Road closure impacts Glenn Heights, Red Oak, Ovilla residents


By Rita Cook / News Editor

RED OAK – It seems the road work is never done in Dallas and Ellis County and for Red Oak, residents detoured traffic and disrupted access is a thing many have gotten used to lately.

The latest roadwork could impact Red Oak commuters and began on Aug. 27 in Glenn Heights. Red Oak City Manager Todd Fuller said he does not know when the work will be done. 

For traffic accessing to and from Harmony Estates via FM664, to Uhl Road and onto Harmony Way, drivers will have to use the Brook Hollow entry to access Harmony Way for the immediate future.

Brian Lockley with the City of Glenn Heights said this roadwork project was expected to be complete by the end of September.  It is being constructed by the Magnolia Meadows developer as part of the development project. 

“Our emergency service vehicles will also be using this access route,” Fuller explained.

“Traffic to and from the north of Harmony Estates will still use Harmony Way, however only two lanes will be open during construction.

“Normally there are two eastbound and two westbound lanes of Harmony Way available.”

While Uhl Road is in the city of Glenn Heights and it is a Glenn Heights project, Fuller said it is his understanding the developer of the Magnolia Farms subdivision in Glenn Heights is straightening the “S-Curve” along Uhl Rd in conjunction with accompanying subdivision construction.

Lockley confirmed adding “Uhl Road is being realigned through the Magnolia Meadows Subdivision to improve driver safety and visibility. The current roadway alignment and condition of Uhl Road consists of two sharp limited visibility 90-degree turns with uneven asphalt surfaces throughout and no shoulder in either direction.”

Lockley said once the project is complete through the Magnolia Meadows Subdivision, Uhl Road will be constructed with a compact sub-base with concrete pavement that will tie in to the existing asphalt. It will also consist of a two-lane gentle S-bend with detached sidewalks.

Currently in Red Oak, Fuller said the city has no planned street closures in the immediate future.

Other road construction projects in Glenn Heights that might affect Red Oak and Ovilla residents include construction on Hampton Road, which extends from the Ovilla City limits to the Dallas County/Ellis County line, just south of Glenn Heights City Hall. Also, construction on Westmoreland Road, which is a two-part project consisting of improvements to Westmoreland Road north and south of Bear Creek Road. 

“When the City of Red Oak plans street closures or construction that may impact local traffic, we typically send notices – including alternate routing maps – to the impacted area though our CTY Connect noticing system, our website or newspaper publication,” Fuller concluded.