Lopez, Johnny, 52, DWI 2nd.

Dozier, Michael, 33, pv-theft of prop >=$100<$750, pv-poss marij <2oz, theft-misd property, failue to appear.

Pate, Chase, 24, DWI. 

Woods, Kyle, 30, DWLI w/prev conv.

Mulch, Ali, 27, poss CS pg 1 >=1g<4g, poss CS pg 1 <1g Felony 3.

Jones, Iesha, 25, theft of serv >=$750<$2,500, speeding 10% above.

Smith, Tianna, 25, public intoxication. 

Armstrong, Sherwood, 24, theft prop >$100 w/prev conviction.

Salazar, Kriselda, 30, commitment order-DWI 2nd, dilapidated fence, substandard building, speeding in 35 mph zone 48 mph, allow child under 17 to ride w/o seatbelt, speeding in a 40 mile zone 50 mph.

Mucherson, Sammy, 37, assault contact family violence.

Jones, Trayzel, 27, probation revocation (poss CS pg1 Felony 3.

Howard, James, 42, poss CS pg 1 >=1g<4g, evading arrest detention, poss marij <2oz Felony 3.

Mays, J.P., 41, unrestrained child under 8, no proof financial responsibility, speeding ten percent or above, theft <$50, exp motor vehicle registration.

Jaral, Jose, 29, poss marij, no operaters license, speeding-zoned.

Machuca, Hugo, 25, poss marij <=2oz drug free zone. 

Allen, Dallas, 21, poss CS pg 1 >=4g<200g Felony 2.

Buchholz, Stephanie, 29, DWLI w/prev conv. 

Riley, Trevor, 48, poss CS pg 1 >=4g<200g Felony 2, DWI, resist arrest search or transport.

Ames, David, 38, false id as police officer, unl carrying weapon. 

Lowery, Melissa, 37, DWLI w/prev conv.

Mitchell, David, 28, criminal tresspass, carrying weapon, possession of Methamphetamine, poss marij, driving under the influence, failure to maintain lane, possession of drug related paraphernalia.

Lopez, Oscar, 51, commitment order/poss marij <2oz. 

Brown, Cherell, 30, theft of prop Felony 3, theft prop <$1500 2+ conv enh Felony 3, DWLI w/prev conv, theft <$1500 w2/or Felony 3, bail jumping, poss marij <2oz.

Bason, Kevin, 44, public intoxication.

Garza, Amanda, 43, DWI 3rd Felony 3.

Johnson, James, 56, commitment order/DWI 2nd. 

Larue, Cameron, 29, no seat belt.

Larue, Trevor, 26, speeding 10% or above, expired MVR, poss narcotic paraphernalia.

Collinsworth, Stephen, 35, poss narcotic paraphernalia. 

Denton, Robert, 32, assault causes bodily injury family. 

Easley, Jerad, 24, DWI 2nd, duty on striking unattended vehicle.

Karpan, Terry, 49, evading arrest det w/veh Felony 3.

Mack, Sean, 21, assault causes bodily injury family.

Rochester, Rocky, 57, poss cs pg 1 <1g.

Tidwell, Robin, 39, theft $100-$700.

Garza, Richard, 36, poss marij.

Ramirez, Tyson, 18, poss marij <2oz. 

Ernst, Bryan, 24, poss marij <2oz, unl carrying weapon.

Butler, Jeremy, 46, assault by contact. 

Duran, Cosme, 49, poss CS pg 1 <1g, poss of drug paraphernalia, DWLI, display fictitious license plate, expired registration, failure to maintain financial responsibility, defective muffler-fumes, speeding/school zone 30 mph.

Jones, Tiffany, 27, poss cs pg 1 <1g, walk on road where sidewalk available.

Brown, Elijah, 23, fail to maintain financial responsibility, poss marij <2oz. 

Buchanan, David, 42, poss CS pg 3 <28g, no seatbelt or not properly secured. 

Quintanilla, Dasy, 37, pv -theft, pv-poss marij. 

Hamilton, Jack, 31, criminal trespass.

Soliz, Daniel, 37, tamp/fabricated physical evidence, poss CS pg 1<1g, theft of prop >=$100<$750, no proof of financial responsibility, speeding ten percent or above, no DL.

Burton, Kristopher, 45, public intoxication. 

McEntire, James, 37, poss CS pg 1 >=1g<4g Felony 3, tamper/fabricate phys evidence w/i Felony 3.

Rivera, Alonso, 37, display fictitious license plate, DWLI w/prev conv. 

Jones, Iyshawn, 28, fraud use/poss identifying information, credit/debit card abuse. 

White, Timothy, 45, theft prop <$2500 2/more.

Smalling, Jacob, 20, assault fam/house member impede breath Felony 3.

Washington, Samuel, 28, poss CS pg 2 >=1g<4g Felony 3, poss marij <2oz. 

Gomez, Michael, 39, poss marij <2oz. 

Vidal, Tommy, 49, probation violation, improper right turn (too wide), no operators license, speeding-63 mph in a 45 mph. 

Ramirez, Diana, 36, theft prop >=$100<$750, disregard traffic control device.

White, Cody, 40, unauthorized use of vehicle.

Griffin, Crystal, 41, failure to fasten seat belts.

Maldonado, Javier, 23, poss marij <2oz. 

Torres, Hector, 40, probation violation-DWI 2nd. 

Wilson, Khaleef, 19, poss marij <2oz, unl carrying weapon.

Jurney, Brandon, 20, probation violation-poss marij.

Shiramba, Denis, 31, bench warrant/credit card.

Pitts, Troy, 62, parole violation. 

Walker, James, 60, poss marij >5lbs<=50lbs Felony 3.

Rochester, Rocky, 57, poss CS pg 1 <1g. 

Tidwell, Robin, 39, commitment order/theft $100-$7oo.

Freeman, Matthew, 20, commitment order/poss marij <2oz. 

Wilson, Damonte, 21, probation violation-assault, speeding. 

Reynolds, Tory, 29, fail to ID fugitive intent.

Coa-Benitez, Manuel, 36, fraud use/poss identifying information, ICE detainer.