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The Body of Christ

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God is One                              


Hear O Israel, the Lord our God is one Lord.  And you shall love the Lord thy God with all your heart, with all your soul and with all your might.  These words which I (God) command you this day shall be written in your heart.

There is but one God and God is one; the body of Christ is one and is reconciled to God through Jesus Christ and by one Spirit, the Holy Spirit. We must believe and have faith in God’s love toward mankind, with this understanding, never make mockery of God’s love and never do spite unto the Spirit of grace.


The Body is One


When we accept our salvation by grace through faith, to become one with the body we must accept Jesus Christ as the Son of God; that he died and rose from the dead, not for his justification, but for ours.  When we accept Jesus Christ as savior and receive salvation by grace, we become members of his body, of his flesh and of his bone.

We must understand God’s grace does not condone willful sin and abuse or spite toward the Spirit of grace or toward God.  If we sin willfully, we will suffer the consequences of our actions and that will be most severe.

When we become one with the body of Christ, we must understand Jesus Christ is the head of the body.  The head is the portion of the body that directs and instructs the body.  The body must abide by the directives of the head, if not; the body cannot function or operate as a body.  It is a necessity that the body abide in unity of the faith, to be of one mind and to speak the same things by the Spirit.

This is the dilemma we face today concerning the body; the body is void of understanding; continues in disobedience and believes we are justified to continue in sin. When we abide in disobedience, we quench the Spirit and nothing is accomplished by the body (the church). We must abide as sons of God and follow the directives of the head of the body and the leading of the Spirit.  We must understand a body without a head is dead.

When we become one with God and with Jesus Christ, we are no longer our own, we have been bought with a price, that price was by the life, death and resurrection from the dead of Jesus Christ; we now belong to God and must conduct ourselves as children of God, not after the flesh, not after the children of this world nor after the ways of this world but in holiness and in those things that glorify God.


Temporal to Eternal


Understand, before we accepted our salvation through Jesus Christ we abode in a temporal realm, an earthy realm, after the flesh, lost, in darkness and void of understanding.  The carnal and earthy mind cannot understand the things of the Spirit; the carnal mind is an enemy of the Spirit and is temporal.

When we accept Jesus Christ as our Savior and are born of the Spirit, we transition from the temporal to the eternal by the blood of Jesus Christ and by the Spirit and become a member of a spiritual body, the body of Christ.  Though we are born of God’s Spirit, we are yet in the flesh and must not confuse fleshly things with the Spirit. 

Though we live in this body in temporal form our spirit abides in the eternal.  For this cause the world, being carnal cannot understand the things of God. When we abide in God’s kingdom, we abide in the light as he is in the light.  In God’s kingdom, there is no darkness.


Obedience to God


As with any bodily form, the body obeys the head of the body.  The head of the body being Jesus Christ God’s word made flesh.  We as a body must obey the word of God and follow the leading of the Spirit of God. When God speaks to the body, it is not in an audible voice, but in a still small voice, a voice of knowing within.  The Spirit will always agree with the word, and the word with the Spirit as it was inspired to be written by the Spirit. 

It is our duty as children of God to obey God, to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit and to walk in obedience in all things.

There are two great commandments that God has given to mankind by Jesus Christ, to love the Lord our God with all our heart, with all our soul and all our might and love our neighbor as ourselves, in doing so we fulfill God’s commandments.

Loving God simply means obey his instructions and directives and to treat others with love and as you want to be treated.  If we do not do as God commanded, we do not love God, we continue in darkness and in disobedience toward God.  If we say we have fellowship with God and walk in darkness we are liars and the truth is not in us.  When we walk in the light of God we will fellowship with God and with one another.  Understand light and darkness cannot fellowship together; they are contrary one to the other.  Where there is light there is no darkness, where there is darkness there is no light.

Jesus Christ said, if you love me, keep my commandments.  Understand, it is not by what we say that reveals our love toward God; it is by what we do; in our actions and by our obedience towards God’s word, this reflects our love toward God.  To say I love you God means little to God if we do not follow through in our actions. It is by our actions that our love is made known to God, not in what we say.  If we say and do not, this makes us hypocrites in the sight of God.


Becoming One with God and the Body of Christ


To become one with God and with Jesus Christ, we must accept Jesus Christ as the Son of God, as the word of God, God in the flesh, repent of our sins, turn from sin, turn from evil and turn from our wicked way, be reconciled to God by the blood of Jesus Christ and the Spirit of God, walk in obedience and in holiness.

Every member of the body of Christ must abide in the body as purposed by God in holiness.  When we become one with God, God has a purpose for each member of the body.  We must abide in that purpose for which we were called.  If we do not know our purpose, wait for the call, God will reveal our purpose.

One Spirit, One Body, One Faith, One Accord


There is but one God, one Spirit, one body and one faith and it is by one Spirit we are united into one body. It is imperative that the body of Christ abide in unity of the Spirit holding fast to the faith in order to function as a body.  When we operate in the Spirit as a body, we eliminate confusion and the divisions created by man and demon.

As the body there can be no divisions among us, we must be of one accord and of the same mind.  Where there is division, there is confusion and a lack of understanding.  Where there is a lack of understanding, we are not abiding in the Spirit.  If we lean to our own understanding, we will not understand the things of the Spirit or what the Spirit is saying to the church.  We must abide in unity, putting on the mind of Christ and walk in the Spirit of holiness.  We must seek God for understanding in all things and abide in unity of the faith and of the Spirit.   

Gifts and Administrations of the Body


As members of the body of Christ, we must make certain of our call and understand our appointment and our purpose within that body.  If we do not understand our purpose or understand our call we will not be able to fulfill our place within the body.  We cannot be that which we do not understand.  Neither can we be that which we were not called to be.

The body is one having many members with different administrations within the body as established by God.  We must operate as one body fulfilling God’s purpose as a body, if we do not operate as one body, we accomplish nothing but fulfilling our own desires without the body.

There are many members of the body differing one from another, each member having a purpose but not all members have the same purpose.  If all the members were the same, the body could not function as a body.

Some were called to be Apostles, some Prophets, some Evangelist, some Pastors, some Teachers, some ministry of helps, others abiding in the gifts of the spirit to the edification of the body and the glory of God but all are of the same Spirit.

However the body must agree in all the aspects of ministry in order to operate as one body in Christ. In order to operate in the gifts of the Spirit, we must be selected by God to receive a specific spiritual gift(s). 

The gifts of the Spirit are for God’s glory and not our own.  When a gift of the Spirit is manifested in us, it is not manifested for us as individuals; it is manifested for others and for God’s glory. It is an awesome responsibility to operate in the gifts of the Spirit.

In order to operate in the gifts of the Spirit, you must receive that gift by the Spirit.  In this, understand we shall receive power after that the Holy Ghost comes upon us, power to become sons of God and power to operate in the Spirit.  By the Spirit, God gives gifts unto men manifesting God’s kingdom on earth, not to our glory but to God’s glory.  We must receive the Holy Spirit of God to operate in the Spirit of God and to manifest spiritual gifts.

Members of the body of Christ receive gifts of the Spirit as the Spirit distributes to every man.  It is good to desire spiritual gifts, but our motives must be correct before we will receive a gift, God knows the intent of the heart.  God also would that we love him and love one another above the desire for spiritual gifts.  Gifts are temporal, love is forever.    

The gifts of the Spirit are these: the gift of wisdom; the gift knowledge; the gift of faith; the gift of healings; the gift of prophecy; the gift of working of miracles; the gift of discerning of spirits; the gift of divers tongues, the gift of interpretation of tongues; all by the same Spirit, all operating in unity, in one body for the glory of God.

Wisdom:  The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom; fear in this context is not dread, horror or being fearful, but of reverence, standing in awe and great respect; having knowledge of God; to understand God’s ways and exercise righteous judgment. 

Knowledge: Acquired understanding by the Holy Spirit and the knowing of a subject as it pertains to God; what is known in the Spirit by faith; that which is established by fact; that which has been gained by experience or first hand knowledge.

Faith:  the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen; that which leads to understanding, wisdom and knowledge of God; to obey God in all things; to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit without knowing the end result until confirmation transpires building greater faith.

Healings:  to repair that which is broken; our reconciliation to God; the healing of the spirit; the healing of the body, spiritual and physical; the healing of the mind; the healing of our relationships.

Prophecy:  to have insight and to speak by the Spirit of things to come; to understand and to speak the scriptures in truth and in righteousness.  

Working of Miracles: Is a supernatural act by God that glorifies God, benefits the believer and surpasses all the abilities that mankind could perform.

Discernment of Spirits: The ability to judge whether a man is speaking by the Spirit of God or if he is speaking by another spirit or demon.  This is ability to identify spirits not of God within and without the body.  This identification process is to distinguish whether a spirit is of God, of human origin or of a demonic nature.

Divers Tongues:  Is the gift of speaking a language not of your national origin and is used in ministry work in places where you do not speak or understand that language. This gift is not the intercessory gift of the Spirit concerning praying in the language of the Spirit.

Interpretation of Tongues:  Is the gift of understanding and the ability to interpret a language not of your national origin and is used in ministry work in places where you do not speak or understand that language.  This gift is not the intercessory gift of the Spirit concerning praying in the language of the Spirit.

The gifts of the Spirit continue in the body of Christ today, it is by faith in God that we see the manifestation       of the gifts.  God does not change, God has not changed and the operation of the Spirit has not changed, we have changed and are attempting to change God.

One very important gift is that of discernment of spirits.  Without the gift of discernment we would be easily deceived, as it appears to be so today.  It is vital to discern and to know when a person is speaking by the Spirit of God in truth or by another spirit in deception.  This is one reason the gifts of the Spirit are so very important today, to identify deception, trickery and fraud.  


Use of the Word of God 

The body of Christ is built on God’s word, therefore must operate according to God’s word.  The body must follow the directives of the word and of the Spirit; God’s word is Spirit and is life.  In other words, we understand the word by the Spirit.

God has established authority within the body for correction, for reproof, to rebuke, to admonish and to exhort.  This has been established by God to assure the body of Christ remains in correct standing and repents of an error when a transgression is committed.   Remember when one member suffers, all members suffer. 

When judgment is necessary, it is not by mans judgment that correction is conducted, it is the Word of God that judges and by God’s word the error is corrected.  Errors within the body must be corrected in order for the body to walk in the righteousness of Christ.  The scripture is given to us by God and is profitable for instruction in righteousness and not in what we choose to believe by our own lusts, desires and deceptions.  We must operate in and understand:

Admonishment: to reprimand, caution, warn, reproach

Correction: improve upon, make clear, to open understanding, to bring into correct standing with God, to expose and eliminate error, deception and fraud.

Reprove: reprimand, warn, counsel.

Rebuke: harsh correction, reproach. 

Exhort: to encourage, advise, direct, urge, provide guidance.

Encourage: to give hope, confidence, to support and to uplift.

If we walk in error, refuse and despise correction, how do you suppose we shall continue in righteousness?           


Established Doctrine and Doctrinal Differences

When a doctrine is established, it must be established on the truth of God’s word, not on what we think or choose to believe.  The doctrine of Jesus Christ has been established by God and Jesus Christ.  Man has attempted to change that doctrine to satisfy the desires of man and not to the pleasing of God.  When we error in doctrine, when we attempt to understand God in the carnal sense, we error from the faith.  Remember, God is Spirit and they that worship him must worship him in Spirit and in Truth.  You will not understand the things of God in the carnal mind.

Doctrine is profitable to man only when it is established and based on God’s truths.  We know the truth by the Spirit, if we do not have the Spirit, we cannot understand truth.  Again, truth it is not based on what we choose to believe, it is by the enlightenment by the Holy Spirit.

When we choose not to believe and accept the truth of God’s word, God will send strong delusion that those that love not the truth should believe a lie, deceiving and being deceived.  Doctrine must be established in truth and in righteousness. 

God is one and God never changes.  God’s word is truth given to us by the Spirit in truth, not by man’s wisdom and not by mans understanding, or by any private interpretation or by what we choose to believe.  If we choose to believe a lie the end result will be according to that lie.  God’s word is truth and God will not deviate from his truth, we must accept God’s word as truth.  We must stop making mockery of God by our twisting the truth, by our selfish ambitions and self centered desires.  

If a doctrine is established on carnal understanding of God’s word, that is deceiving and creates great division within the body.  We must understand doctrine is profitable as long as that doctrine is established in truth, by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, not with mans understanding and not by the clandestine interpretation of God’s word.  When doctrine is established in Spirit and in truth, the body will function as one; will be of one mind, that one mind being the mind of Christ and the body will operate in one accord.  Again, remember when we worship God, we must worship him in Spirit and in Truth. A carnal mind is enmity (hatred, hostility and an enemy) of God.  We must be one body by the Spirit.


Unity and Perfection of the Faith


In unity we become one with God; one with another as a body and continue steadfast in the faith and in the Spirit.  We must understand if we do not have the Spirit or if we do not walk after the Spirit, we cannot understand the things of the Spirit.  As a united body, united by one Spirit we will be in agreement and operate in the fullness of Jesus Christ.

The body must become one through the Spirit in all things.  The body of Christ will become complete when all members walk after the Spirit, are of one mind and are in one accord.  Understand not everyone that professes Christ is of Christ therefore cannot be a part of the body.  In coming together, unity is not optional; unity is vital and is a necessity.  Without unity we are as the dry bones of Ezekiel, serving no functional purpose and scattered in dry places, dry places being places with no life.  When the body comes together and rises from the dust is when the body will operate in the power of God, Jesus Christ and the Spirit.

Now, as the body without the Spirit is dead and cannot function because it has no life in it, so it is with a dismembered body, a dismembered body cannot function as a body.  If the body of Christ is not in agreement, we accomplish nothing but the fulfillment of our own desires creating our own place within a religious world of humanity.

We must bare the fruit of righteousness and walk in holiness; we must let our light so shine among men they shall see our good works and glorify God by them.  The body of Christ is a body seven days a week twenty four hours a day and must function as a body at all times.

We must all agree and walk together as one.  How can two walk together if they do not agree?  How can an ox being yoked together with a goat harnessed to the same cart be pulling in the same direction accomplish the task without great difficulty?  Without unity we cannot be what God has purposed us to be. 

 Called with Purpose


When God establishes ministry, the call is specific, we cannot decide on our own what that purpose or position will be.  We must abide in that which we were called, in that which we were chosen and must remain faithful to that call.  We must not weaver, add to or take away from our call or the truth.  We must go when sent and stay when established.  We cannot go if we are not sent.


The Mind of Christ


The body of Christ is one and must operate as one.  To operate as one body, we must operate in one mind.  We do this by putting on the mind of Christ.  The mind of Christ is Spirit, if we do not have the Spirit or walk after the Spirit, we will not understand the things of the Spirit, and cannot put on the mind of Christ.  When we have the mind of Christ, we will see one another as God sees us, transparent.  Then and only then will we be a body. 



If you desire scripture reference, please read Matthew 1:1 thru Revelations 22:21.  In order to fully understand the word of God, and not accept what I have written as interpretation you must read God’s word for yourselves.  To understand what you read, you must have the Spirit and must abide in the Spirit, pray for understanding and search the scriptures under the unction of the Holy Spirit.  We must be diligent in seeking God.

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