Ferris experiences increase in assaults


By Rita Cook / News Editor

FERRIS – The city of Ferris experienced a string of assaults over the last few weeks.

One is still actively open while police search for the suspect.

On Aug. 29, Ferris police were called to the 200 block of West 6th Street in response to an emergency call.

Thirty-two-year-old Traci Hamm, aka Traci Skach, a hair salon owner at the location had called the police to report 32-year-old Ross Michael Julian of Dallas had arrived at her place of business uninvited.

Skach and Julian had been in a relationship prior to the August incident.

Several Ferris police officers responded to the location on West 6th Street, but Julian had already fled the scene.

As police began to unravel the story, it was discovered Skach’s business neighbor, Richard Ho, who owns a business adjacent to the hair salon, had armed himself and intervened to protect Skach from being assaulted by Julian. 

Police said it was reported Julian had grabbed Skach in the parking lot of the business and taken her cell phone.

It was also reported during the incident, Julian had a brick in his hand. His intentions with the brick were not immediately clear. 

Ho reportedly told Julian to stop what he was doing and leave the premises at which time the suspect fled before police arrived.

Skach was uninjured at the time.

Later it was discovered the back door to the hair salon sustained damage from rocks and bricks, which had apparently been thrown.

Skach at that time requested Julian be permanently barred from returning to the hair salon on 6th Street.

In the past, while living in Wilmer, the complainant has reported harassment and damage to her residence naming Julian as the perpetrator. 

An arrest warrant has been issued for the arrest of Julian who has previous arrests and convictions. Charges include Unlawful Restraint, a Class A Misdemeanor.

To date, Ferris police said Julian has refused to surrender, and he told police in a telephone call after the warrant was issued, “catch me if you can.”