HS FOOTBALL WEEK 2: Hawks rushing overcomes Panthers passing 19-7


By Steve Patterson / Moving Pictures

Princeton – After a two hour lightning delay and during steady heavy rains throughout most of the game, it was the Hawks (2-0) dominance on the ground which put them in the win column for the second week in a row.

Hawks QB Josh Ervin (2) leaps over would be tacklers in the 1st quarter against Princeton.

Both C.J. Palmer (15) and Dee Johnson (28) ran for over 100 yards in the game (Palmer 146, Johnson 104). Although the Panthers passed for 258 yards versus Red Oak’s 51 yards, the Hawks defense had three interceptions and two fumble recoveries, and during the second half, they had the Panthers QB running across the field to avoid sacks. The Hawks defense played a solid 48 minutes of football and one of the big differences over previous years is there are rarely solo tackles. During most plays, there are 3 to 4 Hawk defenders swarming to the ball. They are flying to the ball to make a play.

On the offensive side of the ball, the big guys are staying on their blocks and creating running lanes. In the second half of the last two games, it was rare for Palmer, or Anderson to get tackled by a defensive linemen. In many runs, they are getting to the linebackers and secondary before contact.

A new wrinkle from the Hawks game plan last Friday was the screen pass. QB Josh Ervin (2) hit C.J. Palmer on a couple of screen passes keeping the Panthers Linebackers guessing.

Although the Hawks won the game 19-7, the penalties (12-145) are a concern. This game saw some questionable calls by the officials against Red Oak, but needless to say, they were called and marched off. One holding penalty called back a 20+ yard TD run by Palmer.

C.J. Palmer (15) did some bowling on his way to the end zone on this carry. Palmer ran for 146 yards and 2 touchdowns in the game against Princeton.

Princeton’s lone score came in the first quarter after a Hawks’ turnover. Hawk’s safety Hunter Smith had two interceptions in the game, and safety Fabyan Hernandez (16) also had a second half interception.

Running Back C.J. Palmer had two touchdowns, with the rest of the Hawks points coming off the foot of kicker Angel Medel (85). This kid has a great leg and his leg strength is going to come into play, especially once district games start.

The Hawks travel to the Frisco Star Friday, Sept. 14 to play Frisco Heritage. Kickoff is 7 p.m., so come early and support Hawks football. Be sure to visit the Red Oak I.S.D. web page for special instructions regarding parking and entrance into the Frisco Star Center.