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County judge appointment

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In light of the impending “accelerated”, if not evasive, appointment of Carol Bush as County Judge by the Ellis County Commissioners Court, the question comes to mind; “What’s the hurry, is there something to hide?”

Under normal situations, when the top elected official of a county in our great State resigns, or for some other reason is not able to complete the term unto which he/she was duly elected by an informed electorate, political protocol would suggest that the people and the political party responsible for representing that voting electorate be allowed involvement in the appointment process, and the law provides that the political party’s Executive Committee may appoint the replacement; however, it appears that “King Chad’s court of Jesters” have other ideas in mind.

Stated publicly was that 13 candidates were interviewed for the position.  This was certainly a stretch, if not an outright lie.  The first person to publicly announce to vie for the position, David C. Hunnicutt, political activist and Republican Party Official, was never “interviewed” publicly or privately, though his intention was  publicly presented in a local paper.  He spoke with one of the Commissioners in his office, mostly about other topics ~ oh yes, a record of that may have been kept!  He submitted a letter of intent to the commissioner stating that he had interest in representing the people; however, not a single question as to what he would bring to the court was asked. He was asked for a “resume”, which as a former United States Army Communications Intelligence Officer is of course classified, and none of the Commissioners have the qualifications to either receive or review classified documentation! Interesting, no one asked them for a “resume” when they were elected to office.  Frankly, FORMER Judge Adams had no experience when he was elected (maybe that was the problem, his resume might not have included: “Have read and understand the Constitution and the Bill of Rights of these United States”.) 

It was rather obvious from the Commissioner’s actions that Mr. Hunnicutt would not be considered for the position, as those who know him within the Ellis County Republican Party and as the President of the Texas Republicans’ Club (www.texasrepublicansclub.com) know that his intentions are “of the people, by the people and for the people”, something which is apparently lacking from the Commissioners Court.  It would seem that our Commissioners have forgotten that they work for us, not the other way around.  Be it by design or circumstance, they seem to have lost their way.  This isn't Washington D.C. Commissioners, and Ellis County is not General Motors or AIG in need of being deemed incapable of handling their affairs and thus “taken over” by a government entity; neither is our Republican Party “non-existent”. The Commissioners Court knows not what is better for the people than do the people themselves … those people who pay the court’s self-elevated salaries.  Maybe there should be an investigation into the misuse of taxpayer funds and an independent audit of the County Auditor’s Office? Just a thought. 

Furthermore, as elected Sergeant at Arms of the Ellis County Republican Party, Chairman of voting precinct 125, and one who has served on numerous occasions as a delegate to our State Convention, Precinct Election Judge, and a member of the Ellis County Election board, Mr. Hunnicutt, a veteran of the U S Army and the Dallas Police Department, considers it to be a public slap in the face to the Republican Party and Executive Committee that the members of said committee were neither informed, invited to consul, nor allowed to participate in the process of appointing someone to replace outgoing Chad Adams. 

This is neither directed nor intended as an attack upon Ms. Carol Bush, but her lack of involvement in any way, form, or fashion with the Republican Party apparently fits the Commissioners Court’s bill.  Maybe it is as simple as one of the commissioners stated, “She looks good in a suit”.  Hmmmm, strikes of sexual discrimination!  And yes, there may be a record of that as well! Publicly available voting records show that Ms. Bush also failed to vote in the recent “bond election”, which placed the County $80million in debt; however, she (and the Commissioners Court) now wishes to oversee the spending and distribution of those funds. Interesting, is it not?  

Mr. Hunnicutt is no longer contending for the position as he wishes not to involve himself in a way which could present a conflict of interest; however, he will now take every action possible to end the political futures of those who deem themselves as “rulers” of the people of our county, not representatives thereof. Their removal from office will be forthcoming; if not through private and independent investigations, which may or may not reveal improprieties and inappropriate meetings at strange hotels to plot their own political futures (not a reference to any specific incident, person or persons who sit, or have sat or presided over the Commissioners Court ~ just conjecture respective to what may or may not have occurred, and what may or may not exist on record!);  then through unseating them from office by utilizing the power of the people,  the Republican Party of Ellis County, the Republican Party of Texas, and the Texas Republicans’ Club in denouncing their methodologies as unacceptable in a Representative Republic.  It appears that their actions have deemed them unworthy of elected office, unwilling to represent the people, and in direct opposition to all that they swore to uphold and defend.

How is this known to me one might ask?  I am David Hunnicutt.

Commissioners, the 2010 election is closer than than you seem to think!  The people and I will be watching closely.    


David C. Hunnicutt

Texas Republicans’ Club



214 766 8708

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