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Evolution is a theory and unscientific defying the 2nd law of Thermodynamics

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Q. I heard a Bible teacher say last week that the earth is 4.5 billion years old and if you didn’t believe that you were ignorant. What is your opinion on this.

A. There are some who still believe that the Earth is millions of years old. It is called the "Gap" theory.

They say that between Gen 1.1 and 1.2 there was a "gap" and something happened and God had to recreate the earth.

Basically, they believe in a pre-Adamic race and that can be the basis for some prejudicial views of the other races as being inferior to others.

Some just have never studied it and just repeat what they have been told for years, but what does the Bible really say.

First of all the theory is unscientific. The Gap Theory was a Christian attempt to reconcile the creation account with long periods of time in the Theory of Evolution.

But, evolution itself is a theory and totally unscientific, defying the second law of Thermodynamics which basically says that things get worse as they get older, not better.

Secondly it is unscriptural. The Gap Theory would describe Adam walking around on top of a giant, fossilized animal graveyard.

More than 800 billion skeletons exist in the Karro formation in South Africa alone.

However, Paul says in Romans 5.12 through 8.22 that man’s sin brought death into the world, even of animals. I Cor. 15.21 also says the same thing.

Third, it is unnecessary. The most natural interpretation of Gen 1.1-2 is taking it at face value.

One of the rules of Biblical interpretation is to take a verse literal unless the context tells you otherwise.

Gen 1.1 becomes of summary statement of creation and the remaining verses tell you how He did it. Now.

Here are some arguments in support of the gap theory and then arguments against it. In Gen 1.2 it says "without form and void" and that speaks of judgment.

However, in other passages it simply means "space" (Job 26.7;Deut 32.10;Job 6.18, 12.24;Psa 107.40). Those "for" will say but the verb "was" in Gen 1.2 should be translated "became."

However, the Hebrew " Hayeta" (was) is found 264 times in the Tanach and 258 times it is translated "was." The Hebrew verb of being for "became" is ‘haphek."

They will say that there is a difference between "bara" (created) in Gen 1.1 and "asah" (made) in Gen 1.7. However, these verses are used synonymously.

In Gen 1.21 "God created "(bara) and "God made" (asah) in Gen 1.25. In Gen 1.26 "Let us make man" (asah) with "So God created" (bara) in Gen 1.27.

They then would point out that "darkness" indicates judgment in Gen 1.2.

However darkness here is simply the absence of light and it is spoken of as "good" (Psa. 104.20,24).

Lastly, some will say the Hebrew word "male" should be replenish indicating that the world was once filled.

However, the Hebrew word "male" almost always means "to fill" (Exo 40.34;1Kings 18.33;Psa 107.9).

Creation science and even secular science have confirmed over and over again that the Earth is much younger than what was once thought.

The current erosion rate of Niagra Falls, the dust that has accumulated on the surface of the Moon, the development of languages and archeological finds have all confirmed this.

But the God Himself says that He created the heavens and the earth in six days (Exo. 21.12-17).

Also, the creation narrative itself disproves long periods of time.

For instance, how could God create the vegetation and plants on the third day and they survive for millions of years without the sun, which wasn’t created until the fourth day?

The answer is God did it in six, literal 24 hour days and there is an eschatological reason why.

In Psa. 90.4 it says that a day is like a thousand years and a thousand years like a day and that is Hebraic poetry but it is alluding to something, which is called "the Seven Thousand Year Plan of God" but that is another subject for another time.

Hopefully, this evidence will help you in understanding the Creation story and show you that far from being ignorant, you have solid, biblical ground to stand on when discussing this subject.

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Jason 12/20/2010 15:32:26
The 2nd Law of Thermodynamics only applies to closed systems therefore it does not apply to evolution.
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