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Elections 2010: Tea Party going sour? 'Wuss Party' name change suggested

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ELLIS COUNTY - The Ellis County Tea Party seems to be brewing sour tea. At least one candidate is claiming to be having trouble reaching out to the non-partisan group.

After a forum with Congressman Joe Barton, R- Ennis, was hosted by Ellis County Tea Party President Gary Bennett on Monday, Aug. 30 at the Texas Theatre in Waxahachie, questions arouse if the party was endorsing the candidate seeking re-election Tuesday, Nov. 2.

Letters from Ben-nett and Neighborhood Coordinator Linda Bounds sent and published in the Sept. 9, 2010 edition of The Ellis County Press stated otherwise.

"The Ellis County Tea Party’s objective is to provide opportunities for the members to educate themselves on the various issues and candidates in order to make an informed decision at the polls, to inform their friends and neighbors of what they have learned, and encourage each person to exercise their responsibility to vote intelligently at the polls," stated Bennett.

"The forum with Congressman Barton, hosted for our members and the public, was just such an opportunity."

David Cozad, D-Arlington, running against Barton, was refused "such an opportunity."

According to the ECTP Web site they : are a group affiliated with the Dallas Tea Party Movement, and are seeking like minded people of all political affiliations.

Dallas County Tea Party Chairperson Ken Emanuelson sent the following information about their party taken from the Dallas County Tea Party Web site : Dallas Tea Party will not organize or co-sponsor any public rally event directed, in whole or in part, to support for any political party, political candidate or candidate-specific campaign or which includes an appeal for votes, donations or other campaign support for any political party or candidate.

  Dallas Tea Party will not host political party officials, holders of elected public office, or filed or declared candidates for elected public office as speakers at public rally events organized by the Dallas Tea Party-except as generally-acknowledged, issue-specific experts having unique expertise, speaking at an issue-related rally outside of a campaign season solely in their capacity as issue-specific experts, and not as political candidates or party officials. 

The Dallas Tea Party is, and will continue to be, an expressly non-partisan, non-profit organization dedicated to citizen education, empowerment and engagement.Our Code of Conduct doesn’t bar politicians from speaking at all meetings, but we don’t allow them to speak at our public rallies," stated Emanuelson via email.


Cozad, a former Marine, was more than upset about the ECTP open door policy.

"I am disappointed to learn the high principles and goals listed on the Ellis County Tea Party’s Web site are not in agreement with the principles they live by, as evidenced by their rejection of my request to speak to their membership," said Cozad.

"I was hoping their principles, ideas, and ideals were strong enough to contend with my principles, ideas, and ideals.  

However, their rejection of a discussion of what we can agree and not agree on, indicates I was wrong in having that hope.  I fear they will have to change the name of their organization from Tea Party, to Wuss Party."

According to Bounds, she agrees the Republican Party is a better home for their movement.

"I agree that the Republican Party may be the more natural home for conservative thinking than the Democratic Party.

And since the Tea Party movement is a conservative movement (not a far right movement, but a constitutional center movement), it stands to reason that we will support candidates or representatives who stand by, believe in, and will fight for the Constitution of the United States of America. "

" Just because there is an ‘R’ behind their name does not mean that they will not have to prove to us that they are worthy of our support," stated Bounds.

Congressional District 6 covers Ellis, Houston, Navarro, Freestone, Leon, Trinity and parts of Tarrant and Limestone counties.

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Erik 10/16/2010 15:17:06
Well, I can see where he is upset about not being able to speak at the Tea Party Rally’s.

If they are doing this across the board and nation as Mr. Cozad is stating, and they are not allowing any other candidate(s) from the other parties, such as the Democratic and Libertarian parties, then I would definitely say they are being contradictory and misleading to the public in general.

This kind of behavior is not surprising considering the fact we are talking about politics and the very issues and representatives that will shape, determine and impact our very existence, well-being and livelihood as we know it. Case in point, look at what the Obama administration has done in only two years in office.

It is because of his choices and behavior that there has been such an extreme uprising, concern and outcry of the true conservative and American who believes in, supports and is will to defend the Constitution of the Unites States and that for which it stands.

I don’t think that there is any Democrat who believes the same as the members of the Tea Party and I believe the Tea Party knows this.

What the Tea Party needs to do is to be forthright and upfront about who they are willing to accept and allow to speak at their rallies instead of saying one thing and then doing another as all politicians and parties of the past have done.
Patriot332 10/17/2010 15:24:36
It is so easy for Democrats to point fingers shouting "UNFAIR". I live in Fort Worth and Representative Joe Barton represents my district. He is an expert in the mechanics of the Obama Overhaul of this Great Nation. He is able to explain the heathcare regulations in terms we can all understand. Anytime I have written him with concerns, he has answered. Granted, Representative Barton has been in there forever, but he stands FOR THE PEOPLE.
Now I am sure, Mr Cozad, that you are usually a pleasant person, but calling any Tea Party a "wuss" is just plain ignorant on your part. Tea Party members show absolute courage to stand up and fight for ALL of our FREEDOMS. Members have never before protested, rallied, ran for office, or become so knowledgable about the internal dealings of the government but then WE WOKE UP. Thank God. Honestly Mr Cozad, you owe an apology to all the Patriots you insulted with your "wuss" charge. We were cornered and we came out fighting. No tail tucked here, Mr Cozad. We continue to grow.
Tea Parties were created because the Government refused to listen to the People and then shoved destructive laws down our throats. Tea Parties honor the Constitution. They honor the Founding Fathers, who with such incredible foresight, wrote the Constitution to protect the Freedom of the American People FROM the oppression of big Government. We are NOT "republican". We ARE "CONSERVATIVE". Mr Cozad, are you conservative? If not, then why waste your time and our time.
I read your stands on a few key issues from your website, in no way are they Conservative
"The Affordable Care Act passed this year is a huge step forward, but there is still work to be done."
So you think this is a good Law? Already my deductible went from $1500 to $9000 for major medical .
"We need to re-regulate the mortgage industry and work to keep people in their homes"
Regulating banks forcing them to make loans to unqualified people caused this economy. Now you want even more regulation imposed on the banks? The banks will go bankrupt or they will be bailed out. Jobs will again be lost and/or the taxpayer will pay someone elses mortgage.
National Security:
"We should talk first, exercise our national economic strength to foster global economic security, and as a last resort deal forcefully with confirmed threats." La La La How sweet. Have you noticed that Ahmadinejad and Kim Jong Il are kinda nuts? While the libs are "talking" somewhere at some UN meeting, deranged islamic terrorists are walking over the Mexican border, whats your plan for that?

Here is what is missing in your plan: Illegal immigration, food stamps and welfare for illegals, free school for illegals, free medical for illegals, taking them by the hand and helping them walk across the border, anchor babies -all of it on the American taxpayer, they are sucking us dry. Here's the cherry on top of the large pile of dung the libs try to feed us: giving up 80 miles of Texas declaring it a danger zone, warning US Citizens not to enter American soil because of the Mexican thugs.

Lastly, here's a green idea for you. Save the forests! Print everything in English only. That way you can save half the forest and reduce the waste and toxic ink in our landfills by half.

Wuss? Not in our camp.
kristina 10/17/2010 21:50:46
you go you are great and i am with you 110% ......... go patriot332 !!!!!!
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