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No justice in Ellis County

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Ellis County Press
Well, I have been telling this story for several months now, and I think I'm about done. I have been blessed by the fact the owner and editor here at the Ellis County Press have been good enough to allow me the space. I commend them for their pursuit of the truth, and thank them for their offer of friendship. Without them I would have never been able to tell this sordid story of corruption, dishonesty and cover-ups.

Five years and several different plea-bargain offers later, I pleaded to a misdemeanor with a deferment. Five years of my life held hostage by the system. I could go into court testimony, records and statements where the District Attorney's Office stated Raney had lied in his statement to police. I could show where the D.A. proved Raney took the dope at his house, alone.

But what good would it do? No one is concerned at this point.

When it first happened, it was front-page news for weeks on end. Now that it is over, who cares? It surely didn't make front page when Raney was probated with no jail time. That was just kept good and quiet.

I could prove Joe Grubbs was fully aware of the FBI investigation, and lied about it. I could show where he knew about the 'Bubba' tape.

This case had all the elements of a good conspiracy novel, just none of the good characters. No, all we had were a bunch of rank amateurs, liars and hypocrites. Big fish, but only in a small pond.

I have explained the facts just as they happened. I have tried to be concise and to the point.

I understand some of you people reading the story think of it as fiction, or refuse to see the truth in the story. That is a shame. I only hope you never have to go before this corrupt District Attorney's Office.

I realize my mistake in trying to help someone who didn't deserve it, and I am willing to pay for it. The D.A., however, refuses to tell the truth, and no one will challenge him.

My misdemeanor plea bargain required me to voluntarily surrender my peace officer's license. I am sure there are several criminals out there who are glad to hear that.

I served my community for 13 years with pride and honor. I am proud of my time in law enforcement and will miss the job.

I will not, however, miss being associated with Ellis County criminal justice. There is no justice in Ellis County.

You must have the ability and money to pay for an appeal. Unfortunately, most of us cannot afford to purchase this justice. As long as Joe Grubbs is in office, there is no guarantee of justice or fairness. He has forsaken his duty to pursue justice in exchange for his own personal goals.

I trust one day in the future someone will defeat this dishonorable man and replace him as district attorney. Surely someone will have seen the truth in my articles and realize the need for honesty and integrity in this office. I welcome that day with my promise of support.

I am sure my story was read by many of you in Ellis County. I just hope it made some of you wonder about what is truly going on in this county. It is hard to believe these sorts of actions and tactics could be used by our local officials.

I can't help but notice, after all the articles and accusations and reports, no one complained. Not one person stepped up to refute my accusations. Why is that?

I ask you this one question: If you stood accused of these actions, would you not defend yourself and respond? I certainly would.

I believe I can make a difference in Ellis County, and I am going to try, I am disadvantaged in the fact I don't try to sugarcoat the issues.

I am not a very quiet person, and I believe the truth will always serve you better. I tend to lean toward the factual issues in all matters and am less interested in how things make people 'feel.'

I originally thought about leaving Ellis County. I just didn't want to live in a place where you had to be afraid of the 'good guys.'

But then I remembered; these aren't the 'good guys;' they are imposters, and they need to be removed from office. Next election should be a good one.

I, for one, am definitely going to help put good honest people in elected office. I just hope that you are willing to do your part.

I think I am through with this chapter of the story. I have experienced the satisfaction, which comes with exposing the truth.

I think I might just have to expose a little more of it in the future. It seems there are more questionable actions underway as we speak.

Let's see if we can't expose some more bad conduct while we're at it. I look forword to it.

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