation Felony 3, poss CS pg 3 <28g. 

Botello, Cesar, 23, display fictitious license plate.

Rodriguez, Joe, 38, continuous violence against  family Felony 3, warrant-tampering, warrant-assault, warrant-assault, DWLI.

Graves, Tempest, 32, poss marij <2oz, DWLI, poss of drug paraphernalia, no DL, expired motor vehicle registration, failure to appear.

Lockhart, Jonathan, 56, warrant-DWI, parole violation.

Salazar, Marcos, 33, theft of property $750<$2,500, assault contact family violence.

Gilbert, Damian, 23, aggravated robbery, burglary of habitation, theft prop >=$750<$2,500 Felony 1.

Corbett, Daniel, 18, poss marij <2oz. 

Gonzalez, Elijiot, 22, burglary of habitation.

Morgan, Taylor, 28, commitment order-poss CS pg1 <1g.

Lediaev, Winona, 30, duty on striking fixture/hwy, speeding.

Griffith, Byron, 42, DWLI w/prev conv, speeding.

Kapavik, Jared, 40, DWI, poss CS pg 3 <28g, poss CS pg 3 <28g, speeding-zoned-post-city 10% over.

Nguyen, Jonathan, 21, commitment order-theft property.

Watson, Billy, 34, poss CS pg 3 >=28g<200g, poss CS pg 3 >=28g<200g, no DL Felony 3. 

Farmer, James, 57, burglary of habitation Felony 2, terroristic threat, trespass of habitation criminal trespass, bail jumping ma bail jumping.

Lockhart, Wakefield, 31, commitment order-DWI.

Vasquez, Michael, 21, poss CS Felony 2, poss marij <2oz. 

Gipson, Timothy, 44, poss CS pg 1 >=1g<4g Felony 3, DWLI w/prev conv, poss marij <2oz, open container driver, no DL. 

Simpson, Calondria, 25, poss marij <2oz, unrestrained child under eight, no proof of financial resp, speeding. 

Bacon, Stacey, 32, poss marij <2oz. 

Bowman, Lamodrick, 19, fail to identify/giving false.

Lolow, Terrance, 41, evading arrest det w/veh, unauth use of vehicle, theft prop >$100<$750 Felony 3.

Fain, Stewart, 38, warrant poss CS pg 1 >=1g<4g.

Darvill, Michael, 27, parole violation-robbery.

Gonzalez, Daniel, 21, DWI.

Graham, Zachary, 23, DWI.

Coulston, Nicholas, 20, assault by contact/family violence. 

Moore, Billy, 21, assault family violence, driving motor vehicle w/o license, ran a stop sign at a marked street, parking vehicle on unapproved surface, no DL, speeding > than 10%.

Hughes, Teresa, 63, DWI 3rd Felony 3.

Ocampo, Martin, 22, public intoxication. 

Aguilar, Gabriel, 23, assault causes bodily injury, public intoxication. 

Edwards, Gary, 55, no proof of financial responsibility, fail to signal turn.

Jones, Melvrick, 53, unauthorized use of vehicle, fail to identify/giving false.

Jones, Delvrick, 45, poss marij <2oz, fail to ID fugitive intent/giving false, theft of property. 

Villareal, Mark, 29, poss CS pg 1 <1g.

Salguero, Carlos, 18, poss marij >2oz<=4oz, poss CS pg 3 <28g, poss dangerous drug, poss CS pg 2 >=1g<4g Felony 3. 

Rodriguez, Eric, 19, poss marij >2oz<=4oz, poss CS pg 3 <28g, poss dangerous drug, poss CS pg 2 >=1g<4g  Felony 3.

Castro, Joshua, 32, warrant-poss marij, no DL, DWLI, poss of narcotic paraphernalia, def equip headlight, failure to yield emergency vehicle, no DL. 

Alvarado, Manuel, 25, poss marij <2oz. 

Ayala, Vanessa, 24, commitment order-possession Felony 2. 

Martin, Stephen, 59, public intoxication.

Harvey, Melinda, 46, accident involving damage to vehicle.

Goodman, Lisa, 37, aggravated assault w/deadly weapon Felony 2, DWLI w/prev conv, fail to maintain financial responsibility, no valid DL.

Ricks, Timothy, 25, assault causes bodily injury. 

Fowler, Carlton, 28, expired motor vehicle registration, open container warrant, drive without headlights, speeding 70 mph in a 55 mph.

Coleman, Tony, 50, theft $1500-20,000 Felony 3.

Ballard, Valencia, 18, theft prop >=$100<$750.

Few, Jonathan, 22, evading arrest det w/veh Felony 3, unauthorized use of vehicle, evading arrest detention, DWLI.

Johnson, Juana, 36, commitment order-prohibited substance Felony 3.

Chandler, Savian, 20, sexual assault child Felony 2. 

Jenkins, Derrell, 50, warrant-theft property, DWLI, poss of drug paraphernalia.

Prachyl, Kimberly, 46, probation violation/DWI 2nd. 

Lyon, Tiffany, 40, display expired license plates. 

Beavers, William, 39, parole violation, public intoxication.

Martinez, Matthew, 22, poss marij >2oz. 

Gaudio, Shayleigh, 20, poss CS pg 2 >=1g<4g Felony 3. 

Wells, Zachary, 29, probation violation-poss CS Felony 3. 

Daniels, Cordero, 28, poss marij <2oz. 

Long, Anne, 42, theft of services >=$100<$750. 

McAfee, Michael, 19, accident involving injury. 

Wicker, Keith, 43, evading arrest/detention w/vehicle Felony 3. 

Salls, Arther, 45, probation revocation-poss CS pg1 <1g, probation violation-theft.

Luna, Andrew, 28, aggravated robbery Felony 1, poss CS pg 2-a <= 2oz.

Staggs, Theodore, 33, probation violation-poss marij. 

Hope, Johnathan, 47, theft prop $2500-$30,000.