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Ellis County Commissioners meet Monday, Aug. 22 at 6 p.m.

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Notice is hereby given that a regular meeting of the Ellis County Commissioners Court will be held on Monday,  August 22, 2011, 6:00 P.M., in the Historic Ellis County Courthouse, Commissioners Courtroom (2nd flr),

101 W.  Main Street, Waxahachie, Texas at which time the following will be discussed and considered, to-wit:


County Judge: Carol Bush
County Clerk:   
Cindy Polley


Commissioners:                                          Assistant County Attorneys: 

Dennis Robinson, Commissioner, Pct. 1    Ann Montgomery-Moran

Bill Dodson, Commissioner, Pct. 2            Lee Auvenshine

Heath Sims, Commissioner, Pct. 3

 Ron Brown, Commissioner, Pct. 4




1.1       County Judge will call meeting to order, declare quorum if present, and declare notices legally posted pursuant to Open Meetings Act.


1.2       Motion to Open Court.


1.3       Invocation and Pledge of Allegiance – Commissioner Dennis Robinson


CONSENT AGENDA – Consideration and Action:



A1       Approval of Regular Bills, Payroll, and Officers' Reports


A2       Approval of invoice #0027605-IN from RCC Consultants, Inc. in the amount of $9,350 for July 1, 2011 – July 31, 2011 as per the Consultant Services Agreement effective June 27, 2011 (Minute order 243.11) between RCC and Ellis County.


A3       Approval of Patrick M. Wilson’s signing the District Attorney Contract with the Tri-County Auto Burglary and Theft Prevention Task Force relating to asset forfeiture cases.


A4       Approval of the County Judge’s certification of an Ellis County Attorney Title IV-E  Legal Support Claim Budget for FY 2012.


A5       Approval of an interlocal cooperation contract between the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services and Ellis County in compliance with the provisions of the Interlocal Cooperation Act, Chapter 791, Texas Government Code effective October 1, 2011 through September 30, 2012 and will automatically renew for one fiscal year at a time through September 30, 2018.


A6       Approval of the July, 2011 travel reports of the Texas AgriLife Extension Office

     -Mark Arnold, Agriculture

      -Page Bishop, 4-H

      -Rita Hodges, Family & Consumer Sciences

A7       Pursuant to Section 291.006 of the Local Government Code, to approve contract for notary services to be performed at the Ellis County Library at no cost to Ellis County.



F1        From 001-0050-50805, Conference To 001-0050-50843, 4-H Travel.  – Mark Arnold, TxAgriLife


F2        From 001-0360-40677, Revenue-Witness Fee Reimbursement; 001-0360-40028, Revenue – Video Fees; 001-0360-40612, Revenue – Title IV-E Legal To 001-0360-50801, DA-Supplies.  -Patrick Wilson, County & District Attorney


F3        From 001-0370-50803, Furniture & Fixtures; 001-0370-50805, Conference; 001-0370-50806, Official Bond/Dues To 001-0370-50601, Travel; 001-0370-50801, Supplies. - John Bridges, Tax Office


F4        From 001-0375-50805, Conference To 001-0375-50703, Telephone.  – Joe White, Engineer


F5        From 001-0390-50819, Computer; 001-0390-50801, Supplies; 001-0390-50703, Telephone; 001-0390-50802, Equipment To 001-0390-50805, Conference.  – Teral Crawford, I.T.


F6        From 003-0601-50807, RB1 General Misc. To 003-0601-50915, RB1 Asphalt.  – Dennis Robinson, RB1


F7        From 004-0652-50502, RB2-Wages; To 004-0652-50911, RB2-Gravel; 004-0652-50915, RB2-Asphalt.  –Bill Dodson, RB2


F8        From 005-0703-30302, Fund Balance To 005-0703-50915, Asphalt; 005-0703-50911, Gravel; 005-0703-50910; Gas/Oil.  – Heath Sims, RB3


F9        From 005-0703-50807, Misc. To 005-0703-50907, Tires.  – Heath Sims, RB3


F10      From 006-0754-50908, Lumber; 006-0754-50805, Conference/Dues/Bond; 006-0754-40004, Sale of Material; 006-0754-30302, Fund Balance Carryover To 006-0754-50910, Gas/Oil.  – Ron Brown, RB4


F11      From 009-0602-50807, FM1, Gen. Misc To 009-0602-50910, FM1 Fuel; 009-0602-50909, FM1 Repairs/Parts.  – Dennis Robinson, RB1


F12      From 011-0704-50807, Misc.; 011-0704-50906, Culverts; 001-0704-50908, Lumber; 011-0704-50914, Signs To 011-0704-50915, Asphalt.  – Heath Sims, RB3


F13      From 011-0704-50911, Gravel; 011-0704-50914, Signs; 011-0704-50807, Misc. To 011-0704-50915, Asphalt.  – Heath Sims, RB3


Simplified Plat:   

SP1      Harper Drive Subdivision, Block 1, Lot 1 & 2, Anita Smith, Pct. 1.

SP2      Austin Acres Two, Block A, Lot 1, John & Lisa Austin, Pct. 3.


Consideration and action regarding the following presented by Delton Ake, Director Department of Development:


2.1       Replat – Sunset Meadows, Phase One, Lots 3 & 4 of Block C, Chad and Rachael Starks, Pct. 3.



Consideration and action regarding the following presented by Alisha Wickens, Purchasing Agent:


3.1       To approve an Interlocal Agreement that was previously established on April 25th, 2005 between the City of Plano and Ellis County to provide for the opportunity to purchase like goods and services to avoid duplicating procurement efforts and to obtain the benefits of volume purchasing as authorized under Section 271.102 of the Local Government Code.


Consideration and action to enter into a cooperative purchasing agreement through the City of Plano for Internet Auctioning Services with Rene Bates Auctioneer, Inc.  The current agreement is in effect with the City of Plano through August 30, 2012 with compensation in the amounts of 7.5% Commission of the Total Gross proceeds.


3.2       Pursuant to the Commercial Card Agreement dated August 31, 2007 between the City of Fort Worth and JPMorgan Chase (Texas Payment Card Consortium) to provide commercial credit card services and pursuant to the Cooperative Purchasing Agreement between the City of Fort Worth and Ellis County, approved by Commissioner’s Court 8/16/11. Consideration and action is now requested to execute the Participation Agreement with JPMorgan Chase to provide credit card services for Ellis County contingent upon legal review.                                                       


4.1       Update on redistricting, including when the Ellis County Plan will be finalized and submitted to Commissioners Court for final approval and the status of Ennis Ward Lines.

 -           Kathy, Eriksen, Special Projects Director

4.2       Consideration and action to approve a tax abatement on real and personal property between Ellis County, Texas and Triumph Aerostructures, LLC., for a 240,000 square foot industrial and manufacturing facility on approximately 28.661 acres of land in Red Oak, Ellis County, Texas in Tax Abatement Reinvestment Zone No. 2, to serve as an aircraft manufacturing facility for a period of at least ten years.  The taxable value of the land, improvements and tangible personal property is at least $70,000,000.  At startup, the facility is expected to employ 125 skilled technicians and engineers with full employment rising to approximately 265 within five years.  Under the Ellis County Tax Abatement Guidelines, Triumph Aerostructures, LLC qualifies for a 70%  for a period of seven years.        

-          Carol Bush, County Judge

4.3       Consideration and action to approve a proclamation recognizing an undisclosed recipient.

-          Carol Bush, County Judge

4.4       Consideration and action to approve a Joint Elections Agreement and Contract for Services for:

1)  The City of Glenn Heights and 2) Buena Vista Bethel Special Utility District for the November 8, 2011 Election.  The contract is to be signed by the entity Board President or Mayor and the Ellis County Contracting Officer.

-       Jane Anderson, Elections

4.5       Consideration and action to approve a contract between the NCTCOG for the Cities Readiness Initiative project implementation and authorize the County Judge to sign the contract for the year running August 1, 2011 through July 31, 2012.

-       John Patterson, Engineering / Emergency Management

4.6       Consideration and action as needed to authorize County Judge Carol Bush to sign an interagency agreement with Tarleton State University for the Rural Law Enforcement Initiative. 


-           Chuck Laubach, Sheriff’s Office

 4.7       Consideration and action as needed to authorize Judge Carol Bush to sign an interagency agreement with the North Central Council of Government for the Rural Law Enforcement Initiative Analysis Portal.


-        Chuck Laubach, Sheriff’s Office


4.8       Consideration and action to enter into a contract with the Garratt Callahan Company to provide chemical treatment services for the new air conditioner units on the Wayne McCollum Detention Center.               


-           Chuck Laubach, Sheriff’s Office


4.9       Consideration and action to approve an inter-local agreement between the North Central Texas Council of Governments and Ellis County for E9-1-1 Service, Equipment, Addressing and Database Maintenance effective September 1, 2011 through August 31, 2013.


-       Carol Bush, County Judge


4.10     Consideration and action to approve the salaries, expenses and allowances of elected officials for Budget FY 2011-2012, pursuant to Texas Local Government Code §152.03.


-       Carol Bush, County Judge


4.11     Consideration and action regarding discussing the tax rate for Budget FY 2011-2012 and take record vote to place the proposal to adopt the rate at a future meeting.


-       Carol Bush, County Judge


4.12     Consideration and action regarding setting the date, time and location of the public hearing on the proposed budget for Budget FY 2011-2012, pursuant to Texas Local Government Code §111.007, as follows:


                        Wednesday, September 21, 2011, 10:00 AM

                        Ellis County Commissioners Courtroom

                        101 W. Main St.

                        Waxahachie, TX  75165


-       Carol Bush, County Judge


4.13     Consideration and action to schedule two (2) public hearings to discuss setting the proposed tax rate for the Budget FY 2011-2012,  and setting time and location of such public hearings, pursuant to §26.06 Texas Tax Code, as follows:


                        Monday, September 12, 2011, 10:00 AM

                        Ellis County Commissioners Courtroom

                        101 W. Main St.

                        Waxahachie, TX  75165


                        Wednesday, September 21, 2011, 10:00 AM

                        Ellis County Commissioners Courtroom

                        101 W. Main St.

                        Waxahachie, TX  75165

-       Carol Bush, County Judge   

4.14     Consideration and action to approve the FY 2011-2012 payroll schedule.

-       Diana Buckley, Humans Services            

4.15     Consideration and action to approve the FY 2011-2012 holiday schedule.

-       Diana Buckley, Human Services

4.16     Consideration and action to approve the FY 2011-12 Commissioners’ Court schedule.

-       Carol Bush, County Judge



“The Commissioners Court of Ellis County reserves the right to adjourn into Executive Session at any time during the course of this meeting to discuss any of the matters listed in this agenda, in the order deemed appropriate, as authorized by Texas Government Code 551, or to seek the advice of its attorney and/or other attorneys representing Ellis County on any matter in which the duty of the attorney to the Commissioners Court under the Texas Disciplinary Rules of Professional Conduct of the State Bar of Texas clearly conflicts with Texas Government Code Chapter 551 or as otherwise may be permitted under 551.”

5.1       Pursuant to Section 551.071 of the Government Code, consultation with counsel regarding Cause No. 66,519 Holnam Texas Limited Partnership v. ECAD, et. al., and all other related cases, all of which are pending in the 40th Judicial District court of Ellis County, Texas.

5.2       Pursuant to Section 551.072 of the Government Code, consultation with counsel regarding the                 possible sale or lease of real property   “if deliberation in an open meeting would have a detrimental             effect on the position of the governmental body in negotiations with a third person.”



Signed this the _______ day of August, 2011.                                                                     


Carol Bush

Ellis County Judge

I, the undersigned, County Clerk of the Ellis County Commissioners Court do hereby certify that the above Notice of Regular Meeting of the Ellis County Commissioners Court is a true and correct copy of said Notice, that I received said Notice, and it was posted at the doors of the Ellis County Courthouse, a place readily accessible to the general public at all times on the _____day of August, 2011 at ____________ a.m./p.m.

 Cindy Polley,CountyClerk

  • The Commissioners Court reserves the right to consider and take action on the above agenda items in any particular order.
  • Anyone wishing to address the Commissioners Court concerning a posted agenda item must make a formal request by presenting a "Participation Form" to the County Clerk at least 10 minutes prior to the beginning of the meeting.
  • If you or your representative, have a disability that requires special arrangements and you plan to attend this public meeting, please contact the County Judge’s Office at (972) 825-5011 within 72 hours of the meeting.  Reasonable accommodations will be made to meet your needs at the meeting

By__________________________________, Deputy        

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