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Whats wrong with our Republican Party in Ellis County?

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 I have never been one to beat around the bush.  I believe most of you would already know that by now, but there are some new folks in the county.

Recently I have discovered that our Republican Party in Ellis County has eroded to the point that our Executive Committee has been unable to seat enough members to even form a quorum.

It appears there are several empty seats on the executive committee for precinct chairs.  These seats have been empty for quite some time, yet no-one on the committee has actively sought out citizens to fill these seats.

Better yet, those members who are filling seats on the committee don’t seem too concerned about making the meetings.  I guess it really doesn’t matter when our County Chair seems reluctant to call a meeting in the first place.  I can only presume the Republican Party of Ellis County feels so secure in their voting majority they are no longer concerned about their constituents.  I am sure the Democrat Party is pleased to see the lazy attitude.

I recently volunteered to fill the empty precinct chair in my precinct that has been empty for years.  I volunteered on more than one occasion.  I also know that more citizens recently approached our county chairperson and requested to fill empty precinct chair positions.  To date no chairs have been filled and the county chairperson has refused to present the interested parties names for a vote by the committee. 

In fact the county chairperson reportedly told one person he wouldn’t be able to fill an empty seat until he showed an interest and showed up at some of the meetings.....do you see the hypocrisy?  He can’t fill a seat unless he shows an interest to sit on a committee that can’t form a quorum because the members don’t show up for the meetings.

I decided to email the state republican executive committee representative to inquire into the process for filling these positions.  The response I received was curt and inappropriate, and wholly unprofessional. I guess I can’t count on any assistance at the state level either, but I am not surprised.

I have been a registered republican since I can remember and was initiated during the Reagan years. I remember Newt Gingrich and that group of conservatives who formed the compact with America.  I believe in conservative values and was raised in the Church of Christ right here in Waxahachie which helped shape those values. Quite honestly,  I am ashamed of the path the party has taken the past eight or nine years.

For some reason we have many, many elected representatives who recognize that only republican candidates will win in certain districts or precincts.  They have come to understand the importance of being “Republican”, but they have forgotten, or never understood, what it means to actually be a republican.

It’s not enough to merely say you are a republican.  You must be willing to live and act like one too.  You must prove you stand for and believe those qualities, principles and moral values that make up our conservative roots.  Many of our so called republicans have failed to preserve and protect those values.  Many more have engaged in shameful misconduct that led to their public embarrassment.

I only wonder who will run for the county chair position when it comes open in the next election?  Apparently there is already a person interested in taking the job

The current chairperson certainly hasn’t acted like he has any vested interest in our county, or its  politics.  I certainly don’t hold any ill will or hard feelings for anyone coming down here to our little county.  How can you blame them, it’s a nice place to live.  My problem stems from my belief that they don’t have any roots here; they don’t have any family buried here; they don’t have any history here; and they will most likely not stay here for the rest of their lives.

As for me, I have been here all my life and I intend to be buried right here in Ellis County.  I am tired of those  prior  ladder climbing politicians who wanted to be elected for their own self interests.  I want a candidate who has a vested interest in what happens in our county, and in our state, and so do you.

And just in case the republican party was unaware, there are several hundred local conservatives belonging to many different groups who are upset with the status quo within the party, and they intend to make a difference.  They intend to take an active interest in seeing the local republican party returned to its conservative principles and values by making the changes necessary to get that done. Soooo...don’t get too comfortable in your positions.

I guess the time has come to put the elected officials on notice.  The people are tired of the status quo and they are not going to take it any more. Already the wave of fear has set in among the rank and file.  They can see it at the town hall meetings, and it scares them. 

The people control the vote and the vote controls the elections.  Kudos to those elected officials truly representing the Party and it’s values...shame on those who are not.



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