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Pray and Watch and Seek God First...

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Christ Jesus said: "I say to you, watch!"

So, do that and pray, since there is little that can be accomplished if we do not walk with the Lord. In fact, if we do the things we think He wants us to do but without His direction to do so, they are worthless works, as filthy rags, no matter that they appear righteous before men, that is not what counts.

He will say to such, "Why do you call me Lord, Lord, and do not the things which I say?" and "And then will I profess to them, I never knew you: depart from me, you that work iniquity."

It is all good and well to give to the poor, help the oppressed, defend the widow and the fatherless, fight for truth and upright law, these things need to be done. Some will do one, some another, some will spread the gospel, some will act on it, each according to what he has been given, but if we do not have a personal walk with the Lord and do not listen to His direction, our efforts end up misplaced, our energies expended inefficiently, the outcome a pittance compared to what could be accomplished and our relationship with our Lord in tatters.

How can we expect the Lord to organise us as a unified army against evil if we do not listen to OUR TRUE Commander in Chief? What army in the history of the world ever won a battle where each and every soldier did his own thing at his own discretion? It is amazing to me that the rabble we think of as the Lord's army got anywhere at all - but then, that IS the grace and power of God, is it not? Imagine if we are unified under His command!! What could come against His army then?

And what of the sinners of Nineveh praying and repenting at the last moment and averting the total destruction of their great city in so doing!! ??? Is this so hard to understand? Is our faith, our TRUST, in the Lord so infantile and so weak that we cannot even organise a concerted, global or even just nationwide, prayer effort? Is the skin on our knees too soft and unsullied from lack of crawling in the trenches so that kneeling before the Lord is painful and inconvenient? I know there are many deeply faithful out there, but we are completely disorganised and only the Lord Himself can overcome that.

Who will stand with me? Who will kneel with me before the Lord? It is better to die on our feet fighting in concert, side by side confronting our enemy, than to live on our knees groveling in islolation and despair under the power of our enemy - the power to control us through fear and intimidation - basically just bullying!!!

When they threaten you with muzzling your right to speak the truth, remember Who it is that you represent and speak for, and fear them not! They're time is short, they are filled with rage, and along the way many will come over from their camp as they are drawn by the power of God's Spirit. Did not all the demons dread the presence of the Spirit of God in Christ? Did He not say that we would do greater things than these?

If our fear-filled opponents see fearless opposition to the lies of the usurper, will they not be emboldened to find out what is behind this unstoppable force? Then the Spirit's job is almost done, for it is the Holy Spirit that emboldens us and in turn those who wish to know the truth.

We must seek His direction on things and not our own take on scriptures. Scriptures provide a litmus test for discernment, but only communing with the Lord Himself provides direction. It is easy to know all about the Lord, but an entirely different matter to know the Lord.

Did He say, "Seek ye second the kingdom of God" ?
Did He say, "Seek ye the kingdom of God when ya feel like it" ?
Did He perhaps even say, "Do good, fight the enemy, bible-bash the opposition, and then seek the kingdom of God" ?

A resounding NO!!!!

He clearly said, "But seek you first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things (whatever else you actually need to accomplish the task He assigns you, plus your personal needs) shall be added to you." His supply is abundant, He is the logistics expert, we are the foot soldiers.

How can we expect His ear to listen if we do not lend our ear to Him? We will end up repelled at the doors to the wedding banquet and left outside to be punished, "where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth."

Why do some accuse me of being "mysterious"? There is no mystery here! The warnings have all gone out before, many voices have cried out. The attentive and discerning already know, those who seek the Lord at EVERY TURN know!!! The only mystery is, why the blazes are people NOT seeking the Lord FIRST!!!!

Why do people first seek other people instead? Error seeking more error, like the yeast of the Pharisees it grows and spreads to poison every thought and every action - how can we expect to stand?

Don't turn to Him as a last resort. How would you, a mere human being, like to be treated that way? Yet we do it to Almighty God ever so often!! This cannot be, it cannot continue. We do as we wish, as our futile thinking in our futile humanistic "wisdom" dictates is best and kid ourselves that we are acting on the scriptures, and when it all goes pear shaped, then we seek God. It is tragic! How can the Holy Spirit work effectively through us to overcome evil in the world when we continually ignore His pleading?

Seek the Lord in earnestness and humility of heart, of mind, and He will answer you, and often when you least expect it. If we give away our freedoms to the enemy for the sake of a false sense of security, we lose everything. If we give away our freedoms to the Lord whose love for us is beyond reckoning, we gain eternal life.

So, I too, say to any who would listen, pray and watch!

Seek God the Father - FIRST!!!

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