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Waxahachie charges $12,000 to property owner for water

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The Ellis County Press

WAXAHACHIE - If Bob Przybylski wants city water, he's going to have to pay $12,000 for it.

Przybylski has been paying thousands in city property taxes since 1999 for services he said his Interstate Highway 35-fronting property does not receive, but because the land sits in a special utility district, Waxahachie officials cannot legally provide water service there.

'I told them if I can't get water, I don't want in their city,' said Przybylski, who had the property annexed by the City of Waxahachie in 1998. 'I've been paying taxes and haven't been receiving water, so, I want de-annexed.'

City Manager Bob Sokoll said Waxahachie officials are currently working on a plan to lay a water line for Przybylski's property, but it will cost $12,000.

'We don't have to provide water,' Sokoll said, citing state law. 'It's not a developed tract of land and he has had [opportunities] to get water, but it's in the Rockett service area.

'That [service area] is set out by the state.'

Sokoll said water will not be provided unless Przybylski pays for it and it's not known when water would be provided.

'It's not even engineered yet, so we could get it next spring,' Sokoll said.

However, a letter from State Senator Kip Averitt, R-Waco, states cities do have to provide water once a property is annexed; it's a part of what cities call a service agreement, or service plan.

Laws passed in 1999 'were intended to strengthen property owners' rights during the annexation procedure and to ensure that cities properly serve the newly annexed areas,' Averitt's letter stated.

Przybylski said the Waxahachie City Council took Sokoll's advice without 'standing up to him.'

'I think they're [city coun-

cil] hypocrites for praying before the meeting,' he said. 'Because if they were really doing the right thing for the citizens, they would have voted to get me out.'

Last month, city council members offered to provide Przybylski with city water if he agreed to stay in the city limits.

'Why should I pay taxes to help run a water treatment plant if I'm getting Rockett water?' Przybylski asked. 'I pay $51 a month for trash pick-up and I still don't get garbage collected. Where's the fairness in that? This is theft. They're stealing.

'If this is okay, then people should start robbing banks. Why even have police officers? I told them I want out of their city. I don't want their water no more.'

Przybylski said his next course of action would be through the courts, because he also has a mobile home on the property, which he rents out to a family friend.

'I took her up to vote, and the city said she didn't live in the city limits,' Przybylski said, referring to a recent election. 'They had annexed us, but they wouldn't let her vote.

'There's probably a civil rights violation, too.'

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Paulette Schwing 04/22/2013 23:11:30
I was Soooo HAPPY when I found this!! My husband and I own property in Waxahachie and I am the one who first went to the City Council about "the water" and all the things that the CITY is suppose to do when they Inducted us. I went and looked up all kinds of information and brought it to there attention, Of course they said the same ting to us, We were paying a Water Tax and did not have water! By the law I looked up they were suppose to have IN ACTION A PLAN before the inducted us, and of they did not! They are trying to charge us somewhere in the range of $18000.00 to tie into the water line, but said they will probably NOT bring in sewer!
They have been giving us nothing but a headache from day 1...... We have talked to the City planner about things we want to do with our property to bring income in! Like parking trucks (in the back that is "Future Developement} THEY SAY NO!!! We have someone who wants to put in a Trucking School for Wonem and NOW there saying we need to CONCREAT 14 acres!! We are NOT rich, and there is no way we can afford that! They have not been willing to work with us at all! The people who want to put in the School talked to them and said " They were very rude and did not want to discuss anything that had to do with "Trucking" ! I WANT OUT OF THE CITY OF WAXAHACHIE I DONT WANT THERE WATER EITHER!! All they want is the TAX money.... They want us to "Jump through hoops and pay, but there not willing to do what there suppose to do!!! I am sick of dealing with them!
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