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Frank Prasifka and Son's: Public Auction

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Published in The Ellis County Press one time on Thursday, May 19, 2011


Legal Notice


Frank Prasifka and Son’s will sell at Public Auction, vehicles that have been abandoned in a storage facility under Transportation Code 683.011. Any owner or lienholder have a right to reclaim their vehicle, no later than the twentieth (20) day after this notice is published and upon payment of all towing, preservation and storage charges.


Failure by the owner or lienholder of the vehicle to reclaim the vehicle within the time provided constitutes a waiver by the owner or lienholder of all rights, title and interest in the vehicle and their consent to sell the vehicle at public auction. The auction will be held on 06/30/11 at 10:00 A.M. at Frank Prasifka and Son’s, Inc. located at 2012 S. I.H. 45 at Wintergreen Road, in Hutchins, Dallas County, Texas.


Description  VIN

1989 Cad Eldor WHITE 1G6EL1150KU628894 BH2Y029

1997 Che Astro BROWN 1GNDM19W5VB226315 BF9X037

1990 Che G30 WHITE 1GCGG35K5L7116117 BS6H033

2000 Che Silve GREY 1GCEC14T4YZ356305

2002 Che Silve GREEN 1GCEK19V42E128462 AC56756

2001 Che Tahoe Silve 1GNEC13T81R129598

1998 Che Tahoe White 1GNEC13R2WJ306642

2006 Che Trail GREY 1GNDT13S562184884 BM5V997

2000 For Escor Gray 3FAKP1137YR171459 BW2D285

1997 For Exped Maroo 1FMEU17L6VLA52766

2004 For F150 SILVE 2FTRF17294CA71182 51LPL1

1993 For F250 WHITE 1FTHX25H5PKB22652 62PLD3

2002 For Range BLACK 1FTYR44U72PA65175 51ZKF8

2003 For Tauru WHITE 1FAFP58U43G105684 BX4J391

1994 For Tauru RED 1FALP5246RA158622 CC3D341

1991 Hon Accor RED 1HGCB7650MA016090 069GWV

1990 Hon Accor BLACK 1HGCB7658LA055699 LSX275

1990 Hon Accor RED 1HGCB7665LA178031 252713B

2002 Hon Civic WHITE SHHEP336X2U308007 BC1G396

2001 Hyu Elant SILVE KMHDN45D41U164797 BD4Z983

1996 Mer E Cla White WDBJF55F7TJ024080

2003 Mit Eclip GREY 4A3AC74H23E022736 BS6Z932

2002 Nis Altim BLACK 1N4AL11D22C185646 BS5P316

1994 Nis Sentr WHITE 1N4EB31P0RC794352 BM5T967

2005 Pon Grand Gray 2G2WP522551186829 BH4K945

1996 Pon Sunfi BLACK 1G2JB1240T7513902 BY1B908


1994 Toy Paseo RED JT2EL45U9R0164126 CG6D742

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