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The New American Velvet Revolution

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The New American Velvet Revolution
Posted on Tuesday, April 14 @ 12:31:37 CDT
Topic: Americans for Legal Immigration PAC
Americans for Legal Immigration PAC 

April 14, 2009

by William Gheen
President, Americans for Legal Immigration PAC

The time has come for Americans to rise in political solidarity on a historic scale to return the control of our government to We The People. The Tax Day Tea Party events being held in thousands of cities and towns across America hold the potential for the formation of a new political movement.

The source of America's problems will not be addressed by a hero or politician for everyone to adore, that is more of the problem. Work will not set us free, but self governance will. The answer to America's problems are to put We The People back in charge.

A recent Rasmussen poll indicated that over 75% of Americans believe that Washington, DC no longer represents We The People and our citizens feel that way because it is true.

We watch almost helplessly as Democrats and Republicans alike defile our Republic and the sacred principles and values that have made America the most advanced civilization in human history.

Today, most Americans are just barely hanging on as the economic ground beneath our feet falls away, our freedoms are abridged, and our security and prosperity are destroyed by elites in Washington who love wealth and power, more than their God or countrymen.

A broad coalition of Americans representing every race and political party are now ready to organize and take peaceful political steps to form a velvet revolution to address this national crisis. It will take Americans of every walk of life turned into passionate political activists to overcome the dangers we now face.

For when the will of the majority of Americans is ignored by those in power, the very essence of what America has been celebrated for throughout recent history has been usurped.

The Tax Day Tea Party events are drawing in Americans who are very concerned about high taxes, runaway spending and trillions in generational debt, traditional values, gun rights, privacy rights, free speech, and the lack of immigration enforcement and border security in America.

Each of these issues represents a case where the vast majority of Americans agree that taxes should be low, spending and debt should be curtailed, American traditions and family values should be protected, American jobs should not be shipped overseas, and our borders should be secured and immigration laws enforced, yet the elites and radical elements from the left and right continue to pursue policies at odds with the vast majority of our citizens!

Americans who reflect the minority views on these issues and those that do not share these positions in common must put differences aside and stand with the majority of their countrymen as one.

We must stand together as one because of two important reasons. One, the New American Velvet Revolution needs to be about the foundations of our political system and the principles which unite us, more than issues. Two, tax groups alone are not powerful enough to prevail. Neither are the immigration enforcement groups or the gun rights groups, or many others on their own.

As American reading this in 2009, it does not matter what issues are important to you when Congress ignores the majority. When the Presidents, like Bush and Obama, decide which laws they will or will not enforce, as is the case with our immigration laws, then it does not even matter what laws Congress passed, who you voted for, or who won the Congressional elections!

When President's serve the elite financial influences that paid to elect them more than We The People and decide our laws unilaterally and secretively, then American is under autocratic and possibly despotic rule that can easily decay into full fledged tyranny.

The very self governance of Americans has been usurped!

Self governance is essential to each of us because without it we cannot control the policies of our own nation and that civilian control is imperative for our security, prosperity, and freedoms. We cannot assure our own well being or freedom for future generations if We The People are not captains of our own destiny and the destiny of our nation.

Since over seventy five percent of Americans correctly perceive that we are no longer self governed, that means that we are governed by someone else and it should be clear to everyone in America today that those governing us do not have our best interests in mind!

The prosperity, security, and freedoms of Americans are being stripped from us rapidly in a historic and incremental way.

Congress has recently passed unpopular stimulus bills and budgets that will require excessive and enslaving taxation applied with a heavy hand upon Americans that can barely make ends meet.

Political leaders like Pelosi and Reed are looking at ways to silence free speech on the Internet and talk radio shows. Gun and ammunition sales in America are unprecedented as an attempt to abridge gun rights approaches.

All Americans are being corralled into a biometric ID system that will antiquate the need for borders as people can be tracked like FedEx packages with their facial recognition data uses like a bar code. A system that is being implemented despite the fact that no prior generation of Americans would have ever submitted to such an electronic and godlike omnipresence run by Chertoff, Napolitano, and their successors.

Prior Mexican President Vicente Fox recently announced there is a plan in motion to create a European Union here on our continent and he is asking Obama to speed up the process. Problem is there is little public knowledge or mandate for this plan and almost zero Congressional oversight or approval. Where is the Democracy in that?

Treasury destroying and youth generation destroying wars rage on adding to Obama's broken promise list despite the fact a majority of Americans want these wars, that have lasted longer than any wars in US history, brought to an end!

Toxic toys are in the mouths of our children along with poison from China in the major US baby formula supplies being fed to our infants. Homeowners realize with dismay that the bricks from Mexico have their outer walls crumbing while the drywall from China gives off toxic fumes poisoning our citizens and pets just like their pet food additives.

And all the while, Obama has created an unlawful and unconstitutional amnesty for illegal aliens by ceasing all ICE raids and trying to gut the 287(g) program, while announcing his intentions to override all of the state laws that have been passed to crack down on illegal immigration with his Dream Act Amnesty and Comprehensive Immigration Reform Amnesty later this year.

Millions of Americans are losing their homes, their jobs, wage levels, and health care. Our countrymen are suffering unprecedented under employment and unemployment, and searching desperately for any job to feed their families, rendered helpless as our future and the future for our children disintegrates and Obama announces a plan to thrust over ten million new legalized illegal alien workers into direct competition for jobs with our citizens! 

Let's face it America, we have a failed Government that is financially insolvent, grabbing up more money and power from We The People than ever before, that is doing many things our citizens do not want while failing us on almost every important level.

We must unite and put our differences aside before our failed government leads us into a failed, obliterated, and enslaved nation where we all perpetually pay more for less.

We must unite behind the principles and core issues which are driving most Americans to feel that We The People are no longer in control of our own nation and our own destiny.

Recent outlandish revelations found in leaked Department of Homeland Security documents distributed by the Obama administration to police across America tell us the danger to our citizens is both clear and present.

By instructing our officers to treat returning soldiers, Christians, and citizens concerned about illegal immigration, abortion, high taxes, gun rights, states rights, and trade agreements as potentially violent domestic terrorists is a blatant anathema to all that is truly American!

Thankfully, law enforcement officers that are loyal to We The People have leaked these dastardly documents.

I would like to remind Obama and his new Department of Homeland Security leadership that in America, we don't ask our police to scrutinize and profile free citizens based on their political positions on mainstream issues.

Such politicization of police and security forces have been the precursors to repressive fascist and communist regimes. It is truly sad and alarming that our government sending propaganda to police officers labeling tens of millions of Americans as potential terrorists if they don't like Obama or his illegal alien Amnesty or gun registration plans.

The fact our government has officially instructed police American citizens who don't like Obama or his policies are the biggest terrorism threat instead of Islamic terrorists, Chinese spys and saboteurs, and the over one hundred thousand armed drug and illegal alien importing cartel foot soldiers in our midst is very telling indeed.

If we were truly interested in the politics of those in America that represent a real threat to our police officers, there would be DHS documents sent to police informing them of how many of the MS-13 and SUR-13 gangs, the Crips, and the Bloods that voted for Obama right?  American citizens that are 'in the know' about this are rightfully incensed and it is clear that the radical political groups called the ADL and SPLC are calling the shots at DHS now.

The New American Velvet Revolution must leave the door open for those caught up in the dazzling lights of the Obama administration to enter the movement as they learn the painful lessons conservatives learned from Bush. Many of them will come to realize through painful examples that Obama is not a man of the people, just another deceptive mouth piece for those who seek to govern Americans.

I have faith in my fellow countrymen and even current Obama supporters are not going to stand for these outlandish attacks on free speech in America, these radical Open Borders policies, and these abuses of American citizens.

Americans who value our Republic along with the principles and freedoms that have made America a place where people want to live are under assault from Washington, DC. Our failed government hijacked by elites and foreign interests continues to tighten its grip on our suffering countrymen. This is no conspiracy theory. These things are evidenced in the daily news and the new dark reality we see forming around us each day

Defending your nation from enemies foreign and domestic takes a lot more than just voting for candidates every two years on a hacker vulnerable Diebold machine. Many people did not take the time to learn the candidates positions on all the issues.

We must man the phones, fax machines, and e-mail clients. We must go face to face with our incumbent elected officials and new candidates must arise to challenge them, we must replace the corrupt liars and actors who tell people what they want to hear instead of what they need to hear.

We must take to the streets in peaceful and orderly demonstrations and we must unify to throw every politician who stands against the will of the American majorities out of office in 2010!

We cannot have another election where millions of dollars coming from the elite groups and companies that currently control Washington, more than our citizens, dominate and 96 percent of incumbents return to DC despite massive dissatisfaction levels.

It is true that the anger levels in America are rising and the potential for a government crackdown to try and hold on to power is being formulated and may possibly involve US troops deployed on American soil to handle disgruntled citizens. It is also true that some Americans may lash out if things get worse.

The vast majority of Americans do not want to see either scenario become a reality, but we must realize that time is running out for those of us dedicated to a peaceful political velvet revolution designed to alleviate the pressures forming between American citizens, who feel betrayed and conquered and those in power who are responsible for these calamities.

Glenn Beck and Lou Dobbs are correct.  Mr. Dobbs says we need a new populist movement in America and Glenn Beck says the answer to the corrupt politicians in DC is "We Surround Them."  Another phrase making rounds in our movement in the absence of a central unifying leader is "if not us, then who?"

Velvet nonviolent political revolutions have worked many times in many nations when enough citizens stood up and spoke out together. Our time to peacefully rectify the imbalance between the American public and those who control Washington is rapidly expiring. 2010 may be our last chance!

It is our government and it is time for us to unify in a historic and new political coalition to restore our Republic and the time for Americans to rise to our generation's greatest trials is NOW! Let us hope and pray that the Tax Day Tea Party events on April 15, 2009 will be a day future American generations look back on with reverence as the day Americans stood up for We The People of the United States.

William Gheen is the President of Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC) and has served both Democrat and Republican lawmakers and candidates for over 17 years. He has also served as a lobbyist for immigration issues and as member of the North Carolina Legislatures Sgt-At-Arms and Legislative Assistant staff. William is quoted and interviewed often on the major networks, newspapers, and on talk radio shows across America. ALIPAC is currently working with 25 immigration enforcement groups to support the Tax Day Tea Party events on April 15.

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