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Wilmer Police Reports

Arrests Aug. 12-17 Edgar Salas, h/m, 31, evading arrest Raul Rivera-Perez, h/m, 46, Duncanville PD Gibril Sowe, b/m, 21, Wilmer PD x1 Brecketta E. Morgan, b/f, 26, Wilmer PD x1 Jose ... Full story

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Wilmer Police Reports

Arrests Aug. 5-11 Jerry Don Spurgeon, w/m, 35, Wilmer PD x2, Lancaster x1 Jose Isabel Mendoza, w/m, 36, driving while intoxicated Manuel Antonio Mendoza, w/m, 39, public intoxication  Jordan Mae-Alise ... Full story

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Wilmer Police Reports

Arrests July-22-28 Jeremy Lynn Simon, w/m, 34, Wilmer PD x2 Socorro Lopez, Jr., h/m, 39, unsafe lane change Lucila Garcia, h/f, 51, Wilmer PD x1 Roxanna Casillas, h/f, 18, Wilmer ... Full story

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Wilmer Police Reports

Arrests July 17-21 Lachanda Rochelle Boisseau, b/f, 28, Wilmer PD x3 Richard Contreras, w/m, 28, Wilmer PD x2 Amber Taylor, b/f, 19, Wilmer PD x1 Edward L. Young, w/m, 58, ... Full story

Last Updated: 07/27/2013 02:18:00

Wilmer Police Reports

Arrests July 8-14 William Daniel Noe, w/m, 47, aggravated assault with deadly weapon Edward Chavez, h/m, 19, Wilmer PD x2 capias Louise E. Daniels, Jr., w/m, 31, Wilmer PD ... Full story

Last Updated: 07/19/2013 18:22:00

Wilmer Police Reports

Arrests June 28-July 7 Efren Villa, w/m, 38, Wilmer PD x2 Lindsey Mikel, b/f, 29, Wilmer PD x1 Isaiah Jones IV, b/m, 21, Wilmer PD x1 capias Tony L. Hall, ... Full story

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Wilmer Police Reports

Arrests June 23-27 Elem Wynne II, b/m, 25, Walker County Sheriff Office-failure to appear, possession of marijuana Reginald Judd, b/m, 23, Wilmer DP x1 Steve Kent Drummond, w/m, 57, ... Full story

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Wilmer Police Reports

Arrests June 16-23 Latonda Denise Brown, b/f, 39, Wilmer PD x1 Orlando Francis Hithe, b/m, 49, Wilmer PD x2 Jeremiah G. Devine, w/m, 23, Wilmer PD x1 Lendin Dwight Ballard, ... Full story

Last Updated: 06/27/2013 18:35:00

Wilmer Police Reports

Arrests June 10-15 Gregory Deshun Johnson, b/m, 43, Wilmer PD x2 Harry T. Hill, w/m, 26, AWOL Ricardo Gonzalez, h/m, 23, Dallas Sheriff office x2 felony Kevin Mitchell, w/m, 23, ... Full story

Last Updated: 06/21/2013 00:53:00

Wilmer Police Reports

Arrests June 3-9 Jamara Betts, b/f, 23, Duncanville/ Dallas PD/Plano Teodoro Mateo, w/m, 30, Wilmer PD TCTC Dallas Sheriff Office-bond forfeiture, driving while intoxicated Kimberly Evet Gent, w/f, 45, ... Full story

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