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Thoughts to Encourage (blocked speaking)

"When the Holy Spirit prompts us to speak the truth in love (as we are commanded to do) but we are inhibited and hold back, ... Full story

Last Updated: 11/21/2011 17:19:00

The lies I tell myself

“I struggle with not telling myself the truth.”  This surprising confession from Jennifer Rothschild, author of Me, Myself & Lies and a guest on LIFE Today ... Full story

Last Updated: 11/17/2011 13:58:00

Enemies of the cross

For many walk, of whom I have told you often, and now tell you even weeping, that they are the enemies of the cross of ... Full story

Last Updated: 11/17/2011 13:57:00

The key to understanding Revelation is to be familiar with biblical idioms, signs, symbols

Q. In the last chapter of Revelation there is a statement that the leaves of the tree of life would be used for the healing ... Full story

Last Updated: 11/17/2011 13:57:00

Thoughts to Encourage (true unity)

"If I want my way and you want your way, there can never be unity. True unity comes when all parties agree God's will be ... Full story

Last Updated: 11/15/2011 08:54:00

I don’t mind flying, it’s airports I can’t stand

Recently, I needed to make a trip to visit some relatives. These days, the way the economy and gas prices are it turns out to be ... Full story

Last Updated: 11/10/2011 12:16:00

Tomorrow, today will be yesterday

Come now, you who say today or tomorrow we will go to such and such a city, spend a year there, buy and sell, and ... Full story

Last Updated: 11/03/2011 11:32:00

Godly hope and change

In a day when politicians make promises of reform, we must remember one timeless truth: the true hope for America lies in the effective witness ... Full story

Last Updated: 10/27/2011 10:03:00

‘Seated themselves in the seat of Moses’ means they interpreted Scripture

Q. There are some teachers who say that Matt 23.1-2 means that we should be following what the Orthodox Rabbi’s teach when it comes to ... Full story

Last Updated: 10/27/2011 10:03:00

Cultivating the fine art of casual loafing

Storm clouds were brewing like fresh morning coffee in the normally placid parsonage this past week. I will not say that things got out of ... Full story

Last Updated: 10/20/2011 11:35:00

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