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PUBLIC AUCTION: Frank Prasifka and Son's

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Published in The Ellis County Press one time on Thursday, June 19, 2014


Legal Notice

Frank Prasifka and Son’s will sell at Public Auction, vehicles that have been abandoned in a storage facility under Transportation Code 683.011. Any owner or lienholder have a right to reclaim their vehicle, no later than the twentieth (20) day after this notice is published and upon payment of all towing, preservation and storage charges.


Failure by the owner or lienholder of the vehicle to reclaim the vehicle within the time provided constitutes a waiver by the owner or lienholder of all rights, title and interest in the vehicle and their consent to sell the vehicle at public auction. The auction will be held on 07/31/14 at 10:00 A.M. at Frank Prasifka and Son’s, Inc. located at 2012 S. I.H. 45 at Wintergreen Road, in Hutchins, Dallas County, Texas.


Description                           VIN

                2001  Aud            A6           RED        WAUEH64B81N148394   CYB9304

                1990       Cad        Devil      BLUE      1G6CD5339L4373297       648RWZ

                1991       Che        Blaze     BLACK  1GNCS13Z1M2307900     AR15402

                1998       Che        Blaze     Gray      1GNSC13W8W2279828  AR38557

                1992       Che        C1500    BLACK   1GCDC14K1NZ104977     CZX4181

                2000       Che        C2500    WHITE   1GCGC24R5YR201880                     66JWC9

                1985       Che        Capri      BROWN                1G1BN69H8FX125570     HHW119

                1987       Che        Capri      Gray      1G1BU51HXHX137442    BS5H150

                1995       Che        Capri      TAN       1G1BL52W8SR190135     CSR1492

                2005       Che        Caval     RED        1G1JC52F257177585        BDF7417

                1997       Che        Lumin    MAROO               2G1WL52M2V1116917   CJR1688               

                2007       Che        Silve       BLACK   1GCEC14X47Z134588      AW2954

                1994       Chr         Town     RED        1C4GH54L6RX216190      DN6X447             

                1999       Dia          TRAIL     BLACK   46UFU1828X1061750     

                2008       Dod        Duran    SILVE     1D8HD48N08F135066

                2000       Dod        Intre      TAN       2B3HD56J9YH283835       BND3153

`               2000       Dod        Ram P   RED        1B7HC16X5YS554624       15JTD9

                2006       For         Econo    BLUE      1FBSS31L86DA35484       CJR7845

                2011       For         Fusio     BLACK   FAHP0HA1BR281844       BMZ8563

                2002       For         Musta   RED        1FAFP40432F127198       SFWV997

                1999       For         Musta   BLUE      1FAFP4041XF215237       CF2F784

                1995       For         Winds   RED        2FMDA5148SBC68014    DH2M999

                2002       For         Winds   WHITE   2FMZA51452BA40784     DZY750

                2000       GMC      Sierr       BLACK   2GTEC19TXY1236896       CBG8662

                2006       Hau        TRAIL     RED        16HCB10106K009131       24YZDW

                2000       Hon        Accor     BLACK   1HGCG1651YA081888     CVG3093             

                1995       Hon        Accor     TAN       JHMCD5632SC022744     804GXC

                1998       Hon        Civic       RED        1HGEJ6229WL105276      BV9B578

                1997       Hon        Civic       GREEN  JHMEJ8543VS001277      CPR3515

                2004       Hyu        Tibur      SILVE     KMHHN65F64U115412   CVW2138

                1992       Inf          G20        WHITE   JNKCP01P8NT304105

                1997       Jee         Grand   GOLD    1J4FX58S5VC750292        TCH387

                1994       Jee         Grand   WHITE   1J4FX58S0RC255939        KRD309

                                Kaw       Jetsk                      KAW51912F595

                2003       Mit         Galan    SILVE     4A3AA46G43E186045     CC2D789

                2003       Mit         Galan    GREY     4A3AA46G23E058208     CD9Y954

                1996       Old         Cutla      WHITE   1G3WH52M2TF330921   DK76640

                2009       PAC        TRAIL     WHITE   47ZFB12139X062856

                2000       PAC        VAN       WHITE   47ZFB1214YX009467       

                2000       Ply          Neon     TAN       1P3ES46C9YD586100       2GNBC

                1999       Pon        Grand   RED        1G2NE52T1XM912056    297881G

                2000       Pon        Grand   WHITE   1G2WP52K8YF332878                                                     2014       TAO       Moped BLACK                L9NTEACB1E1056629      85H1376

                2000       Toy         Camry   BLUE      4T1BG22K0YU980599      663SND

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